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Shahjahani Biriyani

Shahjahani Biriyani

Shahjahani Biriyani

Shahjahani Biriyani is one of the precious gems of the Mughal kitchen . Shahi indeed , no doubt !! Traditionally it is cooked with mutton / lamb or bone less chicken , but if you want you can definitely use beef or chicken with bones .

Ingredients :

For the chicken:

1 and 1/2 kg boneless chicken ( save the bones for preparing the stock)
3 potatoes , cut in halves, crosswise
1 cup yogurt
1 and half cup chopped onion
2 tbl spoon ginger paste
2 tea spoon garlic paste
1 heaped tea spoon chili powder
2 bayleaves
4/5 green cardamoms
1 tea spoon cinnamon powder
1/2 tea spoon mace powder
1/4 th tea spoon nutmeg powder
2 whole black cardamom
1 star anise
4/5 cloves
1 tbl spoon almon paste
Shahi masala paste , apply all ( grind 1 tbl spoon desiccated coconut , 1 tbl spoon poppy seed or posto and 1 tea spoon of sesame together into a fine powder then make a thick paste with 3 tbl spoon evaporated milk or heavy cream or thick milk, add 1 tbl spoon almond paste in it)
1 tbl spoon maowa / khoya ( optional)
Salt to taste
10/12 whole green chilies
1 heaped tea spoon sugar or according to your taste ( just to enhance the taste , must not be too sweet)
oil+ ghee

For the rice :

4 cups of aromatic rice , Basmati or kalojeera
6 cups of Chicken stock
A little more than 1/3 rd cup of ghee

If you don’t have the stock , don’t bother , just add regular water with 2 black cardamoms , 1 star anise ,4 green cardamoms , 1 bay leaf , 1 cinnamon stick .

Other Ingredients:

Ghee , around 4 tbl spoon
Zafran/ saffron , soaked in milk
Good quality Keora water
Eggs , hard boiled
Bereshta/ fried onion to garnish
Alubokhara/ dried plum
Food color , orange or zaafrani

Procedure :

1. Boil the bones of the chicken with 9 cups of water and 2 black cardamoms , 4/5 green cardamoms , 1 stick of cinnamon , 1 tea spoon of fennel , 1 tea spoon of shajeera , 1 tea spoon of black pepper , 6 / 7 cloves , 2 star anise , 1 tbl spoon of julian cut ginger and salt . Reduce the water to 6 cups .
Strain the stock .

2. Marinate the Chicken with all the ingredients mentioned above , except onion , ghee , green chilies , sugar, maowa and shahi masala paste .

3. Rub little food color over potatoes and eggs .

4. Heat oil + ghee and add the potatoes . Fry them for a while . Keep them aside . Fry the eggs for a while . Keep them aside too .

5. Now in the same pan add the onion , fry them until golden brown or looks like bereshta . Now add the chicken with the marinade . You can add little zafrani food color in it now . Cook for a while in low flame with lids on . After 15 minutes add the potatoes and 1 cup of water . Cook on medium low flame for about 30 minutes. Since the chicken is boneless it won’t take much time .
Don’t reduce the the gravy too much . There should be at least little more than 1 cup of gravy . If you want you may add little water and add the Shahi masala paste , just before you turn off the stove , add the whole green chilies , sugar and maowa . take out the whole masalas from the gravy .

6. In the mean time , prepare the rice . Boil 4 cups of rice with 6 cups of chicken stock or water and 1/3 rd cup of ghee . Chicken stock has salt in it , so you may add salt if needed .

If you are not using chicken stock , as I said earlier just add 2 black cardamoms , 4/5 green cardamoms , 1 star anise , 1 cinnamon stick, 1 bay leaf and salt to taste .

Try not to put too much salt , as the chicken will have salt in it too .

7. The rice will not be fully done . It would look like 90% done . But the water will be dried out . Don’t stir the rice while boiling . just when the water is dried out , with a gentle hand stir once around the pot .

