Raw Papaya Halwa Laddu

Raw Papaya Halwa Laddu

Allah (SWT) has blessed me with a cute, sweetie niece on 31 st of May . Made some papaya halwa laddu to celebrate !!! Well , this is completely my recipe , as I said earlier , my brain is like a factory of ideas !!! :O So this idea was pinching my brain for couple of days , as I got the good news , I didn’t have to wait any longer to experiment . Result is not that bad !! I’m not fond of raw papaya halwa , but this one , I really couldn’t dislike !! Next time I’m gonna definitely apply the idea with bottle gourd or lau/ lauki !! I believe that would taste even better in sha Allah !!

2 cup finely grated Papaya
Condensed milk ( around 3/4 th of the can or according to taste)
1/4 th cup Ghee
1/2 a tea spoon cardamom powder
Glazed papaya/ morobba / tutti frutti


1. Grate the papaya with the finer side of the grater . Now steam the papaya . Squeeze out the excess water .

2. Heat ghee and fry the papaya for couple of minutes . Add the cardamom powder . Now add the condensed milk and cook until everything comes together . Add the trutti frutti / colored morobba . Mix well .

3. When cooled down shape into laddus and roll over some tutti fruttis too .

Ready !!!


1. After steamimg the grated papaya , don’t throw out the water . It’s all the nutrients in the papaya . Use it in any vegetable , fish or meat preparation later on .

2. If you don’t have colored morobba or tutti frutti , soak the regular morobba in different colored water for half n hour . That would work too . But don’t forget to rub them with tissue paper after taking them out from the food color mixed water .

3. You may add little green food color in the halwa to get a greenish color . But I think the natural light green looks better . Mine halwa looked better before adding the food color . So won’t recommend to use green food color in the halwa .


4 responses to “Raw Papaya Halwa Laddu

  1. Congratulations. May God bless your niece with the best life has to offer.

    Raw papaya halwa is a new dish to me. Sounds very interesting. 🙂

  2. Congratulations in becoming a Fupi.

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