Rava Idli


Traditionally idlis are made with fermented Urad daal and rice flour paste . But you don’t need to ferment or grind anything to make these delicious Rava ( semolina Idli )- Karnataka version of various version of Idlis .

Before I give you the recipe , let me share a tips with you . Most of the Idli recipes you find on net , requires ENO fruit salt to make the idlis spongy and fluffy . Those who doesn’t have it , don’t worry . ENO fruit salt is nothing but 60% baking soda and 40% citric acid . So I added baking soda ,mixed in vinegar and added in the batter . The Idlis were so soft and spongy .

Ingredients :

1 cup sooji/ semolina

1/2 cup plain yogurt

1/3 rd cup-1/2 cup water

Salt to taste

1 tea spoon mustard seed

Curry patta

A pinch of hing

1 tbl spoon channa daal

1 tbl spoon oil/ ghee

1 tea spoon vinegar

1 tea spoon baking soda

Small cut veggies like carrots and grean peas , corn

Procedure :

1. Dry roast the sooji a bit until little fragrant but not brown . Now Mix with yogurt , water and salt . Make a thick but not a doughy batter . The batter should be thick but not too thick .Neither should be thin .

2. Heat oil and ghee and temper with mustard seed and chaana daal . Fry until the daal is brown , now add the curry pattas and hing . Pour over the batter . Mix with the veggies . Now add the baking soda dissolved in vinegar .

3. Now spoon the batter on greased Idli mold and place the mold into a large pot filled with water . The Mold should not touch the water . Close the lid and steam for 7-8 minutes .

Enjoy hot with cilantro and peanut chutney !!

Tips :

Those who doesn’t have idli mold , don’t worry , just take a small piece of clean cotton cloth . Pour some batter in a greased small bowl then overturn the bowl on the cloth just like our bhapa pitha . Cover loosely and steam like Vapa pitha . 🙂 Though bhapa pitha batter is dry and loose , idli batter is wet but when steamed , the cloth will come clean . 🙂


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