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Kabob- e- Jujeh literally means grilled chicken and it consists of grilled pieces of chicken . This is one of the most popular kabob ( Persian accent for kabab) in Iran , often served with rice or Naan – e Lavash, a special kind of flat bread . Jujeh is typically ,like most other Persian kabobs , not spicy at all . Very few ingredients are used but the use of reasonable amount of saffron is noticeable , that being responsible for that marvelous golden look of jujeh ! As I said earlier , only few ingredients are needed for this beautiful kabob , onion , lemon juice , white or black pepper and saffron being the main ingredients . But to make it more tender , juicy and flavorful I added few secret ingredients too . Those are mayonnaise , orange zest and orange juice . 🙂 Usually breast meat are preferred for this kabob but you can use both breast and thigh meat, but should be boneless . I used breast meat and they turned out too good !!

Ingredients :

1.5 lb of boneless chicken , preferably breast meat , cut in cubes
1 medium-large onion , finely chopped
3 tbl spoon of yogurt ( try to not take the water)
1 and half tbl spoon of mayonnaise
2 tbl spoon of lemon juice
3 tbl spoon of fresh orange juice
2 tea spoon of orange zest
Little more than 1/4 th tea spoon of turmeric powder
1/2 tea spoon of good quality saffron, powdered and soaked in 1 tbl spoon of hot water
Salt to taste
2 tea spoon of white or black pepper , crushed
4 tbl spoon of olive oil
Saffron food color , optional , but that really helps to achieve that golden color.

Other ingredients:

Coal to give smoke

Procedure :

1. Marinate the chicken pieces with all the ingredients and cover the bowl with plastic . Keep it in the refrigerator for at least 10 hours . The longer , the better . preferably 24 hours marination .

2. Give coal smoke just before you are ready to prepare it . For that lit the charcoal very well , then place it on a metal or small aluminium foil cup . Place it over the marinated meat and add some oil or ghee over the charcoal . Cover the bowl of the meat to lock the smoke inside . Leave it like that for 10 minutes .

3. Thread the chicken pieces onto metal skewers and grill until the chicken pieces are well-cooked . I did it in oven . For that bake in a pre-heated oven for 15 minutes at 400 FH and then broil for another 12-12 minutes .

Serve hot with saffron rice or Shirin polo or Naaan -e Lavash .

Chicken Curry , my way

Chicken Curry , my way

Chicken Curry , my way


1 chicken , cut in pieces ( 1 kg )
Fried Onion/ bereshta of 2 medium onions
2 tbl spoon of onion paste
2 tea spoon of ginger paste
2 tea spoon of ginger ,fine julian cut
2 tea spoon garlic paste
1 tea spoon garam masala powder *
4/5 green cardamom , 1 stick of cinnamon , 2 bay leaves
2 tea spoon red chili powder
Half tea spoon turmeric powder ( heaped)
Less than half tea spoon coriander powder ( level)
Salt to taste

Garam masala:

2 Dry red chilies
Cumin seed 1 tbl spoon
Coriander seed 1 tbl spoon
Green cardamon 5 or 6
Black pepper 1 tea spoon
Cloves 1 teasppon
2 long pepper
Allspice 1 teaspoon
Kababchini 1 teaspoon
Fennel 1 teaspoon
Mace 1 teaspoon
Nutmeg half a teaspoon
1 star anise
1 black cardamom
1 small cinnamon stick ( 1″)

Dry roast the masala and then grind them into a fine powder.


1. Fry the onion until golden brown . Keep them aside .

2. In the same oil add the whole garam masalas and fry then add onion ,ginger-garlic paste , fried onion and little water . Add the chili powder , turmeric powder , coriander powder and salt . Fry well adding water little by little .

3. Add the chicken pieces and chopped ginger ( julian cut). Add very little water and cover the lid . Cook on low-medium flame for at least 45 minutes . The chicken will release water . Let the chicken to be cooked in it’s own water . After 45 minutes add enough water to get the right consistency of gravy and to cook the chicken well . You don’t need much water if it’s soft chicken . Only a little water needed . But if using hard chicken , cook the chicken adding water little by little another 45 minutes at low flame . Then Add the water for the final consistency .

4. Add the garam masala powder and cover the lid . Turn off the stove and keep the chicken pot on the turned off stove , until you serve . You will see , the oil separates from the gravy !!!

Enjoy !!!

