Pizza Pin-wheel

Pizza Pin-wheel

Pizza Pinwheel

For Pizza Pin wheel , plese follow the following link for making the dough .

Now follow the method shown in the pic;


1. I used litle wasabi sauce too with the pizza sauce . Add same finely grated garlic to enhance the flavor . Believe me Wasabi sauce and garlic together with pizza sauce make it yummier .

2. While cutting the roll , don’t press too hard . Just cut gently .

3. After cutting them , cover them with a cling film or plastic to rise a bit . For about 20 minutes . Bake the pizza pin wheels in a pre heated oven for 15 minutes at 400FH . Don’t over bake . That may make it hard .

4. If you want to preserve them , after the second rising , cover them with cling film and preserve them in the refrigerator .


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