Bosnian Roti ( leavened fried bread) without yeast


I don’t know , why it is named as Bosnian roti as there is no connection with the original Bosnian bread lepenja. This one is completely our Bangladeshi version ,where the bread dough is leavened with yeast and then rolled out and deep fried . Though deep fried , they don’t look oily and doesn’t get soggy even after cooling down unlike luchi or poori .
Today , wated to experiment with baking soda and baking powder as I ran out of yeast . And they came out perfect , except the fact , that with yeast dough ,you get a white colored bread , but because of the use of baking soda , it turned little brown . I found it pretty too . “Necessity is the mother of invention” indeed . 😛

Ingredients :

2 cups of all purpose flour
2 tea spoon oil
1 tea spoon sugar
Salt to taste ( around half tea spoon)
3/4 th tea spoon baking soda
1/4 th tea spoon baking powder
Oil for frying

Procedure :

1. Make a dough using the ingredients . Now place it ina oiled box . Close the lid and let it rest for 2 hours in a warm place .

2. Now Make small ball s from the dough and roll the balls medium thick . Deep fry the rotis . Don’t fry too much .

Enjoy !!!


3 responses to “Bosnian Roti ( leavened fried bread) without yeast

  1. did you forget the yeast?

  2. Could you share the yeast included dough recipe as well please?

  3. Khaas food is here to develop healthy food habit & amazing shopping experience of the consumers. By ensuring healthy life, we would like to make our consumers smile. Let’s Make a healthy Bangladesh.

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