Restaurant style Butter Chicken / Chicken Makhkhani / Murg Makhkhani

Restaurant style Butter Chicken or Chicken Makhkhani

Restaurant style Butter Chicken/ Murg makhkhani or Chicken Makhkhani

Murg makhkhani or butter chicken is a very famous , very rich dish originated in Northern and North-East India and Eastern Pakistan , which is now very popular beyond it’s place of origin . The name butter chicken or chicken makhkhani is because of using reasonable amount of butter in the cooking . Every time we go to any Indian , Pakistani restaurant , butter chicken is the must item!! So experimented a little to get that flavor even at home !! And alhamdulillah my version of butter chicken has exactly the same flavor as that of the restaurants and my husbands says , to some extent , it is better than the restaurant . 🙂 Well , huge compliment for me and specially when you get that from the biggest critique in your life !!!

The recipe is very easy . it has two parts . In the first part , marinate the chicken and then shallow fry or grill them . Second part involves , making the gravy and incorporate the chicken and gravy together . The whole cooking is done with around 1/2 (half)a cup of butter doing justice to the name makhkhani or buttery .


For the chicken:

750 gram boneless chicken ( I took thigh and breast meat both)
3 cloves of garlic , finely grated
1 tea spoon of ginger
2 tbl spoon of yogurt
1 tea spoon of Chili powder
1 tea spoon of paprika
1 tea spoon of garam masala/Kabab masala * ( see the recipe below)
1/2 tea spoon of Cinnamon Powder
1/2 tea spoon of nutmeg powder
1/4th tea spoon cumin powder ( dry roasted )
Salt to taste
2 tbl spoon Butter

Garam masala/Kabab Masala :

2 Dry red chilies
Cumin seed 1 tbl spoon
Coriander seed 1 tbl spoon
Green cardamon 5 or 6
Black pepper 1 tea spoon
Cloves 1 teasppon
2 long pepper
Allspice 1 teaspoon
Kababchini 1 teaspoon
Fennel 1 teaspoon
Mace 1 teaspoon
Nutmeg half a teaspoon
1 star anise
1 black cardamom
1 small cinnamon stick ( 1″)

Lightly dry roast the ingredients and crush into a powder .

For the Gravy :

1 medium onion chopped or 1/4 th cup
3 cloves of garlic , finely grated
1 teaspoon ginger
1 tea spoon Garam masala / kabab masala
1/2 ( half tea spoon ) fenugreek / methi
1 tea spoon cumin seed
1 ( level)tea spoon chili powder
2 small green chilies , chopped
1/2 ( half) tea spoon , white pepper powder
Half a can of Tomato paste or two tomatoes, chopped
Half a cup of Heavy cream/ evaporated milk
Salt to taste
1 tea spoon of sugar
Butter 1/4 th cup + 1 tbl spoon

Other Ingredients:

1 tbl spoon of butter for garnishing.


Part 1 :

1. Marinate the chicken cubes with all the ingredients except the butter . Then give the charcoal smoke to the meat for 5 minutes . For charcoal smoke , lit the charcoal very well , then , place it in a small plate or foil cup and add ghee/ butter or oil over the coal . now put the small plate or foil cup on the meat bowl and cover with a lid to smoke it nicely ..

2. Heat the grill pan or frying pan with 2 tbl spoon of butter . Add the chicken and fry or grill until tender . It takes me around 10 minutes .

3. You can enjoy the chicken as it is like kabab too .

Part 2 :

1. Heat butter . Add fenugreek/ methi and whole cumin seed . Add the onion . Fry until little soft . Add the grated garlic and ginger paste . Add little water , then add garam masala / kabab masala powder , chili powder , chopped green chili and salt . Add the tomato paste or chopped tomato and fry until soft . Add little water , if you are using tomato paste , but if you are using tomato puree or chopped tomato , you don’t need it .

2. Now transfer the mixture into a blender and blend until smooth . This is the secret tip for that smooth , velvety gravy like the restaurant one .

3. Now transfer the mixture back to the pot . Add the Chicken pieces and half a cup of fresh cream . Add Sugar and white pepper powder .

4. Serve with naan, taftaan or even rice . Add a cube of butter for garnishing . 🙂



1. Please always use thigh and breast meat both . Thigh meats are juicy , and if you use only breast meat , that would taste rubbery .

