Dahi Vada ( Doi Bora)

Dahi Vada ( Doi Bora)

Dahi Vada ( Doi Bora)

For the Vada/ Bora:

Urad daal ( mashkolai daal, without the black skin) 3/4 th cup
Ginger paste 1 teaspoon
Salt 1/4 th tea spoon
Baking powder a pinch
Oil for frying

For the Yogurt Mixtur:

Yogurt 4 cup
Chopped Mint 1 tbl spoon
Special Chaat Masala 1 tea spoon
Salt to taste ( very little)
Black/ rock salt 2 teaspoon
Sugar 2 or 3 tbl spoon
Water 1/2 – 1  cup

Tamarind sauce




For special Chaat masala dry roast 1 teaspoon cumin ( jeera) , pach foron ( Indian Five spice) and 5/6 dried red chili together and grind them into a fine powder.

Other ingredient:

Tamarind Chutney/ sauce ( I used the store bought one)
Chopped mint

Those who doesn’t have tamarind sauce at home , soak the tamarind and take out the tamarind pulp . Now heat tamarind pulp , sugar/ jaggery , roasted cumin powder, dry roasted red chili powder, salt together until thick .


1. Soak the daal overnight. Now blend it into a smooth paste .


2. Beat this paste with little water very well until fluffy . I used my electric hand blender for doing this . It would be like thick batter . Those who make Kola pitha , the consistency should be just like that.


3. Mix all the ingredients with this mixture and deep fry in hot oil at medium low flame until brown .

4. In a bowl pour chilled water and put 1 tea spoon salt in it . Put the fried vada or balls into this chilled salted water . Let them soak for 15- 30 minutes. Squeeze the extra water from it and place them on a serving dish .

It will look like this ;

5. Now prepare the yogurt mixture . Whisk the yogurt and mix all the ingredients with it . If You find the mixture a little thick , you can add a little more water, because if you keep the dahi vada in the fridge , the yogurt mixture may get thicker .

6. Pour the yogurt mixture over the vada . And garnish it with tamarind sauce , chopped mint and chaat masala .



1. Those who are scared of making Dahi vada considering it a tough one , trust me it’s the easiest dish one can make in no time .. 🙂 You have to make the vada and then just pour the yogurt mixture . Garnish it . That’s all .

2. For the yogurt mixture , don’t ever blend the yogurt , whisk it with light hand but do not blend . Because if you blend the yogurt , it may become too thin .

3. You may take plain yogurt and sweet yogurt both , half n half. Trust me it tastes even better. In that case don’t add the sugar then.



4 responses to “Dahi Vada ( Doi Bora)

  1. mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm good 😀

  2. please can you give the.names of spices which are in the pach foron as I m new in cooking 🙂 thank you

  3. My doi bora smells like the raw urad dal even after putting in yogurt mix for couple of hrs which I find really disgusting. Do u have any tip on that?

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