Shir goja

Shir goja

Shir Goja

This is my very first guest post and it’s for a very good food buddy of mine, very talented, a very sweet but strong personality, Lail S Hossain, of With a Spin[link to –]!!!!!!

Bangladesh, the land of Pitha-puli , has at least hundreds different types of pithas, taste, recipe varying region to region. Most of the pithas are either seasonal or occasional. Some are associated with harvest festival (nobanno) in winter while some others are prepared for any special occasion like wedding, eid or puja. Some are crunchy, some are steamed and some are so delightfully soaked in sugar syrup, molasses syrup , milk or date palm sap . Most of them are sweet, though there are some savory pithas too.

Shirgoja is a traditional pitha of greater Barisal region of Bangladesh. It’s an occasional one . From childhood it has been the most adored pitha to me. Involves few techniques to make it perfect.

To learn about the techniques and the recipe, please visit Lail’s blog here[link to –


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful Khadiza.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful post, Khadiza.

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