2. Please don’t skip the giving coal smoke part . That is what gives the restaurant type of flavor .

3. Try to use the canned tomato paste . It really makes a huge difference .

4. Try to use butter only , don’t substitute for ghee or oil .

Zafrani Chicken Korma

Zafrani Chicken Korma

Zafrani Chicken Korma

I love Korma !!! Love to cook them pretty often as the whole family are too fond of this delicacy . Korma has it’s origin in central Asia . With Mughals , some special Central Asian recipes too, took over the South Asia region , Korma is one of them . 🙂 As time went by , it got too many variations and improvisation , having it’s root in Mughlai quisine. Basically the word “Korma” derived from the Urdu word korma or kormah , meaning braised meat . Urdu “Kormah” derived from the Turkish “kavurma” literally meaning “cooked meat” . The process of braising involves searing of foods at a high temperature and then finished in a covered pot with a variable amount of liquid, resulting in a particular flavor.


1 chicken , cut in 8 pieces
1/3 rd cup of onion Paste
4 tbl spoon of fried onion or bereshta
1 and 1/2(half) tbl spoon of ginger paste
2 tea spoon of garlic paste
1 tea spoon of poppy seed powder ( optional)
2 tea spoon of nut paste ( I grinded cashew and almond together into a powder , then added little water)
Whole spices , like 4/5 green cardamoms , 1 cinnamon stick , 5/6 cloves
1/2 ( half ) teaspoon of white pepper powder
1/2 (half) teaspoon of mace powder
1/4 th tea spoon of nutmeg powder
1 cup of heavy cream + regular liquid milk ( half a cup of heavy cream + half a cup of regular milk)
Ghee ( or you can use both ghee and oil together)
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Handful of whole green chilies
Saffron soaked in 2 tbl spoon of milk ( if you wish , you can use little saffron food color)
Keora water


1. Heat ghee . Add the whole spices , fry for a while then add the chicken pieces and fry for few minutes .

2. In a small bowl combine onion paste , fried onion , ginger paste , garlic paste, nut paste , poppy seed powder, salt together . Now Add the mixture to the chicken and cook . Cook very well adding small quantity of water little by little , what we call in Bangla “koshano” . When the spices are well cooked add water , enough to make the chicken tender but not too well done .

3. When the water dried out add the cream and milk . Don’t cover with lid . When almost to the desired consistency add hand full of whole green chilies . Add white pepper , nutmeg and mace powder and little sugar. Add the saffron soaked milk. Sprinkle some keora water and turn off the heat . Keep the pot on the stove with lid on , until you serve.

Serve with polau or naan or paratha .



1. To get the best flavor from the mace , please dry roast them for a while befor you grind them.

2. Try to use home made bereshta or fried onion , as it gives you the best result . But remember , don’t over fry the bereshta , they may ruin the color of the korma .

Chicken Korma in coconut milk!!!!!!!!

Chicken Korma in coconut milk!!!!!!!!

Chicken Korma in coconut milk!!!!!!!!

My husband often calls me “The Korma Queen” 😀 . Yes, why not? I do love to experiment with korma. In my family , korma is that special delicacy , we cannot think any special occasion without !!!!!! You are not in good mood ? cook korma, eat korma !!!!!!!! Got something very special ? cook korma, eat korma !!!! Celebration /cook korma, eat korma !!! Someone’s visiting you? Cook korma, eat korma!!!!!!! 😀 We do adore korma so much!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


1 chicken ( small) 1 kg
Onion Paste Half Cup
Ginger paste 1 and half table spoon
Garlic 2 teaspoon
Whole Cinnamon
5/6 Whole Cardamom
2/3 bayleaves
5/6 cloves
Half teaspoon Black pepper
Fried onion 1/4 th cup
Coconut milk 1 cup
Regular milk Half cup
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
Ghee 1 or 2 table spoon
A handful of whole green chilies
Keora water ( optional)


1. Marinate the chicken with onion paste, ginger paste , garlic paste and whole garam masalas.

2. Heat oil and add the chicken with the marinade . Add little warm water. Cover the lid and cook on medium low flame . The chicken will release water too. When the water is reducing, add hot water. Cover the lid and cook .

3. When the chicken is almost done and water is reduced add the coconut milk and regular milk. Don't cover the lid now . Add the crushed fried onion ( bereshta) and little sugar . I added 1 teaspoon of sugar . 🙂

4. Add handful of green chilies . Put 1 or 2 tbl spoon of ghee and cover the lid. Turn off the heat . And keep that on the stove until you serve. Sprinkle keora water before you serve .



