Nutella Brownies !!!

Nutella Brownies !!

Brownies are kind of rich chocolate flavored bars , a cross between cake and fudge , wonderfully moist texture , yet dry cracked crust . It is cakey from outside and fudgy inside. Though originated in USA but brownies have got so much popularity all around the world , specially among children that truly led too many experiments on brownie that gave birth of too many recipes too !!! Brownies are often served with a glass of milk . For the picky eater, chocolate lover little monsters , this is the perfect recipe !! 😀

There are many versions of Nutella brownies . My version is really simple yet very attractive to look at and delightful of course !! 😀

Nutella Brownies !!!


2 small eggs
7 tbl spoon of Nutella
3 tbl spoon + 1 tea spoon of melted butter
2 tbl spoon of sugar
5 tbl spoon of all purpose flour
1 heaped tbl spoon of cocoa powder
Vanilla essence, half teaspoon
Baking soda 2 pinches
Chocolate chips , semi -sweetened , 1/4th cup
2 small Chocolate cookie bar ( optional)


1. In a bowl combine 2 eggs , nutella , sugar and butter . Mix very well with your electric hand beater with high speed .

2. Now add the flour and cocoa powder in it and mix with low speed . Add vanilla essence and baking soda .

3. add the chocolate chips . Break the chocolate cookie bar into chunks . And mix with the batter .

4. Grease the pan or small pans with butter . Spoon the batter and bake in a pre-heated oven at 350 FH for about 12-15 minutes.

5. Don’t over bake . Just until the edges are firm and you see the dry crust on the top , take them out . Because of the chocolate chips the inside will remain runny , but the edges will be firm .



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