Khejur Kheer ( Dates Kheer)

Khejur Kheer ( Dates Kheer)

Khejur Kheer ( Dates Kheer)<

Ingredients :

Dates 8/10
Half n Half + regular milk 2 cups ( or you can use only regular milk too)
Raisins(chopped ) less than half tbl spoon
Keora or rose water


1. Take out the seeds from the dates and cut them in lengthwise.

2. Bring milk to boil and allow to simmer .

3. Add the dates and raisins . Cook until the milk thickened . Add the nuts of your choice . Sprinkle rose or keora water .

4. Serve chilled !!!


Dates and raisins add their own sweetness to the kheer so I didn't add any extra sugar . Depending on how sweet your dates are , you may add a little sugar at the end , if needed . But I believe you won't need any extra sugar to be added ..


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  1. Apu apnar recipe khub valo page,so sweet you are …

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