My special egg kofta in coconut milk , mustard gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My special egg kofta in coconut milk , mustard gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My special egg kofta in coconut milk , mustard gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I already posted Egg kofta recipe in my previous two posts . Please clik the link below to find out the basic recipe of egg kofta ;

Here’s one

Here’s another one

Now the gravy is bit different from other two posts. You just have to follow the basic egg kofta recipe. Cut it into pieces and now it’s time to cook it in coconut milk , mustard gravy; 😀

Ingredients for the gravy:

1/3 rd cup onion paste
Half a teaspoon ginger paste
Half a tea spoon garlic paste
Half a teaspoon Turmeric powder
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 bayleaf
1 tbl spoon of yellow mustard paste
Half a cup of thick coconut milk
Salt to taste
Green Chilies


1. Heat oil and then add the bayleaf. Add the onion paste , ginger paste, garlic paste . Add little water , now add the chili, turmeric powder , salt. Cook well adding water little by little .

2. Mix the mustard paste into coconut milk. Add into the spices. Add another cup of water . Now add the sliced kofta pieces. Cook in the medium low flame . The gravy needs to get into the kofta .

3. When The gravy is reduced, add the whole green chilies . Cook for another few minutes. When it comes to the desired consistency , turn off the heat and keep it on the stove with lid on .

Serve with hot plain rice or khichuri or even with polau/pilaf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A super quick , super healthy , diet friendly Chicken sandwich .. only 260 calorie max !!!!!!!! Filling and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

A super quick , super healthy , diet friendly Chicken sandwich .. only 260 calorie max !!!!!!!! Filling and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

A super quick , super healthy , diet friendly Chicken sandwich .. only 260 calorie max !!!!!!!! Filling and yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Boil 50 gram of chicken breast with onion , ginger paste and carrot.

2. When Dried out mix the chicken with 2 teaspoon of butter/ margarine, little salt, chopped onion , green chilies , shredded carrot and bell peppers . You may add little bit of black pepper powder in it.

3. Cut the edges of two slices of bread . Now apply the spread over one slice and cover with other . Cut into halves .

Your two pieces of sandwiches are ready !!!!!!!

Tortilla de Patata / Spanish omelette

Tortilla de Patata / Spanish omelette

Tortilla de Patata / Spanish omelette , an improvised version of classic Spanish omelette.


3 eggs
1 large potato
1 medium sized onion, sliced
Bell peppers/capsicum, chopped
Tomato, chopped
Mushroom, 1/4th cup
Chopped shrimp 1/4th cup
Grated Cheese (optional)
Crushed black pepper, 1/4th teaspoon
Salt to taste

You may add crunchy beef fry , sausage, chicken, carrot in it .


1. Peel the potatoes and cut half lengthwise. Now slice them thin ( it would look like potato chips cut, but a little thicker than it). It is not necessary to slice the potatoes paper thin but try to make thin, should be like thick crisps. Rub them with salt.

2. Fry the potatoes in oil . The oil should be over potatoes. It’s not deep frying but you need more oil than usual. leave the potatoes in the pan until they are cooked . When it breaks into two , if u poke a piece of potato , it is done . It shoudn’t be crispy or burnt. Add the mushroom, onion, bell peppers into it . Fry for a while . Now drain the excess oil and let them cool.

3. Whisk the eggs , now add crushed black pepper , salt, the cooked potato, mushroom, onion, bellpeppers. Add chopped shrimp and tomatoes. Mix well but don’t break the potatoes.

4. Take a non-stick pan and wipe the pan with little oil . Don’t heat it too much , otherwise the omelette will be burnt at the bottom. The heat should be on medium flame. pour the mixture into the pan. Allow the egg to cook around the edges. Add the grated cheese if you like. With a spatula keep scraping the edges of the omelette. Reduce the heat of the stove a bit. When the bottom is done or it comes away from the pan if you try with spatula , its time for turn it over to cook the other side. Don’t try to do it with your spatula, it may break. So we are going to use a little trick here.

5. Take a plate and put it over the pan . Put one hand on the top of the plate and with the other hand hold the handle of the pan and flip over. So the omelette flips on the plate without breaking.

6. Wipe the pan again with little oil and transfer the omelette into the pan again and cook the other side on medium heat.

7. Serve hot!!!!!!!



1. The smaller pan you take the more volume you will get . So always use small pan to have the volume and fluffy look.

2. People who are on diet or loves to eat healthy, they can always boil the potato instead of frying and may take 2 egg whites and 1 egg with yolk to make it more healthy.

