Jam Roll / Swiss Jam Roll / Jelly Roll

Jam Roll / Swiss Jam Roll / Jelly Roll

Jam Roll / Swiss Jam Roll / Jelly Roll

I love making Swiss Rolls !! Believe me , they are the most fun type of cake to make . As I told earlier , it just needs few techniques to be perfect . I’m definitely going to share those technique . 🙂 You just need very few ingredients to make it . The cake needs only flour , sugar and egg . yes , few drops of vanilla essence too . And for the filling use cream , jam , fruits whatever you like . But for jam roll , it is only jam .


3 eggs ( room temperature)
1/3 rd cup of all purpose flour + 2 teaspoon ( level) cornstarch/ corn flour
1/3 rd cup of caster/ powdered sugar
1 tea spoon of vanilla essence

Other ingredients:

Jam , beaten

You need 1 kitchen towel , damp with water and squeeze the water out . You also need a butter paper larger than your pan , dusted with powdered sugar to fold the cake .


1. Pre heat the oven to 375 FH or 190 Centigrade for 20 minutes .

2.Grease a thin pan , usually called jelly roll pan and line with parchment or butter or wax paper . Use rectangular or square pans . The edges of the pan should not be high .

3. Beat the eggs with electric hand mixer/ beater very well at maximum speed , until triple in volume or becomes very stiff and thick . It should be like , when you take the beater out from the batter , it doesn’t drop . Don’t add the sugar while beating the egg . Beat the eggs first . Beating the eggs is very important for Swiss roll . For the perfect texture , many separates the egg yolk and egg white . But you can achieve the same result beating the whole egg well . It took me almost 9-10 minutes to get the right consistency . The eggs should be of room temperature ,otherwise the volume won’t be that much . So beat the eggs until they are triple in volume , are foamy and stiff . When you will see , the mixture doesn’t falls off from the beater , it means you have the right texture .
It should look like this ; the egg is so stiff , it’s not even falling off from the beater;

4. Now beat with sugar , until it dissolves . Another 2/3 minutes, add the vanilla essence .

5. Sieve the flour and cornflour/ cornstarch together . Now fold in with the egg-sugar mixture with a spatula in three batches . Always fold in clock wise motion, that will ensure even mixing . Pour in the pan and immediately transfer it to the pre-heated oven and bake for only 10-12 minutes . Don’t over bake . Check after 10 minutes . it took me 10 minutes .
Always remember while pouring them in the pan , don’t make it a heavy , thick cake . Thick cake will break apart while rolling out . So it should always be a thin layer of batter . But yes not too thin 🙂

6. While the cake is baking, sprinkle some powdered sugar over a butter paper larger than your cake pan and get one damp kitchen towel ready . The damp towel will help to retain the moisture and the butter paper dusted with powdered sugar will do the same after rolling it out .

7.Once the cake is baked, immediately turn it over on the tea towel. Peel off the parchment/ butter paper and immediately roll cake into the tea towel while it is still warm . Do it quickly . If you hesitate to roll out or take time , it may break apart . If you don’t roll it now , if the cakes cool down the cake will tend to break apart while trying it to roll .
Now place it on the powdered sugar dusted butter paper, sprinkle some powdered sugar over the cake and roll again . Let it cool compeletly and then keep it in the fridger for 20- 30 minutes , before you spread the jam and cream.

8. Now spread the jam . The jam should be beaten . And always use jam, not jelly .Roll out . Keep it in the refrigerator , before you cut it into pieces .


1. Whipping or beating the eggs is very important . Keep beating the eggs with electric hand beater or mixer at high speed until triples in volume and stiff . The mixture should not be runny , so when you takes your beater off the mixture , it should be stiff; should not be runny . Whipping of egg is important , because it produces a more flexible sponge cake that doesn’t crack when rolled. For this reason , to ensure more , some whip the egg whites and egg yolk separately . But if you beat the whole eggs well , that’s good enough.

2. Always use room temperature eggs to get the more volume .

3. Don’t beat the eggs and sugar together . Add sugar after your eggs are beaten thick , when it has reached triple in volume and becomes stiff . If you add the sugar , from the very beginning , the egg won’t rise that much and won’t get that stiff the way we want .

4. I don’t use baking powder or any other leavening agent in Swiss cake , though some people does . But it always seems risky to me , because if the cake rises too much it may crack or break apart while folding it .

5. Pan size really matters . Use a pan , that doesn’t have the higher edges . If the cake is too thick , the cake will break apart while folding . So lay a thin layer of batter on the pan , but not too thin . You have to remember the cake won’t rise that much . So keep it in mind pour your batter on to the pan.

6. Don’t over bake and sponge cakes are usually baked on high temperature than the usual ones . I prefer 375FH or 190 centigrade . Just bake for 10-12 minutes . Check after 10 minutes , if the toothpick inserted come clean , it’s ready .

7 . Prepare a damp towel and a butter paper dusted with powdered sugar , a little larger than the pan to fold the cake . Damp towel and powdered sugar would help to retain the moisture .

8. Roll immediately while it is still hot . Do it quickly .

9. After spreading jam and cream and folding , don’t try to cut the cake immediately . Try to set it in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour .


10 responses to “Jam Roll / Swiss Jam Roll / Jelly Roll

  1. What was your pan size?

  2. কেক নামানোর পর আগে টাওয়েল দিয়ে মুড়ে নিবো তারপর বাটার পেপার?? নাকি উলটো টা…আর টাওয়েল টা কি অল্প ভেজা রাখবো?

  3. aage towel ta , bheja towel , tarpor butter paper … 🙂 towel ta bheja rakhte hobe , jaate moisture intact thake ..

  4. ami aj pc te boshe valo kore dekhlam..ar sob easily bujhlam..khub shundor kore bornona korecho..thnx babuni.. ami kore radhunite pic dibo in shaa Allah..

  5. Can I use egg beater and Splenda .
    I used baking powdered and it was good.

  6. আচ্ছা আমি কি এই কেক তা চুলায় করতে পারব একটু বলবেন.

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