Jive Goja

Jive Goja

Jive Goja

Jive goja is the tongue shaped Bengali pastry , usually made in the festivals and occasions. It is caleed Jive Goja because of its tongue likeshape .


Moida/ all purpose flour 1 cup
Ghee 2 tbl spoon and a little more to rub on later
Salt to taste
Baking powder half tea spoon
Chilled water

For sugar syrap

2/3 rd cup sugar
1 cup water
cardamom, cinnamon


1. Take flour in a bowl and mix with ghee, salt and baking powder . Add Chilled water to make a dough . Cover the dough with a wet cloth for half and hour .

2. Make two balls from the dough . Roll out each balls into thin large disk . Now rub some ghee over the disk and roll the disk like swiss roll . It will look like long pipe . Now cut the pipe into small 1 and half inches cubes. You will notice swiss roll like pattern at one end of this cube . Roll the cubes into tongue or rectangle shape keeping that swirl pattern intact at that side .

3.Deep Fry the gojas at medium low flame until brown and crispy . In the mean time make the medium thick sugar syrap with cinnamon , cardamom . It should be two thread sugar syrap , that is a thick syrap . In order to prevent crystalization add few drops of lemon juice in it .

4. Add the fried gojas into the syrap immediately they are fried . The syrap should be warm too . Coat the gojas with syrap for 1-2 minutes and remove from there .

Cool them before you serve !!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 responses to “Jive Goja

  1. We call these Kaja in Telugu…. and I love them. 🙂

  2. Hello Apu, ghee ta ki melted naki solid?? Sorry for stupid question but I am always confused when it comes to making dough. and also how should be the consistency of the dough?? Thanks in advance!!

  3. it was awesome apu….

  4. Didi, such a lovely recipe, thank you. My family came from Bangladesh (Sylhet) and my great-grandmother used to make a sandesh from kheer, it smelled faintly of camphor and was molded into exquisitely pretty shapes on stone moulds. Do you happen to have a recipe or proportions? I would be forever grateful. 🙂

    • awwww thank u so much ! Sylhet happens to be my Husband’s home town ! 🙂 .. the shondesh you r talking about is dudher shondesh or kheersha shondesh …the original recipe requires too much patience rather than ingredients ! You have to reduce the milk in kheersha or almost dried form ..but now a days you can do it in no time by reducing evaporated milk . It will take fewer time than the original recipe .. I’ll In sha Allah post both original and modified recipes.. 🙂

  5. Thank you, thank you. I will eagerly look forward to it. 🙂

  6. Salam,
    I need info about whether Lobongo lotika and Golap pithha can be stored for couple of days or not.


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