8. Now most important layering part . Take a wide , deep bottomed utensil . Layer with half of the rice . Then add the chicken with all the gravy, potatoes and green chilies . Add some alubokhara too .Sprinkle some keora water .Cover with remaining rice . Pour some ghee, around 4 tbl spoon over the rice in circular motion . Pour zafran/ saffron , soaked in milk , in circular motion too . Add generous amount of keora water . Now Cover the lid tightly and keep it on “Dam” for another 30 minutes.
For “dam”, I always steam using double boiler method .
For that take a same sized utensil or any utensil , on which you can put the biriyani pot . Now fill that utensil with water and place the biriyani pot over it . Turn on the stove on medium heat . The water will create steam and will evenly distribute the steam to the biriyani pot .

Serve with kabab and salad . 🙂


1. If you are using mutton and lamb , while boiling the meat and preparing the stock ,add enough water , so that the meat is 70% done . Reduce the stock to 6 cups .


Memoni Akhni

Memoni Akhni

Memoni Akhni

Memoni Akhni … I believe this is the only biriyani , where we can see the use of turmeric in generous amount .Very spicy and the Memons can’t think of their biriyani without lots of potatoes of course . It is called “akhni” or “yakhni” , because the biriyani is cooked in stock . “Yakhni” means stock or broth . This special type of biriyani is very simple to make , where you put the meat and rice at the same time , in the same pot and cook in the broth or stock .


750 gram beef with bone , cut in big size
750 gram aromatic rice , like kalijeera, basmati
1 tbl spoon ginger , cut in julian or matchstick
2 teaspoon ginger paste
3/ 4 garlic cloves , pounded
2 tea spoon garlic paste
2 small onion , pounded
1/2 ( half) a cup of fried onion or bereshta
1 tbl spoon of red chili powder
1 tbl spoon of turmeric
1 tea spoon of coriander powder
1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg-mace powder
Whole garam masala and spices ( 2 bay leaves ,2 stick of cinnamon . 12 green cardamom pods , 7/8 cloves , 1 tea spoon black pepper , 1 tea spoon cumin/ jeera , 1 tea spoon black cumin / sha jeera , 1 tbl spoon of whole corriander , 1 tea spoon of fennel , 3 black cardamom , 2 star anise)
Salt to taste
Oil + ghee
3 potatoes , cut in big cubes
5/ 6 Curry leaves ( optional)
9/ 10 whole green chilies
2 red jalapenos ( optional)


1. Make a bundle with 1 bayleaf, 1 stick of cinnamon , 7-8 green cardamoms , 2 small black cardamom , 7/ 8 cloves , 1 tea spoon cumin , 1 tea spoon black cumin , 1 tbl spoon of whole coriander , 1 tea spoon fennel , 1 star anise , 1 tea spoon of black pepper . Now Boil the beef in a large pot with this bundle in with enough water and 1 tbl spoon of Julian cut ginger , 2 small pounded onions and 3/4 pounded cloves and salt. We are making the stock . Don’t boil the beef fully . It should be just 70 % done .

2. Now Strain the stock from the beef and save for the latter part of cooking .

3. Heat oil and ghee in a pot , add 1 bay leaf , 4/5 green cardamoms , 1 small stick of cinnamon , 1 small black cardamom , 1 small star anise . Now add the ginger-garlic paste and the fried onion or bereshta . Add little water or you can use the stock you made and fry well , what we call in Bangla “koshano”. Add the chili, turmeric and coriander powder . Fry well adding water little by little . Add the 70% done meat and potatoes . Cook the meat adding water little by little , i.e keep doing ” koshano” . Add the curry patta ( if you like the flavor) . Now add 1 and half cup of stock and cover the pot with lid until the potatoes are almost done .The potatoes should not be fully done , or else they will break apart after the biriyani is completely done .

4. When the water dried out , add nutmeg-mace powder. Add the rice and mix well , add the stock and salt ( careful, the stock has salt too) . Cover the lid . For every cup of rice, you should take 1 and 1/2 ( half) cup of stock .

