Piyaju / lentil fritters / Muchmuche Piyaju / Crunchy Piyaju

Crunchy Piyaju/ lentil fritters

Crunchy piyaju/ lentil fritters


1/3rd cup musoor ( red lentil) daal
Little less than 1/4 th cup, Moong ( yellow lentil )
Little less than 1/4th cup, split Bengal gram/ chana daal/ chola daal
2 tbl spoon split green pea ( motor daal ) , optional
2 tea spoon grated ginger
Half of a medium potato, grated
1/2 tea spoon red chili powder
Chopped Mint ( you may use chopped cilantro too or both , but I wanted only mint flavor , so didn’t add any cilantro)
Chopped onion
Chopped green chili
Salt to taste


1. Soak the lentil for at least 2-3 hours.

2. Drain out the water and blend it in a coffee grinder without adding any water . I use my magic bullet , but if you don’t have magic bullet do it in a coffee grinder . Don’t blend it smooth . It should be half blended.

3. Add all other ingredients with it and keep it in the deep fridge while you heat the oil for frying .

4. Heat the oil and make round flat ball with the lentil mixture , put them in the hot oil and deep fry on medium low heat . Don’t try to turn over until they got brown otherwise the piyaju may fall apart!!!!!


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