Ingredients :

1 cup all purpose flour/ maida
3 tbl spoon melted ghee
1/2 tea spoon sugar
Pinch of salt
Nigella/ kalowanji / kalojeera according to taste
Water around 1/4 th cup-1/3 rd cup ( depending on the quality of flour)
Oil for frying


1. Take a bowl and put flour and ghee . Mix with your finger tips . The mixture will look like bread crumbs and somehow binds together if press hard . This is called moyan . Now add the water slowly and knead lightly until a soft but firm dough is formed . Cover the dough with a warm cloth and keep it aside for at least half n hour.

2. Make small balls from the dough .Roll the balls on an oiled surface and make small , thin disks. Now prick the surface of the disks with a fork . That would help not to puff up . Now fold the disk and prick all over once again . Fold Again and nor lightly prick on few places , like edges and middle .


Try to roll the balls as thin as possible . In the pic I did it in hurry , so it may seem like little thicker . But in fact I really rolled it very thin .

3. Deep fry the nimkis in hot oil at low flame until brown and crispy . Now frying is very important . If you put them in very hot oil , they will get browned earlier before they are done . And if the oil is not hot enough the nimkis will absorb to much oil leaving it soggy . If you don’t fry them for longer time at low flame they will not become crispy at all .

Shikampuri Kabab


Shikampuri kabab is just a variant of Shami kabab with having only one difference , that is to stuff cottage cheese or hung curd inside .
For the shami kabab recipe , please click this link;

Now for the stuffing;

Mix chopped onion , cilantro , green chilies and raisins and stuff inside each shami kabab .


Hung curd is nothing but yogurt drained out of all the water . Just tie some yogurt in a cheese cloth or any other cotton cloth and leave it hanging until all the water from yogurt is drained out , around 2/3 hours .


Chondro Puli Pitha


This half moon shaped fried pastry is common in many countries .. Be it Central Asian “Shekerbura” or Indian “Gujia”… The filling may vary from ingredients to taste .. from sweet to savory , but somehow very common .
Even in Bangladesh,in different region ,it is known in many different names . Chondro puli , Kuli pitha , Pob/ pop pitha , Narkeli pitha !!!
No matter how many names it has , it will always remain my favorite !! “”What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”


For the pastry or shell:

1 cup maida/ all purpose flour
3 tbl spoon melted ghee or ghee+ oil
Pinch of salt
1/2 tea spoon sugar
Water for kneading ( should be room temperature or cold), around 1/4 th cup or depending on the quality of flour

For the filling:

1 cup grated coconut
1/3 rd cup- 1/2 cup ( or according to your taste) grated jaggery ( I took khejur gur er patali)


1. Cook coconut and jaggery in medium low heat stirring occassionaly until it becomes sticky . Let it cool , set aside .

2. Take a bowl and put flour and ghee . Mix with your finger tips . The mixture will look like bread crumbs and somehow binds together if press hard . This is called moyan . Now add the water slowly and knead lightly until a soft but firm dough is formed . Cover the dough with a warm cloth and keep it aside for at least half n hour.

3. Roll the dough on an oiled surface and make small disks . What I did , I made a large roti then cut them into smaller rotis with a round biscuit cutter . You can use glass or any other round object . The roti must not be too thick or too thin . Should be of medium thickness.

4. Now put some filling in the center and fold the edges. Press the edges with fork or fingertips . It’s better to apply some water around the edges of the rotis before sealing it so that the filling doesn’t ooze out while frying .

5. Deep fry in hot oil at low flame for a longer time to ensure crispyness . If the oil is too hot , it will be colored soon , rather than perfectly done . And if the oil is not hot enough , it will absorb too much oil ,leaving it soggy . So the oil should be heated on medium low flame , but not smoky hot .


Chapli Kabab


Named after ladies slipper or chappal , this Peaswari -Afgani kabab -“chapli kabab” is one of the most popular kababs through out sub-continent !!! Since named after “chappal” , many thinks it is disrespectful to resemble any food with shoe , so instead of calling it Chapli ,it is known as “Peshwari Kabab” too .

In my observation , due to the geographic location , Afgani-Peshwari cusine is more like rustic than being refined, which definitely made them more appealing and flavorful . I would love to mention some of the features from the original recipe;

# The mince is not fat free ; rather high fat content is present in the mince .20% animal fat should be there in the mince . Interestingly the kababs are fried in animal fat ( charbi) too . In my recipe I added a little bit of charbi ( where can I get that amount of charbi in the mince?) and ghee instead.

# For the binding “Makki ki atta ” or cornmeal is used . You can use lightly dry roasted besan ( gram flour) instead.

# Chapli kabab is lightly spiced and originally the patties are very large in size .


1 lb beef/ mutton/ lamb mince
2 tbl spoon ghee
1 tbl spoon ginger-garlic paste
3 tbl spoon finely chopped onion
1 tea spoon chopped green chilies
1/2 tbl spoon anar dana powder
1 tea spoon red chili powder/ flakes
1/2 tea spoon black pepper powder
1/2 tea spoon coarsly grounded coriander
1/2 tea spoon dry roasted cumin powder
1 tea spoon Kabab masala powder/ garam masala powder
1 beaten egg
1 chopped boiled egg
3 or 4 tbl spoon cornmeal / besan ( should be lightly fried)
1/4 th cup chopped tomato
1/2 tbl spoon papaya paste with skin ( original recipe doesn’t reqire , vut I find it very useful as it tenderizes the meat )
salt to taste
Herbs like mint ( optional)
Ghee/ oil for shallow fry


1. Marinate the meat with the ingredients mentioned . The more you marinate , the better it tastes.

2. Shape tha patties big as it will tend to shrink while frying .

3. Heat ghee or oil and shallow fry the kababs . Don’t fry them in too much oil as that would make the kababs shrink a lot . After putting them in the oil try to press them downwards with your palm . That helps the kababs to shrink less but careful don’t burn your hand .