Chicken 65

Chicken 65

Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is a very popular South Indian dish, originated from Chennai . I often wondered ,why is it Chicken 65 !!!!!!!!!! There are many stories related to the name , like 65 spices are used or it takes 65 dayz to prepare the marinade for the chicken. Some account even claimed that this preparation is made of chicken 65 days old!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahaha …But some say, it became a great hit during mid 60s, specially in 1965. So it’s named Chicken 65 !!!!!!!! Whatever the theories may be , I simply love this dish . Just like the origin of the name , the recipe of Chicken 65 may vary . Here is my version of Chicken 65. 😀


For the marinade:

Boneless chicken, cut in cube, 400 gram ( I took thigh meat)
Half a teaspoon ginger paste (optional)
1 beaten egg
Half a teaspoon ajinomoto/ tasting salt
Salt to taste
1/4 th teaspoon of crushed black pepper
Cornstarch 2 tbl spoon ( depending on the quality) or enough to nicely coat the chicken

Other Ingredients:

Cumin seeds little less than 1 teaspoon
Chopped Ginger 1 teaspoon
Chopped garlic half teaspoon
Ginger Paste 1 teaspoon
Garlic paste half teaspoon
Chili-garlic sauce 1 tbl spoon
Chili Powder half a teaspoon ( or according to your taste)
Chopped green chilies 1 tbl spoon or less depending how hot you want
Red food color few drops , dissolved in 1 tbl spoon of water
Curry leaves
Salt to taste

Cooking method:

1. Marinate the chicken pieces with the ingredients mentioned above for marinade for half n hour .

2 . Deep fry the chicken pieces in hot oil on medium low heat until light brown . Don’t make it crunchy . Just a little golden brown.

3. Heat oil in a wok . Add the cumin seeds, chopped ginger and garlic and sautee a little . You will feel the aroma within 1 minute or so . Now add the chopped chilies and curry leaves . Add ginger-garlic paste , chili powder , chili garlic sauce, salt and little water . Add the food color and cook for a minute. Add little water before you put the chicken . Add the chicken and mix very well with the spices . Cook for a while and now it’s ready to serve .

It goes great with parata, Naan , roti or even rice and pulao .


1. While putting it on oil for deep frying , try to add few at a time . Always use a wide utensil like karahi or wok to deep fry the chicken , that would save your time.

2. I sometimes , don’t even deep fry them . I fry them in enough oil ( not deep frying) until brown . It works too .. 😀

General Tso’s Chicken

General Tso's Chicken

General Tso’s Chicken


For the marinade:

300 gram of boneless chicken thigh/ breast , cut in cubes ( traditionally thighs are taken for the recipe)
1 beaten egg white
1 Tblspoon soy sauce
Little salt
Cornstarch, as needed to coat the chicken nicely , but approxmately 3 or 4 tbl spoon

For the Sauce:

Chicken Stock or substitute Water 1/4th cup
Tomato Ketchup 1 and half tbl spoon
Light Soy sauce 2 tbl spoon + 1 teaspoon
White Vinegar 2 teaspoon or 1 tbl spoon , depending on the quality and tartness..
Dark Soy sauce half teaspoon ( optional)
Oyster sauce half teaspoon
Brown Sugar/ Jaggery/ Akher gur, grinded little less than 1 tbl spoon
Sugar half teaspoon
Cornstarch 1 teaspoon

Other Ingredients:

Finely Chopped Ginger 1 and half teaspoon
Finely Chopped garlic half teaspoon
Chopped Scallion 1 teaspoon
Chopped green chilies 1 teaspoon
Dry Chili 1 or 2 (optional)
Sesame seeds, roasted, (optional)

Cooking Method:

1. Marinate the chicken cubes with the ingredients mentioned for marinade. Keep it aside for half an hour.

2. Heat Oil and deep fry the chickens until crunchy.

3. In another bowl , combine all the ingredients mentioned for sauce. Mix well until the sugar dissolves completely and set aside.

4. Heat the wok , add 2 tbl spoon of sesame oil. Add chopped ginger, chopped garlic , chopped scallion , chopped green chilies and dry chili , Fry a little. Add the chicken pieces and stir fry for 30 seconds. Add sauce mixture to the wok and cook stirring until the sauce becomes thickened. Add the roasted sesame if you want.




1. If you don’t have brown sugar , you can alwayz substitute regular sugar for it.

2. To enhance the color , you may add 1 teaspoon of caramel too . Then omit extra half teaspoon sugar.

3. Some people add Coke or Pepsi to enhance the color and flavor. I haven’t experimented yet, but If you want , you may experiment. 😀 .. But careful , Coke is very sugary , so it will get caramelized with the heat and will become so tough . So add proportionately and cut the sugar amount mentioned in the recipe.

4. Don’t add any extra salt as the sauces contain salt.