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Garlic Cheese Ball Bubble Pizza


It was a snowy afternoon !! Looking at those white snows in a gloomy, gray weekend , something just popped into my mind !! How about making pizza ?? But not any ordinary one !! How about a bubble pizza with cheese stuffed garlic balls !! YUUUUUUUUUUUMMMM!!!


For the Pizza crust and balls:

2 and 1/2 cup all purpose flour
2 tea spoon instant yeast
1/2 tbl spoon sugar
1 tea spoon salt
1 beaten egg
4 tbl spoon oil
1/2 – 3/4 th cup warm milk

For the topping:

Halal salami
Garlic paste
Pizza sauce or tomato sauce
1/2 tbl spoon garlic paste
Grated Mozzarella

Other ingredients :

2 tea spoon finely grated garlic ( for the balls)
Italian Seasoning
Garlic infused Olive oil*

* Peel and smash the garlic cloves . Heat olive oil with smashed garlic at medium low flame until bubbles form around garlic . Now reduce the heat to low and cook for another 5 minutes . Careful the garlic must not get brown . Let the oil cool and use it anytime you want it .


1.Mix all the ingredients except oil . Be careful while adding luke warm milk and water . If you use too hot water the yeast might get killed , and if you use room temperature or cold water, the yeast won’t wake up !!!!!! In both case the dough will not rise and everything will go in vain . So always use luke warm water in any recipe where you have yeast as an ingredient. Make a soft dough . If you make the dough hard , the bread will be hard , so make it a soft dough .

2.. Knead well . The dough will be very sticky . Now add the oil and form the dough into a round ball . Now it’s easier to work with the dough. Knead very well . The more you knead, the softer bun you get . Knead at least 8-10 minutes .Put the dough into a closed lid box and place it in a warm place . It may take an hour or more to get the dough double in volume . If it becomes fluffy and double in volume , the dough is ready to make the bun. Sometimes it may get longer time to rise . Sometimes it takes almost 2 and half hour to rise up and to be fluffy . So don’t do anything until it rise up in volume and becomes fluffy .

4. Punch down all the air form the dough . Now divide the dough into two equal portion .

5.Now working with one ball at a time , apply some flour on your hand and flatten the ball into a disk using your hand . Now on a lightly flour dusted surface roll out the disk into a bread , 1/2( half inch) thick. Don’t use any extra flour . You can ethe dough to shape the pizza base . Now transfer it to the baking sheet . Rub the surface of the bread with grated garlic. Rub with tomato sauce . Add the topping of your choice . Sprinkle the Italian seasoning . Add the cheese .

6. Now with the other half of the dough,mix the grated garlic and Italian seasoning with the dough very well and make small balls to put around the pizza base . Flatten each ball and put some cheese into it. Reshape the ball . Make all thes balls like this . All of them should be of same size . Place the balls closely to each other but not touching each other. Do keep some space . Dont place them so close as they touch each other because after second rising they will rise and spread , that time they will touch each other , and that is desired . But if you place them touching each other , the shape will not be good . Cover with a wet cloth for 20/ 30 minutes and let it rise again a bit . At that time you will see the balls are touching each other by rising and spreading . Perfect !!! In the mean time pre-heat your oven to 400 FH or 200 Centigrade.Now brush the garlic infused olive oil over the balls .

7. Bake for 15- 20 minutes . Don’t over bake . That would dry out the pizza .

Enjoy !!!

Fuchka shell


Fuchka shell is quite similar to North Indian golgappa or panipuri shell. In Bangladesh a special ingredient "taalmakhna" is used in the dough to make the shell puffed up and crispy . But in USA , since it's hard to find that special ingredient , I always made fuchka shell without it and alhamdulillah always came out great . So those who think , fuchka shell cannot be made without it , just get prepared to make some fuchkas without it !!

Before I give you the recipe , let me share some tips for the puffed up fuchka shell ;

1. The oil needs to be hot but not smokey hot . If the oil is not enough hot , it won't puff up .

2. After rolling out the dough ball, cut into small disks with small round shaped object to give the shape of fuchka . And fry immediately . Don't let it rest . Just cut one and put it immediately in the oil . If it is left open in the air before frying , it will not puff up .
If for any reason you cannot fry immediately just cover them with a damp cloth .

3. Don't fry too many at a time . If they don't get enough space in the oil to puff up , they will remain flat . So fry few at a time .

