Shingara ( Indian Samosa)


Shingara ( Indian Samosa)

Shingara is the most popular snack in Bangladesh. Who doesn’t love shingara ????????????? Aloo Shingara, Kolija Shingara, Vegetable shingara..So many variations. Let’s start with aloo shingara , which is the most popular among all the varieties.


Stuffing for Shingara:

Potato , 2 medium , cubed (small)
Ginger paste 1 and half teaspoon
Indian 5 spices / paanchforon half tbl spoon
Tumeric powder 1/4th teaspoon
Chili powder 1/4 th teaspoon
2 green chilies, split
Green peas ( optional)
Roasted Peanuts( optional)
salt to taste

Heat oil and season with Indian 5 spices and bayleaf. Add ginger paste and fry a little. Add the potatoes, salt, turmeric, chili powder. Add the green peas .Fry a little then add water. Cover the lid and cook on medium low flame. When the water is drying out add the green chilies and peanuts.When the gravy is dried out, your stuffing is ready.

Sometimes I just omit the turmeric powder and it tastes simply awesome !!! Do try omitting turmeric .. you may like it more .. 🙂

Shell of Shingara:

All Purpose flour/ maida 1 cup
Baking Powder half teaspoon
Oil 2 tbl spoon + 1 tea spoon ghee + little extra for rubbing
salt to taste
Nigella/ kalojeera 1/4th teaspoon
Water, enough to make a dough

Combine all the ingredients except water. Mix well. Now add cold water , enough to make a dough. Don’t make a soft dough . It will be medium tight dough. Knead well. Rub the dough with some extra oil and cover it with a wet cloth for half n hour.

Making Shingara:

1. Make small balls from the dough and roll out into medium disks. Don’t roll out too thin. It will be neither thin , nor thick.

2. Cut the disks into half and make a cone sticking two edges. Seal the edges with little water. Now put some filling into the cone and pull one open edge to other and seal with water. Now make the shingara sit over that sealed edge. That would help to have the perfect shape.


3. Deep fry the shingaras on medium low heat.


Shingara ( Indian Samosa)


16 responses to “Shingara ( Indian Samosa)

  1. Siemeen Zafrin Soniee


  2. haven’t had shingara with peanuts in such a long time 😀

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  4. if u could show us how to fold shingara at picture it could be better

  5. Jazak Allahu Khairaan apu. I made it and it is super yummy Alhamdulillah 😀 😀

  6. Apu 1 cup flour e koita singara hobe?

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  10. How many shingaras can we make from 1 cup maida?

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