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Whole Stuffed Cauliflower Roast, deep fried version

Whole Stuffed Cauliflower Roast, deep fried version

Whole Stuffed Cauliflower Roast, deep fried version

Cauliflower is undoubtedly my favorite veggie . Any preparation goes so well with it . Among those , I love , whole stuffed cauliflower the most . This is my family recipe , more specifically mom and Aunt special .In my family ,no occasion , no feast in winter is complete without it . There are at least 4 different version of it , like sometimes the cauliflower is covered with mashed potato and then fried or baked , sometimes it is coated in a batter and fried till crispy . Sometimes it’s just pressure-cooked without any coating . Sometimes cooked in gravy .Among them I love the crispy battered deep fried one the most .


1 small cauliflower
1 heaped teaspoon of ginger
1 heaped teaspoon of garlic
Salt to taste

For Batter :

All purpose flour / maida 1 and 1/4th cup ( 1cup+1/4th cup)
Baking powder less than half a teaspoon
Baking soda 1/4th teaspoon
Chili Powder 1 teaspoon
Chilled water little less than 1 and 1/4th cup
Salt to taste


You can take anything for stuffing . My mom , most of the time used to take beef keema for the stuffing . But she even used chicken and prawn/ shrimp keema for the stuffing . You can use any fish keema too .
I took shredded chicken today .

For the stuffing , if you are taking any keema , then boil it with water , soy sauce , garlic-ginger paste and whole garam masala like cardamom, cinnamon and bayleaf . Dry out the water , now heat oil and add the keema , little salt (if needed), capsicum , lots of sliced onion and green chilies . You may add little oyster sauce, if you want . I didn’t . If you wish you can add little cornstarch mixed in milk and add to the suffing to make it little sticky ..


1. Cut the extra stems of the cauliflower . But don’t cut the main stem . Now boil it in water with ginger-garlic paste and salt .

2. In Bangladesh , the cauliflower florets seem to be separated with each other as it is .There is enough space to stuff the filling in but in USA I found the florets to be so dense , hardly get the space to put the filling easily . So I boiled it like 70% . If you are in Bangladesh , just half boil it .
Now try to stuff the filling inside ,to the spaces around the florets . Do it carefully , don’t break the florets .

3. Make the batter with the ingredients mentioned . Use the baking soda , just before you are ready to fry . Then coat the stuffed cauliflower in the batter and deep fry it on medium low heat until crispy . It took me more than half an hour to fry it both side . While turning over , do it carefully , with at least two spoons .


1. Instead of this crispy batter , you can cover it with mashed potato too . For that after covering it with mashed potato ( mashed potato with salt and black pepper), dip in the egg and then coat in breadcrumbs and deep fry or bake . But I always found it difficult and not worth deep frying it while covered with mashed potato . It gets soggy so soon . So if I cover it with mashed potato , I bake it in a pre-heated oven for at least 40 minutes , then broil it another 5/10 minutes .

This is the pic of Whole stuffed cauliflower ,covered with mashed potato . 😀

2. Please be very careful , while frying and specially , when you turn it over .

3. While making the batter , add the baking soda , just before you are ready to fry . Because , otherwise , baking soda will not work as expected . Don’t omit baking soda as it make the battered thing crispy . So use baking soda and baking powder both ,just in the quantity mentioned .

Ilish macher dimer bhora ( mashed hilsha roe)

Ilish macher dimer bhora ( mashed hilsha roe)

Ilish macher dimer bhora ( mashed hilsha roe)</

Today's post (ilish macher dim bhorta) is dedicated to Amma , my Mom-in-law , who sometimes calls me " Maiji" !!!!! She hardly addresses anyone "maiji", not even to her daughters, as it being exclusively fixed for her Mom, my grand mother-in-law !!!! alhamdulillah, really feel blessed for the love she always shows to me !!!!! I came to learn "macher dim er bhorta" from her !!! Before that never thought fish roe can be made bhorta too !!!!!!To me she makes the best "macher dim er bhorta" ( mashed fish roe) ever !!!!!!!! She used to coat the eggs with little salt and oil and then fry them on a skillet with lid on , on low flame until tender ! no extra oil while frying , no spices ! and then she used to make bhorta in the regular procees .. but the taste was always "out of the world" !!!! Since we get only frozen fish and roe , my version is slightly diff than her !! obviously doesn't taste as great as her's , but taste wise it's still very good !!!!!!!


Hilsha roe ( or any fish roe)
Chili Powder
Chopped onion
Chopped green chilies
Chopped cilantro
Mustard oil


1. Coat the fish roe with little turmeric, red chili powder and salt .Fry them well .

2. Mash chopped onion, green chili and cilantro well with the help of your fingers . add salt and mustard oil . Now mash the fish roe too and mix well with that.