5. When the water dried out add the green chilies and jalapenos , stir for once without breaking the rice . The more you stir , the more gooey it will be , so don’t stir too much .Keep the biriyani on “Dom” . I use the double boiler technique , where you take a same sized pot like the biriyani pot . Fill the other pot with water and place your biriyani pot over it with lid on . The steam will do the work . The flame should be medium .


1. Try to make the bereshta at home . It definitely makes the difference in taste.

2. Those who are not fond of curry patta , omit it . I , myself , don’t like any curry patta flavored biriyani , so I always omit . 🙂

Nasi Goreng!!!

Nasi Goreng!!!

Nasi Goreng!!!

“Nasi Goreng” often considered as the national dish of Indonesia , is the spicy and tastier version of Asian fried rice . “Nasi” means rice and “goreng ” means stir fried . It is the stir fried rice , mainly with the leftover rice . The main difference between nasi goreng and other Asian fried rice is the generous use of the sweet soy sauce or kecap manis , sambal oelek and the shrimp paste in Nasi goreng . Don’t have all the ingredients in your pantry??? don’t worry , I’ll tell you the substitutes without compromising the real taste . 🙂


6 cups left over long grain rice ( preferably aromatic like Basmati)
1 lb Shredded Chicken or thinly sliced raw chicken
10/12 de-veined shrimps
2 beaten eggs
1 small onion , chopped
2 teaspoon ginger paste ( preferably Thai ginger root)
2 tea spoon garlic paste
2 tea spoon sambal oelek or 5/6 red chili paste with little garlic ,lemon juice, salt and sugar .
2 tbl spoon of sweet soy sauce or kecap manis ( substitute is given in the note)
1 tbl spoon of Fish sauce
1 tea spoon of oyster sauce
2 teaspoon of dried shrimp paste ( substitute is given in the note)
Chopped leek/ spring onions
Salt to taste


1. Beat the egg with little salt and make two thin omelets . Cut them into strips .

2. Marinate the chicken with sweet soy sauce and oyster sauce .

3. Heat oil and add ginger-garlic paste . Fry for a while . Add the chicken with the marinade , that is the sweet soy sauce and oyster sauce . Fry well until the color of the chicken is changed . Add the sambal oelek and shrimp paste . Fry . Add shrimps and chopped onion . add the rice , preferably left over , kept in fridge . Fry well on medium high heat . Add the fish sauce and incorporate well . Add little salt ( as the sauces contain enough sauce , add little by little). Mix with egg omelette strips. Finally add the chopped spring onion or leek .

4. Garnish with rolled egg omelette, pring onion , cucumber and serve . 🙂


1. If you don’t have sweet soy sauce , substitute it with 3 parts of light soy sauce with 1 tea spoon of brown sugar . More specifically , if you take three teaspoon of soy sauce , take 1 teaspoon of brown sugar . If you don’t have brown sugar either , substitute brown sugar with jaggery or akher gur . 😉

2. Don’t have sambal oelek?? don’t panic . Take 5/6 red chilis ( not the dried one, fresh red chili) , make a paste of these chilies with salt , lemon juice and little garlic paste . Adjust with little sugar .

3. There are people , who are allergic to dried fish . So if you don’t like dried fish, omit it . And if you do not have dried shrimp paste at home , if you have dried shrimp , fry the dried shrimp with few red chilies, dried or fresh with little oil and then blend . Don’t have dried shrimp?? Use Belachan or balachao for the substitution . 🙂

Sindhi Biriyani

Sindhi Biriyani

Sindhi Biriyani

Sindhi biriyani is truly that one of a kind biriyani, so unique for it’s hot, spicy and heartwarming flavor . One whose taste bud really longs for hot, spicy flavors , this is the perfect biriyani !!!!!!


