Bengali style Fish Fry / Tilapia Fry

Bengali style Fish Fry / Tilapia Fry

Bengali style Fish Fry / Tilapia Fry

Ingredients :

3/ 4 Pieaces of Tilapia
Turmeric powder half a tea spoon ( level)
Chili powder 1/4 th tea spoon
Salt to taste
1 large onion sliced
Green Chilies
Scallion or Cilantro

Procedure :

1. Wash the fish very well . Pat dry with paper towel or tissue . Now rub the fishes with turmeric , chili powder and salt.

2. Heat the oil on medium flame , when hot enough add the pieces of fish and keep frying . Don’t wash the bowl that you used to rub the fish with spices . Put the onion on that bowl and mix the remaining spices with the onion very well . Add a little salt too . Try to make the onion softer with your hand .

3.When one side of fish is done and got a nice reddish color , turn it over . When the other side is done , but didn’t get that reddish color yet , add the onion . Fry until the onion is transparent . Add the Green Chili . Fry a little more . When done , add the cilantro or scallion .

Serve with hot plain rice and Daal ! Tastes like heaven!!!!!!!!!

Tips/ Notes:

1. We often use cumin , garlic , ginger while frying the fish . Trust me , your fish tastes better without these spice !!!!!!! The more spice you use , the more flavor you lose !!!!!!

2. While frying the fish , fry the fish when the oil is hot enough ! other wise your fish will stick on the pan !!! But don’t heat the oil too much so that your fish gets burnt the moment you add them on the oil!!!!!!!!! Always fry fishes on medium low flame .


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