Triangle Stuffed egg Paratha


Triangle Stuffed egg Paratha

Triangle shaped Paratha can be made of two ways . One has layers and another simple triangle shape . I’ll explain both with the pictures .

For the basic Paratha dough:

This quantity is for two parathas:


All purpose flour 1 cup ( in a 250 ml cup)
Oil 2 tblspoon
Semolina or sooji 1 tbl spoon
Salt to taste
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Baking powder half teaspoon
Water , just enough to make a medium hard dough ( it must not be too soft or too tight)

Other ingredients:

Ghee (to rub over paratha and fry)

For the filling:

2 boiled egg
Chopped onion
Chopped cilantro/mint and green chilis
Cottage cheese ( optional)
1 tbl spoon butter
Salt to taste
Crushed black pepper few pinches


1. Make the filling first . Slice the egg . Heat butter and add egg, chopped onion, chopped mint and green chilies . Add salt and crushed black pepper . It won’t take more than 2/ 3 minutes.


2. For the dough , mix maida, semolina(sooji), baking powder, salt, sugar and oil . That’s what we call “moyan” . Now add enough room temperature water to make a medium hard dough . Just enough to make the dough come out from the bowl. Knead well .Cover it with a warm cheese cloth and keep aside for atleast 30 minutes . The dough will be softer and stretchy. Make two balls from the dough .

Triangle Paratha #1:

1. Take one ball and try to roll it into a thin square shape . apply some ghee over it and dry the ghee with some dry flour . That would help to create flaky effect .


2. Put some filling .


3. Now cover the filling by one side of the paratha lengthwise or just try to make a cone .


4. Cover by the other side too .


5. Seal the remaining outer end with cream cheese or ghee.



6. Heat the frying pan and fry the paratha without oil just like roti . When done add some ghee and fry on medium heat . That would make the paratha crisp .

if you have more than one paratha , fry them all without oil first then add oil and fry one by one .

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Layered Triangle Paratha:

1. Roll the other ball into a thin round disk . .


2. Apply some ghee over it and dry out the ghee with some flour.



3. Fold the disk into a semi circle. Rub ghee and then again dry out the ghee with flour.


4. Fold again and you will see a triangle shape.


5. Now Roll the triangle little larger . Try to adjust the shape with the help of your hands.


6. Fry the paratha on a heated pan/tawa without oil . Transfer it to a plate . You will see some pockets in the paratha . Apply some cream cheese or ghee in each pocket with a butter knife. Fill in each pockets with the filling.



7. Seal the ends with cream cheese or beaten egg . I prefer cream cheese .

8. Transfer it to the heated tawa or pan . add some ghee or oil and fry on medium heat until crispy.




The beauty of this recipe is , you can preserve the semi-cooked parathas in refrigerator just like frozen parathas and just fry them in oil whenever you want . To make them frozen, fry them without oil or ghee after making them . Then let them cool . Pack with aluminium foil or cling film , store them in the deep chamber!



15 responses to “Triangle Stuffed egg Paratha

  1. scrumptious:)

  2. Atia Sultana Neela

    Mashallah, onek sundor hoise, onek easy recipe…I will try it tomorow…

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  4. Apu uff ektu por por sudhu dekhi r vabi kokhn try korbo. But apnartar moto moja hobena aita sure….:D 😀

  5. Suji ingredients e ase..eta kothay lagbe?

    • oh sorry.. it has been corrected .. it is used in the dough .. check out the recipe onece again plz .. sooji makes the paratha crispy .. 😀

    • oh sorry.. it has been corrected .. it is used in the dough .. check out the recipe onece again plz .. sooji makes the paratha crispy .. 😀

  6. MashAllah Apu!!!!! u r the BEST!!!!

  7. Apu u r such a vry good cook..ur recipies r vry’s vry nice to hear dat u r a ‘sylhety bou’!! I m also frm sylhet.:)

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