Muhellabia/ Mahalabia, a very light refreshing Middle -Eastern dessert…

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Muhellabia/ Mahalabia, a very light refreshing Middle -Eastern dessert…

Muhellabia/Mahalabia is a thick custurd like milk pudding..
Very easy to make but tastes so good..


2 cups of milk, (Try to take thick milk , you may boil 4 cups of regular milk and reduce it to two cups for the enriched flavor)

3 tbl spoon of corn starch which is known as maizena too

4- 6 tbl spoon of sugar ( according to your taste)

Rose water/ orange blossom

Another 50 ml of milk for the corn starch to dissolve..


Heat the milk with sugar…when comes to boiling point add the cornstarch mixed with 50 ml of regular milk…Add that in the milk..Stir in until thick..Add rose water or in Moroccon way you can add orange blossom too..I love it with rose water..Muhellabia thickens after being cool down, so it should be medium thick…Pour into several individual ramekins..keep it in the refrigerator to set…After 3/ 4 hours keep it out from refrigerator and serve with dried fruits..Pour some honey over it…Ready..

In Egypt, Jordan and some part of Middle East the make mahalabia with rice too which is similar to our ” Firni”..but I love mahalabia this authentic way..easy to make and so refreshing…

Note: The consistency of Mahalabia should be greek yogart like thick ..If you add too much cornstarch or make it too thick before cooling down it would turn into something which is not mahalabia at all!!!!!!!!!


2 responses to “Muhellabia/ Mahalabia, a very light refreshing Middle -Eastern dessert…

  1. What can be used instead of Cornstarch?

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