Serve with rice !!!!!!!!!!

Kathiawari aloo / tok-mishti dom aloo

Kathiawari aloo / tok-mishti dom aloo

Kathiawari aloo / tok-mishti dom aloo


Baby potatos / potatos, boiled 1 lb
Tamarind juice ( thin) half cup
Jaggery/ akher gur 1 and half tbl spoon or according to your taste
Chili powder half a teaspoon
Salt to taste
Food color ( optional)
Curry patta
Ginger paste 1 and half teaspoon
Garam masala powder half teaspoon
Achari masala 1 tbl spoon

For the achari masala , dry roast 2 teaspoon cumin , 2 tea spoon whole coriander , half a teaspoon Indian 5 spice ( paanchforon), half a teaspoon fennel seed ( sauf) and 4 dry chilies. Grind them into a smooth powder .

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the boiled potatoes and rub little food color and salt .

2. In a bowl, take tamarind juice, jaggery , salt, chili powder, achari masala and garam masala powder . Mix well.

2. Heat oil in a wok and add the potatoes . Cover the lid and cook on medium low flame stirring occasionally. Add the curry leaves.Add the ginger paste, stir and fry a little while. Now add the tamarind mixture and cook until the gravy almost dried out . Add some green chilies and cover the lid . Reduce the heat on very low flame , that’s what we call to keep on “dom” . Keep the Wok on that flame for atleast 5 minutes or until the oil separates.



1. You may alwayz adjust suagar and salt depending on your taste. Likewise you may add a little extra achari mashla while adjusting the taste.

2. You may add 1 teaspoon of mustard oil at the end of cooking and name it ACHARI ALOO too !!!!!!!! 😀


Bhorta/Vorta ..

Bhorta/Vorta ..

Broccoli stem bhorta with dried ( shutki) fish ( Broccoli Data shutki diye bhorta), Cilantro bhorta/Chutney ( Dhone pata bhorta), Skin of pumpkin bhorta with shrimp ( mishti kumrar chola, chingri diye bhorta) ,Mashed potato ( Alu bhorta), Egg/dim bhorta and mustard ( shorisha bhorta ) in the middle (clockwise)

Broccolir Data Shutki diye bhorta/ Broccoli stem bhorta with dried fish:

We often throw away the stems of broccoli taking only the florets.But the stems are not only flavorful but also a great source of vitamins and minerals too.So next time don’t throw it away.:D

Wash the Dried fish well with hot water. Then Cut them into pieces and dry roast in a pan along with dried red chili. Cut the stems of the broccoli , you may add few florets too. Fry them in a pan with little oil, add onion , cloves of garlic, green chilies. Now blend them all together and mix with salt and mustard oil ( shorishar tel).

(shutki mach gorom paani te bhalo kore dhuye khola taowa/pan e tel chara tele nite hobe..shukna morich o tele nite hobe..( tel chara)..broccolir data kuchi kore kete, shathe 1/2 ta ful o nea jete paare olpo tel e bheje nite hobe..norom hoye gele piyaz er koya, roshun koya r kachamorich o ekshathe ei datar shathe tele nite hobe..ekhon shob ekshathe blend korte hobe..blend korar por lobon r shorishar tel diye makhalei ready..)

Cilantro Chutney/ Bhorta ( Dhone pata chutney/bhorta):

Fry Chopped cilantro with green chilies, onion, garlic together in little amount of oil . Blend them together and mix with mustard oil and salt.

(Dhone pata, kacha morich, roshun, piyaz ekshathe olpo tel e tele niye blend kore lobon r shorishar tel makhalei ready..)

Mishti kumrar Chola , chingri diye bhorta ( skin of pumpkin bhorta with shrimp):

Cut the skin of the pumpkin into small pieces. Fry them in oil until gets little soft. Add dry chili, green chili,garlic cloves, onion and srimp at this point. Fry for a while. Blend them all together and mix with salt and mustard oil ( Shorishar tel).

(Kumrar chola chingri diye bhorta: kumrar chola choto tukro kore olpo tel e norom na hoya porjono bheje niye or shathe shukna morich, chingri mach , kacha morich, roshuner koya( roshun eta te beshi dea jaabe na),piyazer koya ekshathe tele niye blend kore shorishar tel, lobon makhalei ready..)

Alu Bhorta (mashed potato in Beglai style):

Alu bhorta is the most popular bhorta among the Bengali, being it the “comfort food” for them!!!!!! It can be done in so many ways. Here I made it the most common way.

