Sooji-narkel Barfi ( Semolina coconut barfi)

Sooji-narkel Barfi ( Semolina coconut barfi)

Sooji-narkel Barfi ( Semolina coconut barfi)

Was craving for something sweet ,made with semolina or sooji . Basbousa and sooji barfi were playing in my head !!! Finally decided to make sooji-coconut barfi and turned out not only satisfying but it is toooooooooo goooooood !!! I made a smaller quantity , for 4 people may be , though I gulped almost half of it .. 😀 If you want to make it for larger batch just double the amount .


1/2 cup sooji or semolina
1/4 th cup grated or desiccated coconut
1/3 rd cup ghee
1/2 cup sugar ( you may adjust according to your taste )
1/4 th cup maowa/ khoya * ( for the substitute see the note)
3 green cardamoms , 1 small cinnamon stick ( 1″ long), 1 bay leaf
1 cup water
1/4 th cup of sliced almond , pistachio , raisins , cashew
Rose water ( optional)

Procedure :

1. Grease a serving dish with little ghee .

2.Heat ghee in the pan and add the sooji .Don’t add the whole garam masala now . Fry the sooji on medium low heat until light brown and you can smell the fragrance of fried sooji . . Add the coconut , cardamom , cinnamon and bay leaf.Fry until the sooji gets reddish-golden brown . Don’t make it too dark .

3. Add the maowa/ khoya and sugar in it . Mix well . Now Add 1 cup of water and keep stirring until everything comes together and you will see the oil separates . You may sprinkle little rose water now .Immediately transfer the halwa into the prepared dish. Take out the whole garam masala and smooth the top of the halwa with a spatula . Spread the sliced nuts and raisins over the halua and level with the spatula . Cut the barfi after an hour or until the halwa sets .


1. If you don’t have maowa , don’t worry . Take 1/4 th cup of powder milk with 1/4 th cup of heavy cream or regular liquid milk . Add 1 tea spoon of ghee in it . Now microwave for 50-55 seconds . Check after 40 second , because depending on the microwave and electricity time may vary. You can do it in the regular stove top too . 🙂


4 responses to “Sooji-narkel Barfi ( Semolina coconut barfi)

  1. This is beautiful. I’d love a piece of this right now!

  2. thank you so much .. ❤

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