Chaana daal Halwa / Cholar daal er halwa/ booter daal er halwa

Chaana daal  Halwa / Cholar daal er halwa/ booter daal er halwa

Chaana daal Halwa / Cholar daal er halwa/ booter daal er halwa

It’s a very simple recipe with few ingredients . But the flavor and taste depend on your patience . You need to cook the daal in ghee for a longer period of time . The longer you cook , the yummier it is . But you have to stir continuously while cooking and here lies your patience .. 🙂 Another thing , don’t be miser to put enough ghee, which will be added gradually , not at a time, to ensure a very one of a kind halwa to remember .. 😀


Chaana daal ( split yellow peas) 1 cup
Ghee 3/4 th cup + 1/2 cup ( this halwa absorbs ghee and oil so fast , so for yummier and glossier version of halwa, you need enough ghee or oil)
Sugar 3/4th cup ( Adjust according to your taste)
Liquid regular milk 2 cups
2 cardamoms
1 cinnamon stick
1 bay leaf
Dry fruits like raisins and nuts


1. Soak the daal for atleast 7/8 hours to get the best result . Boil the daal with 2 cups of refular full fat milk . Dry up the milk , keeping it little moist . Blend the daal without adding any water or milk .

2. Heat 3/4th cup of ghee in a wide bottomed vessel . Add the cardamom , cinnamon , bay leaf . Add the daal . Fry the daal on medium low flame . Keep Stirring . After a while you will see , the ghee is completely absorbed by the daal . Keep frying the daal. adding ghee little by little . Keep cooking the daal atleast for 20- 30 minutes and time to time ,add ghee little by little. Stir continuously .

3. Add the sugar and keep stirring . You will find after a little while the color is changed and the halwa is coming off from the vessel . add the dry fruits into it .

4. Transfer immediately on a greased plate . Take out the garam masalas from it . Garnish with dry fruits and if you want to cut it like barfis, let it set for hours and then cut in the shape of barfi . You may keep it in the refrigerator to set.


1. as I said earlier , this halwa needs to be cooked in ghee for a long time , the more you cook it in ghee , before adding sugar, the tastier and flavorful it is .

2. This Halwa need more ghee/ oil than other halwas . So use generously but don’t add all at a time . You have to add gradually .

3. If you don’t want to use ghee solely , then you can mix ghee with oil , or you can cook it in oil only, but add 2 tbl spoon of ghee , just before you are turning off the stove . That would make it taste like halwa cooked in ghee .

One response to “Chaana daal Halwa / Cholar daal er halwa/ booter daal er halwa

  1. can I cook this in pressure cooker??can you tell me the method please?

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