Boil the potato until tender. Peel the skin and mash it smooth . Squeeze the chopped onion, roasted dry chilis, green chilies, chopped cilantro with mustard oil and salt. Add them with the mashed potato and incorporate throughout potato mixture. Serve with steamed rice.

Egg/dim bhorta:

Hard boil eggs. Peel and mash them. Mix with chopped onion, green chili, chopped cilantro, salt and mustard oil/shorishar tel. Ready!!!!!!!!!!!

Shorisha bhorta ( Mustard bhorta):

Mustard cannot be blended with water. Since now a dayz we don’t use the traditinal “Pata-Puta”/ “Shilnora”, blender is our only hope!!!!!!!!!! So in that case I just grind them into a powder first then blend it with garlic clove, onion, dry roasted dry chili, green chili. Mix it with salt and mustard oil.

(shorisha ta pani diye blend kora jai na…tai ami aage shorisha ta powder kore niye tar shate roshuner koya, kacha morich, shukna tala shukna morich, piyaz ekshathe blend kore lobon r shorishar tel makhiyesi..)

Okra and Shrimp in Mustard / Shorshe diye Dherosh,Chingri

Okra and Shrimp in Mustard / shorshe diye dherosh,chingri

Okra and Shrimp in Mustard / shorshe diye dherosh, chingri


1. 10 Okra/ dherosh

2. Ch0pped Onion 1 medium

3. Mustard( yellow mustard) Paste/ shorshe bata 1 tbl spoon ( 1 tblspoon mustard+1 teaspoon poppy seed.

4. Turmeric powder less than 1/2 half teaspoon

5. Chili powder half teaspoon

6. Green chilies

7. Salt to taste.

8. Mustard oil and
9. Shrimps 4/5


1.Trim stem ends off okra.

2. In a pan heat oil on medium heat. Fry the shrimps a while. Add chopped onin. Fry until soft and transparent.Add chili powder, turmeric powder with little water and salt.

3. Cook well adding water little by little. Add the Mustard paste (I made the paste with 1 teaspoon of poppy seed or posto) with little water, cook for 1 minute and at this point add the okra.

4. Add water, just enough to have the okra done. Don’t add too much water

5. When the water is drying out add the green chilies.

6. Turn off the stove when oil separates. You may add a dash of mustard oil , if you used regular oil while cooking it.


1. Many complains that their mustard paste tastes bitter. For them I’d love to give some tips. 😀 .

a) There are two types of mustard, one is black and the other is yellow. Black mustard is used for ” Foron” or in doing sautee. But for mustard paste, used in recipes like shorshe Ilish, shorshe dherosh and so on alwayz use the yellow one. Black mustard is bitter, on the other hand yellow mustard is not that bitter like the black one.

b) If you use little poppy seed with your mustard paste it would n’t taste bitter at all. So many make the paste of mustard with little poppy seed/ posto and some times with green chilies and salt. 😀

c) Now a dayz we hardly make paste with traditional ” Pata-Puta”/ “Shilnora”. One thing to be remembered with your blender/ grinder you can never make a smooth paste of mustard . So what I do , I grind them into a powder then add water. Cover it with something for a while. While using just drain out the extra water. It helps it not to be bitter too. 😀 ..

d) Every time you add mustard paste in oil make sure you add it with little water, otherwise the direct heat will dry out the mustard and cause bitterness.

2. If you don’t want to cook this completely with mustard oil. You can use regular oil while cooking but don’t forget to add 1 teaspoon of mustard oil/ shorishar tel before you turn off the heat.

3. Don’t cook your okra with lid on. That would ruin the color of okra.

Twice Baked Potato


1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees; bake the potatoes for 1 hour or until tender and cooked through. I took 3 large Idaho potato..

2.Allow the potatoes to cool slightly, cut them in half lengthwise..Scop out the most of the flesh leaving at least quarter inch border..that will keep the potato together…otherwise will fall better start scooping out from the middle..

3.mash the potatos that are scooped out..

4. Warm some milk ( I took almost 5 tbl spoon of milk) with 2 tbl spoon butter intil the butter completely melts..careful it needs to be warm not boiling hot..

5. add the milk mixed with butter to the mashed potato..add salt, crushed black pepper,cream cheese(optional) a little oregano ( optional) or any other herb of ur choice..the mixture should not be should be gluey..

6. Fill the potatos with this mixture…top with the grated cheese..I used mozarella..but chedder will look great…

7. Now bake for another 15 min at 400 FH..

8. enjoy immediately.. 😀