For the rice:

Basmati Rice 3cups ( 1 cup=250ml)
Ginger, matchstick cut 1 and half tbl spoon
1 small black cardamom
1 Star anise
1 cinnamon stick ( 2″)
3 green cardamoms
2 bayleaves
ghee 1/3rd cup
Salt to taste
Warm water

For the Meat:

Beef/ Mutton 700 gram
Yogurt little more than 1/4 th cup ( don’t take the water)
Matchstick cut ginger 3 tbl spoon
Garlic paste 2 teaspoon heaped – 1 tbl spoon
Fried Onion 3/4th cup
Coriander Powder level half teaspoon
Red chili powder 2 teaspoon
Turmeric 1/6th teaspoon ( very little amount)
Dried plum ( alu bokhara) 5/ 6 (Soaked in water for at least 1 hour)
1 Black Cardamom
4/5 green cardamom
2 stick of cinnamon ( 2″ each)
1 star anise
Paprika 1 teaspoon
Orange/ red food color , a tip of your finger(just dip your one finger into the food color , that’s enough ), optional
Salt to taste
Special Masala ( take the amount given below)

Special Masala :

Cumin 1 teaspoon
2/3 green cardamom
Shah jeera more than half teaspoon
6/7 cloves
1 teaspoon of black pepper
Whole coriander half teaspoon
Mace/ javetri half teaspoon
Nutmeg 1/4th teaspoon
Fennel 1 teaspoon
4 or 5 dried chili

Grind them together into a fine powder. Don’t dry roast them.

Other ingredients:

3 potatoes
2 tomatoes
1/4th cup of mint
Fried onion or bereshta 1/4th cup
15/20 whole green chili


1. Soak the rice for at least half and hour .

2. Marinate the meat with the ingredients mentioned for meat , except oil.

3.Cut the potatoes and rub some food color on them . Deep fry them for a while .

4.. Heat oil and add the meat . Cook on medium low flame until tender and there are little gravy, around 1 cup remaining, . You may add little water , little by little , if needed. You have to add the potatoes in a way that when the gravy comes into desired consistency, the potatoes are 80% done . It must be firm .

5. In another pot , heat ghee and add the rice . Don’t fry the rice.Add 4 and half cup of Warm water. Add the ginger ,black cardamom, green cardamom, star anise, cinnamon stick and salt . Cover the lid and cook on medium low flame . Don’t stir.When the water dries out , turn off the heat. The rice must not be fully cooked . It should be 80% done too.

6. Now the layering part . Take another pot and add the meat. Layer with half of the rice . Add sliced tomatoes, green chilies ,potatoes, half of the mint over it .Now cover them with the remaining rice . And on top of it put frid onion , remaining mint and some green chilies. Cover the lid tightly and put it on “dom”.


For “Dom” , I always follow double boiler method . Put you biriyani pot over another same sized pot filled with water . Turn on the stove on medium flame. The steam will do the wonder . Those who will put it in the oven , cover the lid tightly or wrap with double layer of aluminium foil .In a bake mode , keep it in the preheated oven for 20/ 25 minutes at 350 FH.

Serve with raita , tikki or salad !!!


1. In cooking biriyani , normally the rice is boiled in water with few whole spice and then drained out . But I’ve noticed that if you do so ,the aroma, flavor and nutritional value ,everything gets drained out too . When the rice is cooked like Pulao or pilaf , it becomes more flavorful, aromatic , the ghee is coated evenly and the rice doesn’t stick together.sometimes , while mixing the biriyani , if you use boiled, drained out rice ,it may happen ( if you are not that expert in mixing) that some of the rice remain dry , without masala and ghee . But if you use my method , you will see the difference. More flavorful and aromatic version of course.

2. While making the rice , don’t ever fry them on oil . Just put them on heated oil and add water and the whole spices immediately.

