Egg Fried Oats with veggies


Are you tired of eating oats the same way with milk or water or with fruits or yogurt ??? Try this recipe , you are going to love it . At present , I’m in a weight loss mission !! Being a foodie , I get demotivated so easily . So in order to make this journey an adventurous and smooth one , I do experiment with the foods that can satisfy you without compromising the calories .
Egg fried Oats with veggies is just one of them . My recipe is inspired by one of my very favorite virtual Aunts Suronjona Maya’s Oats Pilaf .
I added , omit few things . The quantity mentioned in the recipe is for 2 servings , each serving contains no more than 170 calorie . But If you like you can take the full containing not more than 340 Calories . Cool , isn’t it??

1/2 cup oats ( old fashioned)
2/3 rd cup Water/ chicken stock ( if you don’t have chicken stock replace it with 1 tea spoon chicken powder/ chicken bouillon )
2/3 rd cup cabbage , broccoli , carrot ( steamed or microwaved)
1/4 th cup green Peas
1 egg beaten
1 tbl spoon olive oil
Onion, chopped
green chilies chopped
1/2 tea spoon turmeric ( optional)


1. Dry roast the oats , until fragrant . Keep it aside .
2. Heat oil and add the onion and green chilies and fry . Now add the beaten egg . Scramble the egg . Add turmeric . Add the steamed veggies .
3. Add the oats . Add the chicken powder . Now add the water slowly . Those who are using instant oats , may not need this amount of water .
4. When the oats are moist and done , your fried rice style oats is ready ..


Since I used chicken bouillon/ chicken powder , I din’t add any extra salt . Same goes with chicken stock . Try to consume less sodium , if you are in a weight loss mission . 😀


10 responses to “Egg Fried Oats with veggies

  1. I will try this

  2. This is the first Bengali food blog I’ve ever come across, and the sheer joy of discovering this is unexplainable! I’m so happy! I feel like if I can’t get a hold of my mum’s food, this will be its replacement!

  3. Please post more recipe for weight loss. Thank you for this one..:)

  4. really tasty

  5. Khadiza apu, need ur help. I made gulabjam with fresh chana but my sweet is not soft.rather than it is sqeezy in texture like a chewing sweet .why it happened? Do u ve any idea ? DO u know any process of how to utilize those sweets? Can i make any other desserts with those ?

  6. Thnx i tried kabab nd it realy taste. Nw i wnna mke soft birthdy cke in a easiest way pls hlp me.

  7. thank you for this healthy and delicious recipe 😀 tried this and now its my favourite weekend breaky…. My husband is not a oats lover but he loves this version as well…..

  8. Khaas food is here to develop healthy food habit & amazing shopping experience of the consumers. By ensuring healthy life, we would like to make our consumers smile. Let’s Make a healthy Bangladesh.

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