Smörgåstårta is a Scandinavian , more specifically Swedish savory sandwich cake . It has several layers , most often , the bread used is light rye bread and layered with seafood , chicken , ham , bakon , egg , frosted with a creamy frosting and decorated with vegetables , seafood , egg or any food of your choice .

Now a days it has several versions . Use your imagination and taste bud to create this edible, beautiful piece of art . 🙂

Ingredients :

8 slices of sandwich bread
Lettuce leaves

Filling # 1 :

Avacado and chicken salad :

Cut one avocado and scoop out the flesh . Mash well . Add some shredded chicken and mustard sauce in it . Sprinkle some salt if you wish . Ready .

Filling # 2:

Take half cup of boiled crab meat . In separate bowl , mix 3 tbl spoon of mayonnaise with 1 tea spoon of tomato ketchup and little lime juice . Mix with the crab meat . Ready .

Filling # 3:

Mix Mayonnaise with little black pepper powder , salt and sugar . Add the grated carrot and cheddar cheese with it . Your filling is ready !!!

You may add any filling of your choice , like egg , shrimp , beef . 🙂

For frosting:

1/2 cup heavy cream
3 tbl spoon of mayonnaise
2 tbl spoon of sour cream ( you can substitute sour cream with yogurt , but try to drain the water from the yogurt well )
1 tbl spoon icing sugar

For garnish:

Carrot , cucumber , radish , basil leaves , grape tomatoes , boiled eggs .

Procedure :

1. Cut the brown edges of the breads and these breads will be arranged in a rectangle shape . For that 4 slices in one side and other 4 slices on the other side making a rectangle shape .

2. Now Put 2 slices of bread side by side . Cover with lettuce and spread the first avocado-chicken filling . Now cover them with 2 pieces of breads.

3. Now again cover the bread with lettuce and spread the 2nd filling , the crab filling evenly . Cover with another two pieces of breads .

4. Now again some lettuce over bread and the third carrot-cheddar filling and final cover with the remaining two pieces of breads .

5. Beat the chilled heavy cream until stiff , now add the mayonnaise , sour cream and icing sugar . Beat again . Frost the sandwich cake with the frosting . and garnish with cucumber , carrot , reddish , basil leave, grape tomatoes and eggs . You can use shrimp , orange , pineapple, corn , peas , egg roe anything of your choice to garnish , just apply your imagination.

Notes :

1. You can add cream cheese in the frosting or can make the frosting with only cream cheese and sour cream . For that take 1 cup of cream cheese with half cup of sour cream and 2 tbl spoon of icing sugar together and beat well until creamy . Cream cheese should be of room temperature .

2. For the filling , you canuse tuna , egg or anything of your choice .


4 responses to “Smörgåstårta

  1. it looks fantabulous apu:)

  2. your recipe is awsome

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