4. Don't use any baking powder or baking soda . You can make better , puffed up fuchka without them .


1/2 cup fine semolina or sooji
1/4 th cup maida ( all purpose flour)
Water , room temperature ( around 3 tbl spoon – 1/4 th cup)
Pinch of salt
Oil for frying


1. Make a stiff dough with semolina , maida , salt and water . Cover it with damp cloth for at least 30 minutes . After 30 minutes the dough would seem very tight and stiff . This is the way the dough should be . Make 2 equal sized balls with the dough .

2. Heat oil at medium low flame . Start heating oil long before you start rolling the dough as you need to fry the shells immediately after rolled out . By the time your shell is ready to fry , the oil need to be hot but not smokey hot .

3. Now working with one ball at a time , roll it on a flour dusted surface . Make sure you covered the other ball with damp cloth . While rolling , you need to apply little pressure as the dough is very tight . Roll it to a large disk . It shoudn't be thick or too thin . If it's too thin , it won't puff up and if it is too thick , it won't be crispy inside .

4. Cut the disk into small fuchka shells with something round shaped object . Cut one and immediately put it in the oil . Cut another put in oil . So finish all of them this way . Splash some oil with the slotted spoon over fuchkas to puff up .

5. Don't fry too many one at a time , as they need space to puff up . Fry few at a time and fry at medium -low flame for a longer time for crisper inside out version . If the oil is too hot or you fry them at high heat , the shell will have color from outside , but would remain soft inside .

6.When done place them on a kitchen towel to remove any extra oil . It would help to store them for a longer time without any smell and without being soggy .

Store them when cooled down , in an air tight container.

Chicken Kathi roll/ Chicken Tikka roll / Kati roll


Kati roll or Kathi roll is the famous Street food of Calcutta , where skewered kababs are wrapped in paratha with chutneys and other condiment . As the kabab is skewed in a bamboo skewer ( kathi/ stick) , the kabab roll is known as Kathi roll or Kati roll !!
It’s a special kind of roll , where the parathas are semi cooked then again an egg is cracked on top of the paratha , the egg is fried on the paratha to stick on to it , then layered with kababs , various chutnneys and other condiments like cucumber , onion etc .
This is my version of Kati roll with two chutney recipes .
For the kabab please go through the following link;

For the Paratha please go through the following link;

Other ingredients :

1 beaten egg
Little pinch of salt
Onion , thinly sliced

Pineapple chutney :

I took store bough pineapple preserve , pineapple marmalade will do too . Add little chili garlic sauce into it and beat with a fork . Hot and sweet cheater version of pineapple chutney is ready .

Green Dahi Chutney:

1/4 th cup Yogurt
1 tbl spoon green chili , coriander , mint paste together with a clove of garlic and salt
2 tbl spoon mayonnaise
Pinch of sugar

Mix everything together and green dahi chutney is ready.

Assembling of the roll :

1. Fry the parathas first .

2. Put 1 tea spoon oil on the fry pan and add beaten egg ( beaten with little salt) . Spread the egg on the pan like omelette .

3. Place one fried paratha over the “still wet but little firm” egg to set .

4. Flip the paratha and transfer to a plate .

5. Add little green dahi chutney . Add pineapple chutney , then add the kabab and some thinly sliced oniln . Roll it over .


Serve hot !!!



Ingredients :

1 cup all purpose flour/ maida
3 tbl spoon melted ghee
1/2 tea spoon sugar
Pinch of salt
Nigella/ kalowanji / kalojeera according to taste
Water around 1/4 th cup-1/3 rd cup ( depending on the quality of flour)
Oil for frying


1. Take a bowl and put flour and ghee . Mix with your finger tips . The mixture will look like bread crumbs and somehow binds together if press hard . This is called moyan . Now add the water slowly and knead lightly until a soft but firm dough is formed . Cover the dough with a warm cloth and keep it aside for at least half n hour.

2. Make small balls from the dough .Roll the balls on an oiled surface and make small , thin disks. Now prick the surface of the disks with a fork . That would help not to puff up . Now fold the disk and prick all over once again . Fold Again and nor lightly prick on few places , like edges and middle .


Try to roll the balls as thin as possible . In the pic I did it in hurry , so it may seem like little thicker . But in fact I really rolled it very thin .

