Boondia-maowa Laddu

Boondia-maowa Laddu

Boondia-maowa Laddu

For Boondi-maowa laddu , make boondi first . For boondi recipe plz click the link below

Now the additional ingredient I need is maowa or khoya . If you don’t have maowa at home , make it at home by using powder milk , little ghee and heavy cream / evaporated milk / regular milk .

For home made maowa :

1/2 cup powder milk
1/2 cup heavy cream/ evaporated milk / regular full cream liquid milk
2 tea spoon ghee

Mix them all together and cook on the stove , until everything comes together and forms a dough or microwave it for 2 – 3 minutes or until it becomes a paste like thing , keep stirring and checking after every 1 minute . Cool it down before you apply it .

Procedure for laddu :

1. While the boondis are hot , take half of the boondis and smash it in the food processor . Add little boiling hot water to smash it easily . Add the water little by little .

2. Now add the remaining intact boondis with it and add the maowa , mix everything together and while hot shape them into the size of laddus . Wash your hand after every few minutes , or else you will find difficulty to shape the boondis .
If you find your boondi mixture little unstable and the laddus fall flat . Don’t worry , keep them in the fridge for a while to get them little stable and shape again .

Making this laddu , I mistakenly blended 2/3 rd of the boondis , so it looks more like mihidaana laddus , but if you use the amount I mentioned now, that is blend half of the boondis and keep half of the boondi intact, you will see the boondis more prominently . 😀

Enjoy !!!!


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  1. Love your recipes, I tried your buter halwa and other can u tell me how to make Rosogolla ? Which part if USA are you in? I am in Florida .

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