Shahi Raan Musallam/ Whole Mutton ( goat/lamb) Leg Roast

Shahi Raan Musallam/ Whole Mutton ( goat/lamb) Leg Roast

Shahi Raan Musallam/ Whole Mutton Leg Roast

Raan Musallam is definitely a great choice for any special occasion to cast a spell on your near and dear ones!!!!!! Undoubtedly , it’s a kind of delicacy which amazes everyone with it’s “Shahi” kindda beauty and taste!!!!!!!! If you are planning to make any special item for Eid Ul Azha , go for it!!!!!! Though a little patience and labor required as some extra ingredients, don’t worry , it’s gonna be paid off by all the happy expressions of your family and guests!!!!!!!!!


1 leg of baby goat ( 3 lb/ 1.3 kg)

4/5 tbl spoon of raw papaya paste

2 tbl spoon ginger paste + half teaspoon

1 and half table spoon of garlic paste + 1 teaspoon

Onion paste 1 and half of large onions

Fried onion 1 cup ( you need 5/ 6 large onions to make 1 cup of fried onion)

Yogurt, half cup, whisked

Red chili powder 2 teaspoon

Turmeric powder half teaspoon

Coriander powder half teaspoon

Cinnamon powder 1 level tea spoon

Special Garam masala, all ( dry roast 1 teaspoon cumin/jeera , 1 tea spoon whole coriander/ dhonia , half teaspoon of fennel/mouri , 1 tea spoon of black pepper, half tea spoon clove, 5/6 cardamom , 1 tea spoon mace/javetri together and grind them into a fine powder)

Nutmeg(jaifol) powder little more than 1/4 th tea spoon

Shaan Korma Curry masala 1 leveltea spoon

Paprika half tea spoon, optional, this is for a good color ( don’t use the hot paprika )

Red bell pepper paste 1 small ( optional)

Kishmish(raisin) , kashew , almond paste 1 tbl spoon

Khoya/ Maowa 1 tbl spoon

Ghee 1 tbl spoon

Sugar 1 tea spoon

Salt to taste

Heavy cream or thick milk 1/4 th cup


Keowra Water


1. Tell your butcher to break the bone of the joint of the leg in a way so that you can bend the leg . Now give deep cuts/ slashes to the leg and prick it well with fork so that spices get inside the meat well .

2. Marinate the leg with raw papaya paste , onion paste , ginger paste , garlic paste , yogurt , red chili, turmeric , coriander powder , special garam masala powder , cinnamon powder , nutmeg powder, Shaan korma Curry masala powder ,paprika and salt for at least 10/12 hours.


3. Chose a pot , where the leg fits perfectly. Now take the leg out from the marinade and add it into the oil .Fry it with lid on for 5/7 minutes at medium low flame . After 5/7 minutes , turn it over and cook the other side for another 5/7 minutes . Add the marinade into the oil with 1/4 th cup of hot water and cook well , what we call “koshano” in BAngla. Add the fry onions. Now add water and cook the leg with lid on till tender at medium low flame.

4. When the gravy is reducing add the bell pepper paste, heavy cream/ thick milk, kishmish-kashew-almon paste and maowa/khoya . Add sugar. Add ghee before you turn off the stove.

Now the second part!!!!!! I’m going to put it into the oven for a final touch!!!!!! Those who doesn’t have oven , don’t worry . Just reduce your gravy a little more.

5. Place the leg in a foil tray with gravy . Cover it with aluminium foil and bake at 375 FH for 40 minutes . Now take off the aluminium foi and broil it uncovered for another 10 minutes.

6. Sprinkle some keora water and serve with Paratha, Naan or pulao.



1. Many complains about a smell they get from goat , lamb or mutton. For them here is a small tip . Before marination , brine the leg in cold milk, 2 tbl spoon of sugar, 2 tbl spoon of salt , for at least 1 hour . Then pat dry the leg with kitchen towel . This trick not only would banish the smell but also will keep the leg juicy when cooked ..:D

Happy Cooking!!!!!!!!


11 responses to “Shahi Raan Musallam/ Whole Mutton ( goat/lamb) Leg Roast

  1. Was wondering will it take good if I do it with boneless lamb leg ?

    Plz reply me ASAP

  2. Whatif i leave it in milk for longer time like two days

  3. Please suggest how much salt to be added?

  4. I’m going to try this fantastic sounding recipe this weekend iA!

  5. what else can be used instead of pappya paste?

  6. Awesome i love it…..

  7. can I prepare it one day ahead??

  8. superb yummy apu

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