Keema Paratha , Square and round shapes in three diff ways !!!!!!!

Keema Paratha , Square and round shapes in three diff ways !!!!!!!

Keema Paratha , Square and round shapes in three diff ways !!!!!!!

Today’s post is all about keema parathas and they are made in various shapes. Specially I will demonstrate on round and square shapes . The filling I took today , is left over chicken pieces. Instead of throwing or gulping down , you can turn these left overs into a delicious filling . :)_

Filling Recipe:

Shredded chicken
Chopped Onion
Chopped green chilies
Chopped cilantro and mint
Chopped capsicum ( you can add more veggies like carrot , green peas , sweet corn etc)
Cottage cheese ( Optional)

Heat oil and add chicken pieces and veggies . Fry for a while add the chopped onion, green chiles and chopped mint and cilantro . Add the cheese . Turn off the stove . The onion will be half done with the heat the chicken already got . The half done onion will give an extremely nice flavor .. 🙂


Basic Parata dough:

For the basic Paratha dough:

This quantity is for two parathas:


All purpose flour 1 cup ( in a 250 ml cup)
Oil 2 tblspoon
Semolina or sooji 1 tbl spoon
Salt to taste
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Baking powder half teaspoon
Water , just enough to make a medium hard dough ( it must not be too soft or too tight)

Other ingredients:

Ghee (to rub over paratha and fry)
Cream cheese ( to rub over the paratha, this is optional)


For the dough , mix maida, baking powder, salt, sugar and oil . That’s what we call “moyan” . Now add enough room temperature water to make a medium hard dough . Just enough to make the dough come out from the bowl. Knead well .Cover it with a warm cheese cloth and keep aside for atleast 30 minutes . The dough will be softer and stretchy. You can make two round ball from it .

Now let’s come to the shapes:

Classic Round Paratha:

1. Roll the ball into a disk. Apply some ghee and dry out the ghee with some dry flour.


2. Put some filling over it .


3. Now seal the edges of the paratha with your finger like this and it will form the shape of a ball.



4. Gently roll out the ball with some loose flour . Press your rolling pin gently to make sure the filling doesn’t come out.



5. Heat the pan and fry them without oil first like roti/ chapati . Now add ghee or oil and fry on medium heat until crispy .. 🙂



Keema paratha with joining two separate paratha:

If you find rolling stuffed ball bit difficult, this method is for you . In this case ,

1. You have to roll two different paratha separately and roll them thin.

2. Rub some cream cheese over one paratha . You may add ghee too instead of cream cheese. Put some filling over a paratha.



3. Cover the paratha with another paratha you rolled out . Seal the edges tightly with the help of cream cheese .



4. Fry them on a heated pan without oil first then add ghee and fry them until got crispy in texture.



Square Shaped Keema Paratha:

1. Roll the ball into a disk or roti . apply some cream cheese or ghee . Put some filling over the disk.


2. Now take one side and fold inwards to the center. Fold again from the opposite side.


3. Now fold from the other two ends .



4. Roll them out to a larger size .


5. Heat the pan or tawa and fry the paratha without oil first. Then add ghee or oil and fry until crisp. 🙂



1. If you want to fry a larger batch , first fry them all without oil , then start frying on ghee or oil one by one . 🙂

2. If you want to make a triangle shape , you may check our Triangle stuffed paratha .

3. You can make them ahead of time and store them in the deep chamber of your refrigerator just like frozen parathas . Just fry them without oil and let them completely cool down . TRhen wrap them with aluminium foil or cling film and store in the deep chamber. After taking them out from fridge , fry them on heated tawa without oil first until they got soft . Now add the oil or ghee and fry on medium heat until crispy . 🙂


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