Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake can be made in two differet ways . One is the classic method , where you bake seven different colors of sponge cakes separately and then assemble them with frosting . The other is swirl or zebra cake method !! I used this method but the cake I prepared is the sponge one !! Ideal for kid’s birthday !!! Believe me , so easy to make but the happiness you will experience among the kids is priceless !!!

Ingredients :

4 eggs
1/2 cup all purpose flour + 1 tbl spoon corn starch or cornflour
1/2 cup of caster sugar ( powdered sugar)
Food colors ( yellow , orange , red , green)
Vanilla essence

I made three 6″ small cakes to make the whole cake . If you want you can double up the amount .

For Frosting :

2 stick or 1 cup of butter ( softened)
3/4 th cup icing sugar
Vanilla essence , few drops
1 tbl spoon of milk ( if needed)

Other ingredients :

Fruit juice or Sprite for soaking the cake .

Procedure :

1. Pre-heat the oven to 375 Fh and grease 2 same sized pan with oil .

2. Sieve the flour and corn starch .

3.Separate the egg yolks from white . Careful , there should be no single bit of yolk to the whites . The whites should be kept and beat in a dry , non-greasy bowl . If any trace of oil , yolk or water is in the bowl of egg whites , no meringue will form .
Now beat the whites with electric hand beater until reaches the firm peak stage , that your whites are fairly firm and holds the beater without falling from it . Add half of the sugar, slowly and continue beating until reaches the stiff peak stage,that is when you turn over the bowl the meringue will not fall from the bowl . Don’t add the sugar at a time , slowly add and beat .

4. Beat the yolks with remaining sugar until light and fluffy . It will get little thick too . Now mix it with the egg white mix and beat slowly until incorporated well , add few drops of vanilla .

5. Now fold in the flour with egg mixture in three bathes . Don’t add the flour at a time . Fold in clock wise motion until mixed well . Now separate the batter evenly into 4 bowls . Mix the colors .

6. Now the fun part . Assembling the cake batter in a baking pan . Take any colored batter and scoop into the middle of the pan . That will spred on it’s own . Now scoop same amount of another color of batter just in the middle of the previous batter . Keep continue with other batters . Prepare 2 cake pans like this .

7. bake immediately in the pre-heated oven for 15 minutes or until if toothpick inserted comes out clean . Don’t over bake . Cool in a wire rack .

8. When cooled down a bit but still little warm soak the cake into the fruit juice or sprite , that would help the cake to be moist as sponge cakes tend to be dried out soon . How to soak ? very easy , just like the wheel , go on rolling round and round in the juice to keep the sides of the cake moist , then soak the bottom and top into the juice . You will see , the cake will take good amount of juice . It is the characteristics of a good sponge . If your sponge is a good one , it will definitely absorb good amount of juice without making it soggy . This would help the sponge to be very moist ,even after keeping the cake in the fridge . But careful , don’t use too much juice to soak it . Just enough to keep it moist . Now cool completely before you apply frosting .

For Frosting :

Use softened but not melting butters !! Beat the butter until creamy , add icing sugar slowly and beat . Use few drops of vanilla essence . Now Divide the batter and add food colors of your choice . Decorate the cake .

Assembling the cake :

Don’t try to layer the cake by cutting them in halves . You won’t get the effect then . So take one cake , apply some frosting and put the other cake on it and cover the whole cake with frosting .

Tips For frosting the cake :

1. The cakes should be completely cooled at the time of frosting .

2. Before you start cover the cake with frosting , lightly brush the cake to get rid of any crumbs . Now thinly frost with the cream . This is called crumb coat . Now put it in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour to set . Now apply the final coating , that would help smooth frosting all over the cake without any crumbs . 🙂


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