Pranhara/ kachagolla

Pranhara/ kachagolla

Pranhara/ Kachagolla

Pranhara , otherwise known as Kachagolla is one of that Bengali sweets , I can die for . I came across many pranhara or kacha golla recipes , but found either complex ( for a “fakibaaz” like me) or the process not giving justice to the name Kachagolla . Kacha golla is that round , roshgolla like sweet , where unlike roshgolla, the chaana ( cheese) is not cooked ! That is , the Chaana is kacha or raw !!!! So this is the recipe , I tried to make easy-peasy for everyone and ofcourse without compromising the real taste;


2/3 cup chaana

Powder Milk 6 tbl spoon
Ghee 1/2 tablepoon
Sugar to taste ( around 4 -5 tbl spoon for 2/3 cup chaana)
Cardamom powder , a pinch

Procedure to make Chaana:

Boil 4 cups of milk and when it comes to the boiling point , turn off the stove and add 2 tbl spoon of lemon juice . When the Water separates drain the chaana on a cheese cloth , wash with cold water . Squezze well , so that no water should be there . Your chaana is ready.

Procedure for Kachagolla/ Pranhara:

1. Take chaana,sugar, ghee and cardamom powder in a bowl . Knead well until smooth . Remember , try to squeeze all the water from chaana before you make this sweet.

2. Now turn on the heat of your stove on low flame . Put the chaana on a pan and cook on a low flame just that long needed to evaporate the water or moist from the chaana ( as sugar gives moisture to the chaana) . Don’t cook on high flame or for too long , then it will get hard and not giving justice to the name kachagolla .

3. add the powder milk and mix very well with the chaana . Transfer immediately on a plate . Shape in round balls , when cools . Roll it over dry mawa . Your Kachagolla/ pranhara is readyy . 🙂

For dry mawa , mix ghee with powder milk in a proportion so that it has breadcrumb like texture. Strain with a strainer . Yur dry mawa is ready !!!!!


13 responses to “Pranhara/ kachagolla

  1. MashAllah onek sundor hoyeche dekhte.

  2. thank u dear .. 🙂

  3. accha apu lemon juice bodle ki vinegar use kora jabe?

  4. Assalamu alaikum apu.jetukumap apni dieachen tate koita ball hobe?aktu janaben ,please

  5. Apu lemon juice ta ki fresh lemon theke nibo naki bottle r ta nebo? or jai tai hater kache ache tate cholbe? By the way,thank you sooo much for this recipe, one of my chilhood fav…

  6. apu how many kachagollas did you make from this recipe’s measurement?

  7. oh sorry for the late reply , prai 6 tar tar moto hoise amar ..

  8. cardamon powder এটা কি?

  9. Thanks for the recipe. I made this but the inner part of pranhara became sticky while eating . Can you please tell me what went wrong?

  10. What is meant by ‘Sugar by taste’? At least a measurement should be mentioned, then I can add or less by taste….quantity of sugar is the main trick for any sweet dish and that is missing here….anyway, thanks for sharing.

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