3. Try to take out the whole masala from the rice and from the meat before layering out .

4. Here , in this recipe , the ginger we used are not either chopped nor paste . The ginger should be cut in matchsticks. The taste really matters because of this cut .That is what we call matchstick cut,



Lucknowi Nawabi Biriyani

Lucknowi Nawabi Biriyani

Lucknowi Nawabi Biriyani

In the subcontinent we have so many different recipes of biriyanies ; taste, flavor , aroma , process of making varying from region to region . Some of them are ravishingly spicy , whereas some are enchantingly aromatic. All the biriyanies , depending on the method of cooking, can be classified into two major groups; “Kachchi” and “Pakki” . Kachchis are those , where raw marinated meat is used with partially cooked rice . Our very own, world famous Bangladeshi version of Kachchi biriyani , Hyderabadi biriyani belong to that group . And Pakkis are those , where meat and rice both are pre cooked and then layered . “Sindhi”, “Luknowi” are of this kind .


Today’s post is “Lucknowi Biriyani”, delightfully aromatic and mild in flavor, rather than spicy . and it is prepared following the original, authentic method. There are so many recipes on internet as to Lucknowi Biriyani , but sorry to say , neither of them come close to the original version . The basic principle of preparing this recipe is , no powdered masala , only whole masala is used and the rice is flavored with the aromatic stock of the meat used in the recipe .


1 soft or baby chicken, cut in 6 pieces ( around 1.25 kg)
Basmati Rice 4 cups ( in a 1 cup=250 ml cup)

Masala/ spices for the stock:

2 black cardamom
8/9 green cardamom
2 sticks of 2 inches cinnamon
2 star anise
1 and half tea spoon of black pepper
9/10 cloves
1 teaspoon fennel
1 tea spoon of cumin
1 teaspoon of black cumin/ sha-jeera
1 teaspoon of mace/ javetri
2 bayleaves
Ginger chopped 2 tbl spoon
Garlic Chopeed 1 tbl spoon

For the chicken:

Half cup yogurt
1 tbl spoon Ginger
2 teaspoon garlic
Half cup fried onion Bereshta
1 bayleaf
4/5 green cardamom
1 stick of 2 inches long cinnamon
Black pepper
5/6 cloves
1 tea spoon mace / javetri ( dry roasted and broken by hands)
Milk, 200 ml ( three-fourth cup)
Sugar ( aound 1 teaspoon , heaped)
4/5 Whole green chilies

For the rice:

The stock , prepared by the chicken 6 cups
1 small stick of cinnamon
Salt to taste
Ghee less than half cup ( If you are using non-stick utensil , take less, just enough that the rice is well coated with the ghee and there is no extra ghee)

Other ingredients:

Fried onion or bereshta
Whole green chilies 5/6
Saffron or zafran soaked in milk
Dried plum/ alubokhara
Keora water
Biriyani scent ( optional)


1. Soak the rice in water for at least 1 hour. In a cheese cloth put everything mentioned for stock, except salt. Now tie up the cloth and put it in a pot filled with 12 cups of Warm water. Put the chicken pieces and add salt . Let it boil till the chicken are three-fourths done. Take out the chicken pieces and reduce the stock to 6/7 cups. Don’t take out the masala bundle while doing so.


2. In a pot marinate the three-fourths done chicken with yogurt , whole garam masalas , ginger, garlic paste, Fried onion ,sugar and salt. Heat ghee and add the chicken with marinade . Cook on medium flame for few minutes and then add the milk . Cook on medium low flame .The gravy should not be too much or too dry .Add the green chilies and keep it on dom for 5 minutes more. Take out the whole garam masalas from the gravy.


3. Put ghee in a pot . Drain out the water from the rice and add into the ghee . Add 6 cups of stock . Add the cinnamon stick. Add salt, but careful , the stock has salt too . So Adjust the salt . Cover the lid and cook on medium flame . Don’t stir. When the water is completely dried out , turn off the stove . The rice would look like 80% done.


4. Now the layering part . Take a pot , first layer with the chicken with gravy . Don’t take any extra oil from the gravy. Now layer with the rice . Put some whole green chilies , alubokhara , raisins over the rice . Layer now with the remaining rice . Cover it with fried onion , bereshta . Add saffron and sprinke some keora and biriyani scent . Cover the lid tightly and keep it on “dom” for another 30 minutes.