3. Deep fry the nimkis in hot oil at low flame until brown and crispy . Now frying is very important . If you put them in very hot oil , they will get browned earlier before they are done . And if the oil is not hot enough the nimkis will absorb to much oil leaving it soggy . If you don’t fry them for longer time at low flame they will not become crispy at all .

Roti Telur


Roti Telur is Indonesian / Malaysian version of stuffed paratha , quite similar like our Bangladeshi style mughlai paratha , but only difference is roti telur is much more thinner than our version . Usually roti telur has only egg as stuffing , but I used chicken too .

For the dough , please go through my roti canai post . Here is the link

Ingredients for the Filling :

1/2 cup Chicken breast , cut in small and thin stripes
2 tbl spoon soy sauce
2 tea spoon ginger paste
1/2 tea spoon green chili paste
1/4 th cup cabbage
1 egg, beaten
Thinly sliced onion
Green chili chopped
Salt to taste

Mix the chicken with soy sauce , ginger paste , chili paste. Heat oil and add the chicken pieces . Fry until tender . Add the cabbage . fry for a while . When the cabbage is soft turn off the stove . If needed sprinke some salt . Now add the sliced onion and chopped gree chilies and mix with the hot chicken .

Beat an egg with little salt . We will use it later .

Procedure :

1. Mix 2 cups flour with 2 tea spoon sugar , salt, baking powder and 1 tbl spoon ghee/ oil/ butter . Add enough water or milk to make a medium soft dough . It took me around half a cup of milk . Cover with a wet cloth. Now let the dough rest for at least 1 hour . The dough will be very stretchy .

2. Make 5- 6 balls with the dough . Flatten by your palms and submerge the balls into enough oil . Let it rest for another 10 minutes .

3. Rub oil on the working surface and all over the rolling pin . Now start rolling the balls . Roll until paper thin . You will find it easier to roll out , because oil and the stretchy dough will help you to complete the job .

4. Rub some butter/ shortening or dalda on the paper thin sheet . Dry out with loose flour . It would make the paratha flaky. Now spread the filling evenly . Add the beaten egg on the top of the filling . Now fold it like an envelope. Try to do all these near by the stove , since the roti is vey thin , it may get ripped off . And don’t use hot filling that would also tear off the roti . Immediately place it on hot oil .

5. It doesn’t need to be deep fried , but you need enough oil to fry the roti . Fry on medium low flame .

Ready !!!

Veg Pizza from scratch !!


We had one of our American friends at our place for lunch . He is vegetarian but not vegan . So decided to make veg pizza though not completely a vegan one as I used generous amount of garlic in the sauce . Everyone enjoyed the pizza including my meatlover daughter .

Ingredients : ( For two 10″ round pizzas)

For the Pizza dough:

2 cups of all purpose flour

2 tea spoon instant active dry yeast

1/2 ( half) tbl spoon sugar

3/4 th tea spoon-1 tea spoon salt ( depending on the quality of salt)

2 tbl spoon + 1 tea spoon, olive or any vegetable oil

Warm water/ milk , around 1/2 cup- 2/3 rd cup or enough to make a medium soft dough

1/2 tbl spoon Italian seasoning

For the Pizza Sauce:

6 tbl spoon bar b q sauce

10 tbl spoon tomato ketcup

2 tea spoon- 1 tbl spoon ( according to your taste) freasly grated garlic

1/2 tea spoon oregano

1 tbl spoon olive oil

For the topping :

Bell peppers/ capsicum

cherry tomato



1 and 1/4 th cup grated cheese ( I used 4 cheese of mozzarella , chedder , monterery jack and parmesaen)

Procedure :

1. Mix flour with sugar and salt . Now add the yeast and 1 tbl spoon oil . Now add the little warm water slowly to form a medium soft dough . Don’t add too hot or room temperature water . Too hot water may kill the bacteria of yeast and room temperature water will not activate yeast , both resulting in not risen up dough . Add other 1 tbl spoon of oil . Knead very oil . The more you knead , the better is the result . The dough must be smooth . If you find your hand little sticky ,wet your hand with little oil and knead . Make a ball out of the dough .Now rub 1 tea spoon oil all over the dough and keep it in a greased closed lid box in a warm plac for an hour or more or until it doubles up .

