Pudding/ Cream caramel/ Flan

Pudding/ Cream caramel/ Flan

Pudding/ Cream caramel/ Flan

If I am asked to name one of the most adored and common dessert in Bangladesh loved by all ,the answer would definitely be “Pudding” ! 🙂 Though not popular in rural area but no middle class family can think of a special party without this creamy , mouth watering dessert!!!!!!!!

My version of pudding/ cream caramel is very simple to make but yet very much of “take my heart away” type . 😀


3 eggs ( room temperature)
2 cups of milk ( I took 1 cup evaporated milk+ 1 cup regular milk =2 cups, those who doesn’t have evaporated milk plz go through the tips and notes at the end of the recipe)
Sugar, a little more than 1/3rd cup
Cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla essence ( optional)
1 tbl spoon of breadcrumbs ( it helps the pudding not to fall apart while turning it over )

For caramel
4 tbl spoon of sugar
2 tbl spoon of Water


1. In a mold evenly spread sugar and water. Swirl around to make sure it is evenly coated . Heat the mold on medium low flame until it takes beautiful red color . If you see the caramel gets darker than other sides add some water and swirl around the mold to coat it evenly. When caramel is done, let it cool .

2. Beat the eggs with a light hand using a fork . Don’t use blender!!!!!! If you over whip the egg , your pudding may not have that smooth . creamy texture . The less you whip , the smoother your pudding is!!!!!!!

3. If you love the cinnamon , cardamom flavor then put 2 pods of cardamom and one 1″ stick of cinnamon to the milk and microwave it for 1 minute . Cover it until it gets cool. Now take out the cinnamon , cardamom from the milk . Now blend the milk , sugar and breadcrumbs and mix them with the egg mixture . I’m saying again DON”T BLEND EGGS!!!!!! if you don’t like cinnamon , cardamom then add few drops of vanilla flavor.

4. Strain the mixture through a strainer to get smooth , velvety texture . Pour them into the mold and cover it with a tight lid .

5. Now you can steam or bake the pudding . If you bake it , take a tray , filled with water and place ur mold on it and bake in a preheated oven at 325-350FH for 30-40 minutes . After 30 minutes check your pudding with a knife , insert the knife , if comes out clean , your pudding is ready .
But if you decide to steam, pour water in a wide bottomed vessel and place the mold on it . Cover the lid very tight so that water should not enter into it. One-third of the mold should be submerged in the water, not more than that . You may add water , if the water dries out soon . Steam this way for not more than 30 minutes . Insert a knife and if it comes out clean , your pudding is ready . Overcooking can ruin your cream caramel . The pudding is done , when toothpick inserted is clean but the center still jiggles a bit .

6. Let it cool , take the serving dish and place it over the pan and turn it over . Tap for a moment to make sure it’s on the dish . 😀 Serve chilled .


Tips/ Notes:

1. If you don’t have evaporated milk , don’t worry add 4 tbl spoon of powder milk with your regular milk . 😀

2. as I have said earlier , for the smooth texture of pudding , never blend or over whip the eggs. And try to use the room temperature eggs , they do add volume . 🙂

3. Sometimes we see , our pudding fall apart while turning it over . One trick may help. If you use bread crumbs , it prevents the pudding to fall apart.

4. The smaller your mold is , the more volume it would add to the pudding .



10 responses to “Pudding/ Cream caramel/ Flan

  1. Thank u apu for ur tips..♥ 😀

  2. Ja sundor!!! Love your recipe 😃

  3. suronjonamaya

    আমার মাও এমন করে পুডিং বানাতেন, আমিও এমন করেই বানাই। মায়ের কাছে শিখেছিলাম, দুধ জ্বাল দেবার সময় দারচিনি, এলাচ দিয়ে জ্বাল দিয়ে ছেকে নিয়ে ডিমে মেশাতে। তাই করি। তবে ব্রেড ক্রাম্ব কখনো দেইনি। দিয়ে দেখবো।
    পুডিং আমার ছেলের খুবই প্রিয়। সে এলে রোজ একটি পুডিং তার চাই ই চাই!

    অনেক সুন্দর হয়েছে খাদিজামনি।

  4. evaporated milk mane ki

  5. Nilima Rahman

    API Kun dhoroner mold use korbo..cake korar j mold gula powa jay oi gula te to lid nai..apu chular j oven tA t thake oita te ki aluminum er jinish use kora jay??

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  7. Apu milk ta ki blender a blend korte hobe

  8. Apu milk ki blender a blend korte hobe

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