Stir fried beef with veggies..Super Quick , Super Yummy and Very Healthy

Stir fried beef with veggies..Super Quick , Super Yummy and  Very Healthy

stir fried beef with veggies:


1. Beef , thinly sliced, 500 gram
2. Light soy sauce 2 tbl spoon
3. Dark Soy sauce half a teaspoon
4. Oyster sauce 1 teaspoon
5. Few drops of Fish sauce ( optional)
6. Crushed black peppper
7. Tasting salt half a teaspoon
8. Finely chopped garlic and ginger 1 tblspoon
9. Sesame oil/ vegetable oil
10. Vegetable of your choice..You may blanch it before adding it in the cooking..:) ..Plz see the note for Blanching..
11. Cubed/ Julian cut Onion and slit green chilies to taste

Cooking Method:

1.Cut the beef into thin slices..Marinate the beef with light soy sauce, dark soy sauce,oyster sauce and few drop of fish sauce ( optional), salt, crushed black pepper, tasting salt overnite or at least 8 hours before you cook.

2.Cut the veggies. Heat oil in a pan . Add finely chopped garlic and ginger.When you smell the aroma add the beef with marinade.Add onions and veggies.

3.Fry them until they are tender.It will take no more than 7-10 minutes.Simple but yummy..


1. Blanching is an easy technique that many cooks use to keep vegetables crisp and tender. By boiling vegetables briefly and chilling them in ice water. Blanching preserves texture, color and flavor. Remember You don’t have to boil it thoroughly, just put the veggies in hot boiling water, keep them for a while, until they r half done, then drain the water and keep them in chilled water .

2.Remember the more hour you marinate the more tender and tasty will be the meat..enjoy..:)

3. Don’t add any extra salt as the sauces contains a lot..But you can alwayz adjust by adding it at the end of cooking, if you need.


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  1. Yummy!!!!!

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