Bhapa Puli

Bhapa Puli

Bhapa Puli

Bhapa Puli is a steamed dumpling type of very popular Bangladeshi pitha . Usually freshly prepared rice flour is used to make this pitha , but I used the ready made, store bought rice flour without any hesitation and the outcome is as same as the flour made at home . So those who are bit skeptical using the store bought flour in making pithas, don’t be . Give it a try !!!!!!!!


For the dough:

Rice flour 1 cup
Water 3/4th cup
Salt to taste , around half tea spoon

For the filling:

Grated coconut
Date palm molasses ( khejur gur)


1. Make the filling by cooking the coconut and molasses together . Keep stirring until gets sticky .

2. Make the dough by boiling 3/4th cup of water with salt . When it’s on the boiling point, add the rice flour . Mix well . Let it cool .

3. Wet your hand and knead the dough for a minute or so . Roll a big medium thick roti on a rice flour dusted counter top . Use additional extra flour to roll it out . Cut the roti into small rotis with anything round shaped object .

4. Put filling in the center and seal the edge with your finger tip . The roti must not be too thin or too thick . It should be medium thick .

Before steaming

5. Steam for 3-4 minutes . Before steaming try to grease the pan , on which you will put the pithas to stem or else they can stick with the pan .

Serve hot !!!!!


Alhamdulillah my pithas turned out good , but I agree , these pithas often cracks . I think few things must be taken into consideration .

1.Dont make your roti , too thin or too thick . Both tends to crack .

2.Knead well your dough . If you use too much extra rice flour leaving it totally dry , it might crack .

3.Steaming for a longer time might crack the pithas and before steaming don’t keep it outside for too long , the air can dry out the pithas and eventually they crack .. So steam them immediately after you shape them .


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