For “Dom” , I always follow double boiler method . Put you biriyani pot over another same sized pot filled with water . Turn on the stove on medium flame. The steam will do the wonder . Those who will put it in the oven , cover the lid tightly or wrap with double layer of aluminium foil .In a bake mode , keep it in the preheated oven for 20/ 25 minutes at 350 FH.

Serve hot with kabab and salad.



1. Unlike other pakki biriyanis , the rice is not cooked in water and the nutrition and flavor of rice is intact for not throwing away the water . It makes the biriyani more flavorful .

2. For bereshta or fried onion , the tricks are , cut the onions as thin as possible.Heat oil on medium flame . The oil should not be too hot . Once you put the onions , lower the heat and fry until crisp and golden brown. The bereshtas get darker after taking out from the oil . So take them out from the oil , one shade lighter than the color you want.


3. If you prepare the biriyani for a larger batch , just don’t double up the ingredients . Go by adding extra half . Like if 1 tea spoon is required , take 1 and half teaspoon.

4. The stock can be preserved for other dishes as well , if you make in a large quantity . It would do wonder in pulao and korma for sure . Just put it in a closed lid bottle or container and preserve it in the fridge , if for more than 2 days then in the deep chamber


Luchi’r Daal ( Cholar daal) / Bengali Style Split peas for fried bread or luchi

Luchi'r Daal ( Cholar daal) / Bengali Style Split peas for fried bread or luchi

Luchi’r Daal ( Cholar daal) / Bengali Style Split peas for fried bread or luchi

Nothing is more appealing to me in a special weekend than some fulko luchi ( puffed fried bread) with niramish and cholar daal!!!!!!!! This cholar daal is so scrumptious , I can eat them even without anything!!!!!!!! 😀


Split peas/ Cholar daal 1 cup
Ginger paste a little more than half a teaspoon ( level)
Garlic Paste 1/4th teaspoon
Whole garam masala ( 3 cardamoms, cinnamon stick and 2 bay leaves )
Ghee 1 tbl spoon
Salt to taste
Sugar 1 teaspoon
Turmeric Powder 1/4 th teaspoon
Sliced onion 1 medium onion
Thinly sliced ginger half a teaspoon
3/4 Green chilis, split
Special masala for Luchir daal 1 teaspoon

For this special masala , grind 1 tea spoon pachforon , half a teaspoon fennel seed , half a teaspoon whole coriander, 3 cardamom pods, 1 cinnamon stick ( 1″ long) together . Don’t dry roast before grinding.


1. Boil the split pea and dry out the water . Now take half of the daal and blend with water .

2. Now Add more piping hot water and the remaining boiled , unblended daal . Don’t put too much water .

3. Add the turmeric ,garlic, ginger paste and the whole garam masalas ( cardamom , cinnamon , bayleaves) . Add Salt ,sugar and green chilies.

4. When the daal thickens , get ready for the seasoning ( Bagara) . In a pan heat oil . Add the sliced onion and ginger. Fry until brown . Add them into the daal.
Add the special masala powder and 1 tbl spoon ghee. Turn off the stove and cover the lid until you serve .

Enjoy with luchi , paratha , roti or even plain rice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Savory oats and bulgur wheat shrimp pilaf !!!!!!!! A healthy option!!!!!!!!

Savory oats and bulgur wheat shrimp pilaf !!!!!!!! A healthy option!!!!!!!!

Savory oats and bulgur wheat Shrimp pilaf!!!!!! A healthy option!!!!

