Garlic-Sesame Naan

Garlic-Sesame Naan

Garlic-Sesame Naan


Flour 2 cups ( 1 cup =250 ml) , heaped
Instant active dry yeast 1 tea spoon ( level spoon)
Sugar 2 tea spoon
salt 1 tea spoon
Powder milk 1 tbl spoon
1 beaten egg
4 tbl spoon oil
1 tbl spoon of yogurt ( optional)
Half a teaspoon , grated or minced garlic
2 pinches of baking soda ( optional)
luke warm milk , enough to make a dough , around 1/3 rd cup ( Don’t put at a time , you may need less or you may need little more)

Other Ingredients:

Chopped garlic (If you r making garlic naan
Any herb of your choice like cilantro , mint
Sesame seeds
Butter to rub the naan


1. . Mix flour with sugar , salt , powder milk , yeast, soda,beaten egg, yogurt and garlic .now add the oil and incorporate with kneading. Knead for a while . Knead very well . Make a smooth dough and rub the dough with little oil. Put it in a closed box and keep it in a warm place for 1 hour or until it doubles up!

2.Punch down all the air from the dough and make small balls from it.

3. Take one ball and try to make shapes with your hand . Don’t use any extra flour . You may dust your hand and the surface of the rolling board with flour to work comfortably. Don’t shape too thick .Add some chopped garlic and cilantro on the surface of the naan . Press some sesame seeds over them . After shaping , cover them with a wet cheese cloth for 15 minutes to rise up a bit .

4.Heat the Tawa as hot as possible and place the naan there. .. It may take 1/ 2 minutes to get one side done..Flip it over and cook the other side.The flame should be at medium high.

5. After removing from tawa rub the hot naan with butter.That would make your naan softer and also keep them softer for a longer time .


1. You can make naan in oven too at 400 Fahrenheit . But to tell you honestly , naans made on stove r softer and tastier if you compare it with oven made naans and stove made naans stay softer for a longer period of time.

2. If you want to keep them softer , cover the warm naan in cheese cloth or foil to keep the moisture for a longer period!!!!!!!!!

3. Always remember too much hot water or milk always kills the yeast . So the water or milk should be luke warm . Neither hot nor cold or room temperature !!!! And salt also kills yeast . But at the same time sugar or honey is the key ingredient to activate yeast . If you don’t have yeast at home you may try using yogurt instead of yeast ! You have to keep the dough for a longer time for fermentation!!!!:)


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