White Khichuri/ Shada Khichuri

White Khichuri/ Shada Khichuri

White Khichuri/ Shada Khichuri


Aromatic Rice like kolojeera/ Basmati 2 cups

Moong Daal / yeloow lentil 1 cup

Chopped onion 1 medium

Ginger paste 1 tbl spoon

2 Bay leaves

4 cardamoms



salt to taste

Green Chilies

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the rice and daal. Drain well.

2. Heat oil+ ghee . Add the whole garam masala , fry for a while. Add the chopped onion and fry until soft and translucent. Add the rice and daal . Add ginger paste and salt. Fry for couple of minutes stirring continuously. Now add 4 and half cup of hot water ( sincerice and daal together makes 3 cups, for each cup we have to take 1 and half cup of water). Cover the lid and cook on medium flame. Don’t Stir , otherwise you may end up having gooey type khichuri.

3. When the Water is almost dried out, add handful of green chili and stir only once with a light hand.Cover the lid and reduce the heat to very low. That is what we call “to keep on Dom” . But what I do , I place my pot over another pot filled with water and the steam doeas the “Dom” work. It works nice.

4. Garnish with bereshta ( fried onion) before you serve.

Please check the tips I shared for making pulao. Here’s the link..




6 responses to “White Khichuri/ Shada Khichuri

  1. Siemeen Zafrin Soniee

    ❤ it…..

  2. will u pls mention the quantityof oil/ghee

    • actually the quantity of oil depends on the utensil u r using ..:) ..like, if u use non-stick , then u need less oil than the regular ones..and I’ve seen even not every nonstick acts same…but even then, normally we take 1/2 (half) cup of oil for 4 cups or 1 kg rice. In this recipe, since rice and daal makes 3 cups take little less than half cup..or to be more precise take 8/3 rd cup ..

  3. and u may alwayz combine ghee and oil together. or u may use only ghee, or only oil..I alwayz try not to use ghee solely.. so I take half n half..

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