2. In the mean time make the sauce combining al the ingredients .

3. When the dough doubled up, punch down all the air from the dough and roll it in two thin round disks on a lightly flour dusted surface . You can prick the surface of the pizza with fork , if you want it thin, so that it won’t rise much in the oven . Don’t forget to preheat the oven to 450 FH .

4. Spread the pizza sauce . Now add the toppings , except cheese . Add the cheese at the end . Immediately bake it in the pre heated oven to 400 FH . Remember , when you pre-heated the oven , you preheated @ 450 but while baking the temperature should be 400 FH . I baked it in a rectangular tray , as I don’t have any pizza stone . I did line it with parchment paper . Well some people doesn’t do it as they love the crust underneath too . Bake for 20 minutes and if you wish you can broil another 5 minutes to brown the cheese onthe top . Using too much veggie might make the pizza soggy . So it’s always recommended not to use too much veggies that exerts water and broiling helps to dry out those extra moisture from the pizza

5. I always love lightly brown crusted pizza . Never liked too much crusty or soft pizza bread . If you want a little more crust , just after 5 minutes before you take out the pizza from the oven , bush olive oil mixed with garlic on the edges of the pizza and bake for last 5 minutes . 🙂

Yummy !!!!


Rava Idli


Traditionally idlis are made with fermented Urad daal and rice flour paste . But you don’t need to ferment or grind anything to make these delicious Rava ( semolina Idli )- Karnataka version of various version of Idlis .

Before I give you the recipe , let me share a tips with you . Most of the Idli recipes you find on net , requires ENO fruit salt to make the idlis spongy and fluffy . Those who doesn’t have it , don’t worry . ENO fruit salt is nothing but 60% baking soda and 40% citric acid . So I added baking soda ,mixed in vinegar and added in the batter . The Idlis were so soft and spongy .

Ingredients :

1 cup sooji/ semolina

1/2 cup plain yogurt

1/3 rd cup-1/2 cup water

Salt to taste

1 tea spoon mustard seed

Curry patta

A pinch of hing

1 tbl spoon channa daal

1 tbl spoon oil/ ghee

1 tea spoon vinegar

1 tea spoon baking soda

Small cut veggies like carrots and grean peas , corn

Procedure :

1. Dry roast the sooji a bit until little fragrant but not brown . Now Mix with yogurt , water and salt . Make a thick but not a doughy batter . The batter should be thick but not too thick .Neither should be thin .

2. Heat oil and ghee and temper with mustard seed and chaana daal . Fry until the daal is brown , now add the curry pattas and hing . Pour over the batter . Mix with the veggies . Now add the baking soda dissolved in vinegar .

3. Now spoon the batter on greased Idli mold and place the mold into a large pot filled with water . The Mold should not touch the water . Close the lid and steam for 7-8 minutes .

Enjoy hot with cilantro and peanut chutney !!

Tips :

Those who doesn’t have idli mold , don’t worry , just take a small piece of clean cotton cloth . Pour some batter in a greased small bowl then overturn the bowl on the cloth just like our bhapa pitha . Cover loosely and steam like Vapa pitha . 🙂 Though bhapa pitha batter is dry and loose , idli batter is wet but when steamed , the cloth will come clean . 🙂

Dahi Boondia


Boondia can be sweet or savory !! Dahi boondi is just one of the savory versions of the boondis . For basic boondi recipe please go through the following link ;

After Frying the boondi , don’t soak them in the sugar syrup . The only thing you have to do is to make a chaat with dahi and mix the boondi with the dahi mixture.

If you have 1 cup of boondis , the mixture should be of this quantity ;

Dahi MIxture :

1 and 1/4th cup yogurt
1/4 th cup water
2 tea spoon- 1 tbl spoon chopped mint
3/4 th tea spoon -1 tea spoon , special chaat masala
1/2 tea spoon , roasted cumin powder

1/4 th tea spoon white pepper powder

Salt to taste
2 pinces of rock salt
Sugar to taste

For the chaat masal a, plz click the link below

Other ingredient:

Tamarind Chutney/ sauce ( I used the store bought one)
Chopped mint

Procedure :

1. Now prepare the yogurt mixture . Whisk the yogurt and mix all the ingredients with it . If You find the mixture a little thick , you can add a little more water, because if you keep the dahi boondi in the fridge , the yogurt mixture may get thicker .