The recipe serves 2 :

Bulgar wheat half cup
Oats 2 tbl spoon
Chopped onion
Grated ginger 1/2 tea spoon
Grated garlic 2/3 large cloves
Olive oil 2 tbl spoon
Chopped bell pepper / jalapeno
Chopped tomato
Chopped red chili
Chopped herbs ( parsley , mint)
4 shrimps
1 Maggi vegetable flavor bouillon (optional)


1. Soak the bulgar wheat for 10/ 15 minutes .Drain out the water ..

2.Heat oil , fry the shrimps .Add onion , ginger and garlic . Add bell pepper , tomato , red chili ..Now add the bulgar wheat and oats . Add 1 cup of hot water and 1 Maggi vegetable flavor bouillon and cook for 15 minutes.

3. Add the chopped herbs before you turn off the stove .

I did not add any extra salt since I have used Vegetable flavor bouillon..


Ilish polau /Hilsha polau

Ilish polau /Hilsha polau

Our very own Ilish polau/ Hilsha polau

Ilish polau recipe has two parts . Cooking Ilish korma and combining it with polau .Ilish polau can be cooked in so many different ways based on different recipes of Ilish korma. MY mom used to cook it in at least three different ways. Some times she used to cook it in coconut milk , sometimes in regular milk and sometimes in yogurt. My version is the improvised version and it came out really great !!!!!!!!!! 😀

My version of Ilish polau:



Ilish Korma:

6/7 pieces of Hilsha

1/3 rd cup of Onion paste

1 tbl spoon of Ginger paste

Half table spoon of Ginger juice ( Ada’r rosh)

2 tbl spoon of Sweet yogurt ( mishti doi)

2 tbl spoon of plain yogurt

Half cup of Coconut milk ( you can substitute it for regular milk too , but coconut milk enhances the taste)

Salt to taste


Green chilies

Ingredients for Polau:

3 cups of ( 750 gram) Kalijeera or any other aromatic rice

Sliced Onion 1 medium

Ginger paste 1 and half teaspoon

Bayleaf , cardamom , cinnamon

Salt to taste

Handful of Green chilies



1. Wash the fish well . Beat sweet and plain yogurt together with 1/4 th cup of water so that no lump is there .

2. Heat oil and add the onion paste and ginger paste . Cook them well adding water little by little . Now add the beaten yogurt . Add the fish and salt . Add the ginger juice and cover the lid . When the gravy is reducing add the coconut milk / regular milk . When the gravy comes to desired consistency add some green chilies and keep it on low flame for five minute with the lid on until the oil separates.
Your Ilish korma is ready !!!!!


3. Separate the fishes from the gravy . The gravy will go directly into the polau . 😀

Now the polau part!!!

4. Heat ghee+oil . Add the sliced onion and whole garam masala ( bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom). When the onions are little brown add the ginger paste, salt and rice . Fry them well . Add the gravy into it . Mix well .It would spread the flavor of Ilish in every grain of polau. Now add 4 and half cup of hot water into the rice ( for every cup of rice , take 1 and half cup of water). Cover the lid and cook it on medium flame.

5. When the water is drying out, add handful of green chilies and reduce the heat a little . When the water dried out and your pulao is ready arrange the fish pieces on the top of the polau , cover the lid and place it on very low flame , which we call to keep on “dom”.

6. Be careful while serving . Take out the fish from the top of the polau . Take a serving dish and arrange polau and fish layer by layer . Take some polau and add few pieces of fish, cover it with layer of polau and place remaining pieces of fish on the top of it . Garnish it with Fried onion/ Bereshta .


1. Never fry the fish for Ilish polau .. The taste will be reduced , if you do so.

3. Many put turmeric while cooking the fish !!!!!!!!! It’s a “NO NO” .. The korma for Ilish Polau should be real korma , without turmeric , chili powder .

4. Don’t put cumin in your korma . It may ruin the flavor of Ilish.


White Khichuri/ Shada Khichuri

White Khichuri/ Shada Khichuri

White Khichuri/ Shada Khichuri


Aromatic Rice like kolojeera/ Basmati 2 cups

Moong Daal / yeloow lentil 1 cup

Chopped onion 1 medium

Ginger paste 1 tbl spoon

2 Bay leaves

4 cardamoms



salt to taste

Green Chilies

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the rice and daal. Drain well.

