Chicken Bun , oven baked version

Chicken Bun , oven baked version

Chicken Bun , oven baked version</p

Childhood memories are connected with so many things !!! So many things to cherish!!!!!! Chicken bun is something that always takes me back to my school life !!! Swiss bakery, being near by to my school, my beloved , Viqarunnisa Noon School , had always been the center point for our after school gathering . No school function is complete without the great Fakruddin baburchi’s lunch menu and without the fast foods of Swiss . Among those fast foods , Chicken bun was my favorite. Their version was deep fried one, that I already tried . Here's the link of my deep fried version of stuffed bun;

But many of my friends asked me, whether they can make the baked version of it for the healthier option ! So here you go my friends . This baked version is for all of you !!


For Bun:

All Purpose flour 2 cups
Active dry instant Yeast 1 teaspoon
Milk powder 1 tbl spoon
Sugar 2 level teaspoon
Salt to taste ( around 1 level teaspoon)
1 beaten egg
Oil 4 tbl spoon
Luke warm liquid milk or water ( enough to make a dough)

For the stuffing:

You can use shredded chicken or chicken mince for it . Shredded chicken will serve the best . 🙂 Heat oil and add the shredded chicken , chopped onion, green chili, capsicum and salt to your taste . Done with the filling . 🙂

If you are using chicken mince , then boil the chicken mince with ginger paste and soy sauce in small quantity of water . Then fry the prepared mince with chopped onion , chilies and capsicum with oil .

Other ingredients:

1 beaten egg for egg wash
sesame seeds (optional)
Butter ( to rub after taking them out from the oven)


1. Mix all the ingredients for bun except oil . Be careful while adding luke warm water or milk. If you use too hot water the yeast might get killed , and if you use room temperature or cold water, the yeast won’t wake up !!!!!! In both case the dough will not rise and everything will go in vain . So always use luke warm water in any recipe where you have yeast as an ingredient.

2. Knead well . The dough will be very sticky . Now add the oil and form the dough into a round ball . Now it’s easier to work with the dough. Knead very well . The more you knead, the softer bun you get . Put the dough into a closed lid box and place it in a warm place . It may take an hour or more to get the dough double in volume . If it becomes fluffy and double in volume , the dough is ready to make the bun.

3. Punch down all the air form the dough . Now Make balls from the dough . Flatten the ball and put some filling into it. Reshape the ball . Make all the buns like this .

4. Now brush with beaten egg and sprinkle some sesame seed , if you want . Cover them with a cling film , plastic wrap or wet cloth for 10 minutes to rise up a little .

5. Now bake them at 400 FH ( 200 centigrade) in a preheated oven for 10-15 minutes . Plz don’t over bake them, you may end up with hard buns .
After taking out from the oven , rub some butter immediately for the glossier and softer version .


1 . Please don’t over bake the buns as they get hard if over baked . It took me around 12 minutes to get done .

2. Be careful about the yeast you use and the temperature of water or milk you are pouring to make the dough . Try not to use too old yeasts . While using warm water or milk , it should be mild warm , not piping hot , as they can kill the yeast . If you use cold or room temperature, that also might not wake the yeast up . Always use luke warm water or milk.

3. Try not to put salt directly over yeast as salt can also kill the bacteria .


2 responses to “Chicken Bun , oven baked version

  1. Looks good and thanks for sharing this recipe. I’ll definitely try this one. Good to know another Vicky Noon girl. Keep up the good work.

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