Linzer cookies

Linzer cookies

Linzer cookies

I’m one of those many people who don’t believe in any particular day to celebrate love !!! Yes , I don’t celebrate valentine’s day !! But , when T asked me to write a guest post for her superb blog , I was super excited; the reason , not only being us , me and my husband , to be the great fan of her cooking but also for , this is somehow an opportunity for me to be a part of her blog “Twisted chef T”- one of the very few blogs I love . I’d also like to take a minute to express my love and respect for a great friend , moreover a great personality , Tunazzina .

I’m going to share the recipe of Linzer cookies, so much loved by the love of my life – my husband .

These cute sandwiched cookies with the layer of jam , preferably raspberry jam , originated in Linz – the third largest city of Austria . Traditionally these cookies are almond flavored , as reasonable amount of grounded almond is used in the cookie dough , but I decided to do something twisted for my Twisted Chef T , and that twist being the use of ground pistachio with almond too . So without much talk , let’s proceed to our recipe .

For the recipe , let’s visit Tunazzina’s superb blog . Here’s the link for my recipe ;


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