Vermicelli coated fried fish

Vermicelli coated fried fish

Vermicelli coated fried fish

Today’s post is about a Singaporean fish item , vermicelli coated fried fish . Very crispy from outside and inside so tender . I really loved the combo!!! Singapore being a land of mixed races and culture , has so many fusion dishes . This vermicelli coated fried fish is one of my favorites among those . Very easy recipe yet so tasty .


2 medium fillet of any fish , I took Basa fillet
1 beaten egg
2 tbl spoon of flour/ maida , heaped
salt to taste
Black pepper, crushed , less than half a teaspoon
Nutmeg/ jaifol powder a pinch ( don’t skip, it enhances the taste)
Vermicelli/ shemai enough to coat, broken
Food color , a tip of the finger ( optional)
Oil for frying


1. Wash the fillets and pat dry very well with a kitchen towel or tissue .

2. Make the batter with one beaten egg, maida , salt, crushed black pepper and nutmeg powder . It will be a thick batter . You may add a little food color in the batter too .. 🙂

3. Put the fillets into the batter and keep aside for at least half n hour .

4. Coat with vermicelli and fry both side very well on medium low heat . don’t deep fry .

Ready …

Before frying

After frying


2 responses to “Vermicelli coated fried fish

  1. Hi aunty!!!!!

    this is my first comment here though i’ve been observing your blog since last two weeks and i am impressed with your blog 🙂

    every of your recipe is so nice and mouth watering!!!

    this recipe is also a fantastic recipe!!!!
    btw what is the white thing??? it seems so yummy!! 🙂

    thank you again 🙂

  2. what is heaped meant to be??

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