Pineapple Choco sponge flan

Pineapple Choco sponge flan

Pineapple Choco sponge flan

So many times I baked flan-cake , which is a combo of both flan/ pudding and cake .. The bottom layer is a sponge cake and the upper layer , a smooth creamy flan or pudding . I have almost a similar kind of recipe . For that one you can click the following link;

But today , I just wanted to play a little . I’ve baked choco flan , pineapple upside down cake or even the pineapple upside down flan . So Why not something , a combo of trio .. 🙂 Pineapple Upside down choco sponge flan?? 😀 I browsed over net like crazy , but couldn’t get one .. So decided to experiment with the name of Almighty Allah ! The outcome is fantastic .. Alhamdulillah .. The pineapple slices went inside the flan , that made it even better . So at the end just decorated with some other slices of pineapple . 🙂


For the caramel sauce:

2 tbl spoon of butter
4 tbl spoon of brown sugar
1/3 rd cup of whipped cream or evaporated milk

For the Sponge cake :
2 egg ( room temperature)
4 tbl spoon of Butter/oil
4 tbl spoon of sugar
2 tbl spoon of All purpose flour ( heaped)
2 tbl spoon of cocoa powder ( heaped)
Less than half a teaspoon baking powder

For The Flan:

2 eggs ( room temperature)
1 cup of evaporated milk or very thick milk
Half a Tin of Condensed Milk

Other ingredients:

Sliced Pineapple ( I took the tinned one)


1. Make the caramel sauce . Melt butter and add brown sugar . Stir . After few minutes add whipped cream or evaporated milk . Remove from the stove , when got thick . Pour over a greased pan . Let it cool . After it gets cool , it will set on the pan . Arrange the pineapple slices over the sauce .

2. Prepare the Flan batter . Whisk egg, condensed milk and evaporated milk with light hand . Remember if you over beat them or blend in the blender , you will never get the smooth texture , rather there is a possibility to end up with small holes in the flan , those perforated type flan. So always beat the egg and other ingredients with light hand and not too much .

3. Now prepare the cake batter . Beat butter/oil, sugar and egg together , until light and fluffy. Sieve flour , baking powder and cocoa together . Now fold the egg mixture with the flour mixture . Your cake batter is ready .

4. Now Pour the flan mixture over the set caramel sauce and pineapple . Then pour the cake batter over the flan mixture . Don’t worry . At the end they both will separate . The cake will sit on the bottom and the flan over it . 🙂

5. Take a baking tray and fill it with hot water . Put the pan on it and bake it at 350 FH in a pre-heated oven for 40-50 minutes . After 40 minutes , you can check the flan cake . If you see the cake part is done , but the knife didn’t come out clean from the bottom, that is the flan part , then cover the pan with aluminium foil and again bake for another 10 minutes.

6. After taking out from oven, don’t try to flip over immediately . Let it cool and keep it in the refrigerator for at least 2/ 3 hours . Then Flip over . decorate with sliced pineapple and cherries .


1. If you don’t want your sponge cake to be chocolate flavor , then omoi the cocoa , and add 2 tbl spoon more flour to the batter . That is , in case you omit the cocoa , you have to take 4 tbl spoon of flour in total .

2. Let the caramel sauce sit on the pan first , before you pour the flan mixture . So Let the sauce set and cool , then pour the batter .


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