Chicken Katsu , Japanese Chicken cutlet

Chicken Katsu , Japanese Chicken cutlet

Chicken Katsu , Japanese Chicken cutlet

This Japanese style chicken cutlet needs very few ingredients , but the taste is so good .


For Marinade:

Chicken breast , 1
Black pepper 1 tbl spoon
Lemon juice 2 tbl spoon
Salt to taste

Other ingredients:

1 beaten egg
Flour mixed with chili powder to coat the chicken
Breadcrumbs ( preferably Panko, Japanese style breadcrumb)

Oil to fry


1. Flatten the chicken breast with a kitchen hammer or the rolling pin . Prick the breast with fork . Marinate the breast with lemon juice, black pepper and salt .

2. Roll in the flour mixture . Dip in egg and then coat very well with the breadcrumb.

3. Heat oil in a pan and fry the chicken breast on medium low heat . Take enough oil . Fry each side well , so that the center gets well cooked .

Serve hot !!!!!!


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