2. Fold in the boondi with the mixture . Garnish it with tamarind sauce , chopped mint , paprika , cumin powder and chaat masala .

Atakula Daddojanam / Savory Dahi-poha / Jhaal doi chira


Daddojanam refers to tempered spiced curd rice – a comforting South Indian recipe  . When rice is replaced with flattened rice or poha/ chira , it is called Atakula daddojanam .

 I am on diet since couple of days!! So looking for healthy but yummy diet friendly recipes !!! Just got an awesome idea .. This is a South Indian speciality “Atakula Daddojanam” or Savory Dahi- flattened rice ( chira ) !!! Inspired by my Indian blogger friend Aruna Panangapalli of Aharam. Thank u Aruna !! I just modified a little !! A great recipe if you are looking for low-cal but healthy breakfast options !!! This is not more than 280 cal !!! If you are looking for more healthy option , you can try this with oats too . I’ll mention the process at the end of the recipe too .

Ingredients : ( serving for 1 )

1/4 th cup flattened rice / poha 

1/3 rd cup ,plain yogurt 

1/2 tea spoon musturd seed

2/3 dried red chilies 

1 tea spoon finely sliced ginger

1 tea spoon chaana daal

Some peanuts 

Few Curry pattas

Salt to taste 

1/2 ( half) tbl spoon oil



1. Wash and saok the chira in water for few minutes , until soft , around 5 minutes . Drain out the water .

2. Beat the yogurt and mix with chira . Add some salt , not too much .

3.  Put oil in a frypan and add musturd seed , before the oil is too hot . Otherwise the seeds will be burnt and will taste bitter . Now add the dried chilies , chana daal , peanuts . fry a little until the daal and peanuts are brown and crispy . Add the ginger . Add few curry pattas and pour the tempering over the Dahi-chira and serve !! 



1. You can use oats instead of chira too . For that cook oats with water until it absorbs all the water . Let it come to room temperature , then mix with yogurt and temper like the process above.

2. You can add cubed fried carrots and potatoes , if you are not on diet . 🙂

You can go and check Aruna’s recipe for Atakula Daddojanam !! Here’s the link;




Teddy Bear Bread !! Funtime with my kids !!!


This summer , my seven years old daughter was supposed to attend kid’s baking course !!! But because of my surgery she is getting bored at home and looking at her , I feel sad too !! So decided to make something fun with her !! What about a bread , but a teddy bear one !! 😀

Ingredients :

2 and 1/2 cups of All purpose flour
2 tea spoon instant active yeast
2 tea spoon sugar
3/4 th tea spoon salt
2 tbl spoon powder milk
1 beaten egg
3 tbl spoon oil +2 tbl spoon melted butter
1/2 cup + 2 tbl spoon liquid warm milk ( you may need little more to make a soft dough)

Other ingredients :

Raisins/ kishmish

Procedure :

1. Mix all the ingredients for bread except oil . Be careful while adding luke warm milk. If you use too hot water the yeast might get killed , and if you use room temperature or cold water, the yeast won’t wake up !!!!!! In both case the dough will not rise and everything will go in vain . So always use luke warm water in any recipe where you have yeast as an ingredient.

2. Knead well . The dough will be very sticky . Now add the oil . Now it’s easier to work with the dough. Knead very well . The more you knead, the softer bun you get . Knead at least 8-10 minutes . The dough should be glossy and if you touch with the tip of your finger , that should feel like the earlobe . 😀 Put the dough into a closed lid box and place it in a warm place . Don’t forget to rub the box with oil and rub some oil on the dough ball too. It may take an hour or more to get the dough double in volume . If it becomes fluffy and double in volume , the dough is ready to make the bun.

3. Punch down all the air form the dough . Now Make two big balls from the dough . One is little small then the other. The small ball will be for the face and the bog one for body . Make seven more small balls for hands , legs , ears and nose . You may make a bow too , if making a girl teddy !! Now add the raisins to create eyes , bellybutton and nose .

4. Cover the teddy with a cling film , plastic wrap or wet cloth for 15-20 minutes more to rise up a little again . This is called second proofing . In the mean time preheat the oven at 400 FH . Brush the teddy with egg .

6. Now bake them at 400 FH ( 200 centigrade) in a preheated oven for 15-20 minutes . It took me 20 minutes. Plz don’t over bake them, you may end up with hard buns .
After taking out from oven and rubbing some melted butter.