Norom Shada Khichuri ( Soft white khichuri)

Norom Shada Khichuri ( Soft white khichuri)

Norom Shada Khichuri ( Soft white khichuri)

I have two versions of white khichuri . One has Polau like texture , while other one is mushy !! Today’s post is about the mushy white khichuri !! Less spice and tastes awesome .

For those who wants my Polau like White khichuri click the link below

Ingredients :

2 cups Aromatic rice like kalojeera
1/2 cup Moong Daal
1/4 th cup Musoor daal
1 tbl spoon ginger paste
1/2 cup chopped onion
1 stick of cinnamon , 5 cardamoms , 7-8 cloves , 10-12 black pepper
2 bayleaf
1 large potato , cut in small cubes
Carrot , cut in small cubes
Salt to taste
Green chilies

Procedure :

1. Boil 7 cup of water with the cinnamon , cardamoms , cloves and black pepper . Reduce it to 6 cups . Strain the water . It will be added in the khichuri.

2. Soak the chaal/ rice and daal for at least half n hour . Drain out the water .

3. Heat Oil . Add bayleaves and chopped onion . Fry until transparent . Fry with chopped potatoes and carrots . Add the rice and daals . Add the ginger paste . Fry for a while . Add the 6 cups of boiling water , we boiled with the garam masala . Add salt.

4. Add some green chilies . Once the water dries out add 2 tbl spoon of ghee over the khichuri . Since it is soft khichuri , you need not put it on “dom” . It will look little mushy .



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