2. Heat oil+ ghee . Add the whole garam masala , fry for a while. Add the chopped onion and fry until soft and translucent. Add the rice and daal . Add ginger paste and salt. Fry for couple of minutes stirring continuously. Now add 4 and half cup of hot water ( sincerice and daal together makes 3 cups, for each cup we have to take 1 and half cup of water). Cover the lid and cook on medium flame. Don’t Stir , otherwise you may end up having gooey type khichuri.

3. When the Water is almost dried out, add handful of green chili and stir only once with a light hand.Cover the lid and reduce the heat to very low. That is what we call “to keep on Dom” . But what I do , I place my pot over another pot filled with water and the steam doeas the “Dom” work. It works nice.

4. Garnish with bereshta ( fried onion) before you serve.

Please check the tips I shared for making pulao. Here’s the link..






Moog Daal / yellow lentil 100 gram

Mushur Daal/ Red Lentil 100 gram

Chaana/ Bengal Gram peas 75 gram

Urad Daal/ Mashkolai ( grinded) 75 gram

Whole wheat( grinded) 100 gram

Kalojeera rice 100 gram

Meat ( Beef/ Mutton) 1 KG

Onion Paste Half Cup

Ginger paste 1 and half tab spoon+ 1 tbl spoon

Garlic Paste 2 teaspoon + 2 teaspoon

Whole Garam Masala , Cardamom, cinnamon, bayleaf

Garam Masala Powder for meat ( roast cumin, whole coriander, cardamom, cloves, black pepper together and grind them into a smooth powder)

Turmeric little more than Half teaspoon

Chili Powder 1 teaspoon

Coriander Powder half teaspoon

Salt to taste

Special Ingredients:

SHAAN Korma Curry Mix 1 tbl spoon

Special Haleem Masala Powder 1 tbl spoon


For Special Haleem Masala:

Jeera/ Cumin 1 teaspoon
Dhone / Whole Coriander 1 teaspoon
5/ 6 Shukna morich/ dried chilli
8/9 Golmorich/ Black pepper
5/6 Clove/ lobongo
Methi/ Fenugreek 1/4 th teaspoon
kaloojeera/ nigella 1/4 th teaspoon
pachforon/ Indian 5 spice 1 teaspoon
2/3 Elach/ cardamom
Fennel/ mouri half teaspoon

Dry roast the spices and grind them into a smooth powder.

Other Ingredients:

Mustard oil
Regular Oil
Chopped Onion 1 cup ( Half for “bagar” and half for Bereshta)
Chopped garlic
Chopped ginger
Chopped mint
Chopped green chili

Cooking Method:

1. Cook Beef/ mutton in regular way with onion paste, 2 tbl spoon ginger paste, two teaspoon garlic paste, meat masala powder, Whole garam masala ( cardamom, Cinnamon, bay leaf),turmeric, chili and coriander powder, salt and oil. Cook very well and reduce the gravy until it is almost dried out.

2. In the mean time boil all the daal , rice and whole wheat with 2 tbl spoon of ginger paste, 2 teaspoon of garlic paste and large amount of water. Since the whole wheat and Urad daal is grinded it will be thick soon. So Boil them with large amount of water and stir occasionally , specially when it will get thicker, otherwise u may end up having lumps in your haleem.

3. When the Chaal/Daal mixture comes to desired consistency, add the salt and meat. Mix well .. Add the Speacial Masalas , i.e , Shaan Korma Curry Mix and Special Haleem Masala 1 tbl spoon each.

4. Now the very important part. The ” Bagar”/ seasoning . Heat regualr and mustard oil together taking half n half. Add the Onions and little amount of garlic. Fry them until brown and add to the haleem. In another pan make bereshta of other half of chopped onion.

5. Serve haleem with chopped ginger, fried onion( bereshta), chopped mint, chopped green chili, salad and lemon.



1. If you don’t find whole wheat, don’t worry only rice will do. In that case take 200 grams of rice.