Philly Steak Sandwich


Ingredients: This amount can make 3 or 4 sandwiches

For steak:

300 gram tenderloin or Sirloin cut beef ( undercut)
1 tea spoon black pepper
Salt to taste ( not too much , the sauces has salt too)
1 tea spoon garlic paste or finely grated garlic
1 tea spoon Workchestershire sauce
1/2 tea spoon steak sauce ( optional)
3/4 th tea spoon bar b q sauce

Other Ingredients:

Long bun/ hot dog bun
Mustard or horseradish sauce ( optional)
Caramalised onion
Grilled bell pepper and mushroom
Provlone Cheese ( or any cheese hat melts)

Procedure :

You can prepare the steak first then cut them in thin stripes or you can cut the meat into thin stripes and then marinate and prepare . I followed the last method . I Cut the meat into thin stripes , then marinate with seasoning and salt then fried .

1. Cut the meat pieces into thin long stripes . Marinate with all the ingredients mentioned above except oil for at least 1 hour .

2. Then spread some mayonnaise on it . In a grill pan or skillent add some oil and put some thinly sliced onion and fry until soften and gets little colored . Fry some thinly sliced bell peppers the same way . Sautee some mushroom if you want .

3. Now heat the grill or frying pan and add 2 tbl spoon of oil into it . Add the meat and cook on high flame . Meat will release water so you should cook it on high flame . Remember , don’t cook for longer time as if you do so the meat will become rubbery . And always cook steak on high flame . Cook for around 4/5 minutes until the water dries out and the meat is tender .

4. While the meat is being cooked , grill the buns for few minutes . Spread mayonnaise on it .

5. when the meat is done, turn off the stove add some provlone cheese over the meat and mix until melts . Immediately transfer it to the buns. Add the caramalised onions , mushroom and bell peeper .
Enjoy !!!



2 responses to “Philly Steak Sandwich

  1. Dear Khadiza, I have subscribed to your lovely blog for quite sometime and just LOVE it. Have tried some of your recipes and they turned out really yummm.I look forward to your posts eagerly. Keep up the excellent work. Siddiqa Razvi. Do reply.

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