Sylhety Bakharkhani


Sylhety Bakharkhani

Sylhety Bakarkhani is completely different from that of Dhakai Bakarkhani . Where Dhakai Bakarkhani is kindda cookie type snack , the Sylheti bakarkhani resembles paratha a lot ; Mishti or sweet paratha of course!!!!!!!!!


All purpose flour 1 cup ( 1 cup=250ml)
Salt to taste , approxmately a little more than 1/4 th tea spoon
Powdered sugar , 3 tbl spoon
Powder milk 2 tbl spoon
Ghee 1 tea spoon
Warm Milk enough to make a dough ( around 1/4 th cup+1 tbl spoon)
Baking powder half tea spoon
Some extra ghee , flour and sugar .

Sugar SyruP:

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water

Make a one thread sugar syrup of these ingredients . The sugar syrup should be thin . You may add 2 cardamoms and a small stick of cinnamon while making the syrup .


1. Mix flour , salt , sugar , powder milk , ghee, baking powder. Now add warm milk and make a dough . Knead well . Cover the dough with a wet cotton or cheese cloth for at least 1 hour .

2. After 1 hour , the dough would look very stretchy .Knead the dough again and make 2 balls . From this recipe , you can make 2 bakarkhanis. Now roll out each ball to a thin disk. Rub some ghee over it . Now dry out the ghee applying some flour over it . That is coat the ghee surface with thin flour layer . It would help having the layering and flaky effect. Now rub some ghee again over it .

3. Fold the roti like an envelope . Length wise then again crosswise, would look like a square . Mow fold every four edges of the square shaping it a round ball again .

4. On a hot tawa fry them first like chapati or roti . Now apply some ghee and fry them like paratha . Let them cool a bit .

5. Soak the cool paratha in light warm syrup just for a once . Try to dip it with a tong for only a second . That’s it . Immediately place it on a hot tawa and just fry for few seconds , so that the water dries out a bit . Only few seconds .Keep in the air for a while.
Another method I do , is after frying them in Tawa with oil , I pour some thin syrup over the paratha and immediately turn over the other side . Do the same with the other side and take out the paratha immediately from the tawa . Remember , the syrup should be very thin and should not be kept in hot tawa too long , the syrup will get thicker if you do so . 🙂


1. Don’t put the hot fried paratha in warm syrup . That would make your paratha too soggy!!!! Light warm or cool paratha in luke warm syrup is perfect .

My husband like the Bakarkhani soaked in milk too! check this out;



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  1. Super!! 😃😃😃

  2. Cant wait to try it!! Thank you! (“,)

  3. Cannot wait to try it! 🙂

  4. Wowww !!! Thank u so much apuuuuuuu !! U r best !

  5. THANKS apu..koto din theke bhakorkhanir recipy ta khujcilam..
    syrup a koto somoy rakhte hobe

  6. Would it be possible to post a video on this

  7. Thanks for the recipe! Have been searching for it for a very long time. And can you please post a video on it? Please.

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