Kashmiri Sheekh Kabab


Usually Kashmiri sheekh kababs are long , almost 8″ -10″ long .They are cut in halves when served , an imporatant dish for the wazwan ( Kashmiri multi course of meal).
The kabab is traditionally made with lamb mince , in absence of lamb , mutton or goat meat can be substituted , but must not be made with beef !! In Kashmiri cuisine , there is no place for beef !!
Not only the Hindus but beef is prohibited in Muslim Kashmiri cuisine too !! Another interesting fact is , though Hindu Pandit doesn’t eat any sort of meat , the Kashmiri Pandits are meat eater . Pandit recipes doesn’t use onion , garlic at all like the vegetarians but they are fond of meat preparations !!
The main spice that distingush the Kashmiri cuisine from other cuisines , is the use of fennel / saunf .. In this sheekh kabab fennel/ sauf powder is used along with other ingredients like dried mint , black cardamom powder , cinnamon powder , ginger powder, kashmiri chili powder ( the reason behind the beautiful color of this kabab) and little shajeera/ caraway powder .. as optional ingredient I used little onion too ..

Ingredients :

1 lb lamb/ goat/ mutton mince
3/4 th tea spoon fennel/ saunf/ mouri powder
1/2 tea spoon Black cardamom powder
2 tea spoon Kashmiri chili powder or ( 1 tea spoon paprika+ 1 tea spoon regular chili powder)
1/4 th tea spoon cinnamon powder
A pinch of caraway / shajeera powder
1 tea spoon dried mint powder or 1 tbl spoon fresh mint
1/4 th tea spoon ginger powder or 1/2 tea spoon ginger paste
1 beaten egg
1 tbl spoon melted butter
Salt to taste ( around half tea spoon or little more)

Optional Ingredient:

2 tbl spoon chopped onion


1. Blend the lamb mince with 1 egg again in a food processor . The mince needs to be double minced .

2. Now add all other spices and keep it in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours .

3. Shape in size of sheekh kabab , if shaped by hand or you may put the meat around skweres .

4. Grill it on charcoal , or shallow fry in a grill pan or bake it in a preheated oven @ 400 FH for 20 minutes . If you wish , you can broil another 5-10 minutes .


2 responses to “Kashmiri Sheekh Kabab

  1. Pathetic……
    Look like sausages

  2. what nonsense …. No where near to the ORIGINAL Reciepeee

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