Serve warm and enjoy!!!


1. Don’t wash the mince , if you do so , you will need more binding agent making the kabab hard . So just ask the butcher to wash the meat before making mince .

Angel hair spaghetti ( capelini) with olive oil , garlic and herbs , served with meatball and sauce !!

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Biriyani moshla/ Biriyani spice Mix


Biriyani Moshla :
4 tbl spoon whole coriander / dhonia
2 tbl spoon cumin/ jeera
1 tbl spoon fennel/ mouri/ sauf
2 tea spoon sha jeera
4 star anise
6 black cardamom
15 green cardamom
2 tea spoon cinnamon powder
1/2 (half) tbl spoon clove
1/2 (half) tbl spoon black pepper
4 bayleaves
2 tea spoon Mace/ Javetri powder
1/2 tea spoon nutmeg powder
1 tea spoon kababchini powder
1 tea spoon poppy seed
2 tea spoon raisin/ kishmish powder
2 tbl spoon paprika powder

Don’t dry roast any of them , except mace ( javetri/ joyetree) and poppy seed . Grind together . Store in an airtight container



Bangladeshi style balushai is one of the dry sweets I am crazy for !! The reason I’m saying Bangladeshi style , because though this sweet is common in every country of the subcontinent , Bangladeshi version is little different as nutmeg flovred maowa/ khoya is stuffed inside the sweet, making it more flavorful.


1 cup all purpose flour
4 tbl spoon melted ghee
3-4 tbl spoon yogurt ( start with 3 tbl spoon), cold
Pinch of baking powder
Pinch of salt

For the sugar syrup :

1 cup sugar
3/4 th cup water
1/2 tea spoon lemon juice ( prevents crystalization of sugar)
2 cardamoms , 1 little stick of cinnamon

For stuffing

khoya/ maowa
1/4 th tea spoon nutmeg

Other ingredients:

Oil for deep frying


1. Make a dough with the ingredients mentioned above . It will be a flaky , little tight dough . Don’t try to make it sost . Just everything should be come together . Not dry but not soft either . If you think the ingredients are not coming together , you may add little yogurt . But control youself adding too much yogurt to make it a soft dough . The dough need to be little hard .
Don’t knead the dough like bread .

2. Cover the dough and let it rest for 30 minutes .

3. In the mean time heat the oil for deep frying in medium low flame , prepare sugar syrup and the khoya. If you dont have khoya , make it with powder milk .
For that take half a cup of powder milk , add 2 tbl spoon ghee and 1/3 rd cup liquid milk/ heavy cream . Now microwave it for first 30 seconds and stir , microave again for 30 seconds . Check and stir like so , so that the khoya must not get burnt . The liquid will dry out a little , don’t try to dry out completely as it may make the khoya burnt . just when little wet , is perfect . It will solidify when cools down . You can do the full process in the stove too , until everything comes together and make a doughy texture .
Cool down the khoya and crumble it , mix with nutmeg powder .

4. For the sugar syrup , make a medium thick syrup , must not be too thick ( the syrup won’t get inside the sweets) nor too thin ( the sweets will become soggy) . It should be liquidy but thick .

5. Now take the flour dough . Make small balls from the dough . You don’t have to knead it . Just make balls and stuff maowa inside . Seal the opening and make small flat ball . The balls will get bigger while frying , so don’t make them big in size .

6. Lower the stove and fry the balushais in hot oil at low flame for 15-20 minutes until red . The balushais need to be well fried , that helps to soak the syrup nicely. Immediately transfer to the warm syrup and let it soak the syrup for 2-3 minutes .

7. Take them out from the syrup and dredge over dry maowa . For dry mowa , take powder milk and ghee and make bread crumb like texture . Strain through a strainer .

Ready .

Fish in sticky red sauce



1 fillet of Basa fish , cut in stripes

For the marinade:

1/2 tbl spoon soy sauce
1/2 tbl spoon oyster sauce

For the batter:

1 egg
2 and half tbl spoon flour
1 and half tea spoon cornstarch
Little salt

For the red sticky sauce:

2 tbl spoon light soy sauce
2 tbl spoon tomato ketchup
1/2 tbl spoon Thai sweet chili sauce
1 and half tbl- 2 tbl spoon honey
1/2 tbl spoon sugar
1 tbl spoon white vinegar
1 and half tea spoon finely minced garlic
1 tea spoon ginger juice/ paste
1/4 th cup chicken stock ( you can use chicken powder too )
1/2 tea spoon cornstarch

* For chicken stock , if you are using chicken cube or powder , always remember to make 1 cup of stock you need 1 chicken bouilon or cube or 1 tea spoon chicken powder .


1. Marinate the fish fillet with the ingredients for marinade for half and hour.

2. Add the beaten egg and other ingredients for batter to the fish .

3. deep fry the fish until brown .

4. In the mean time prepare the sauce and cook in a wok stirring continuously . Add the fried fish , coat well and simmer for few minutes . If needed add little more chicken stock .

Serve immediately !!!

Chicken Kung Pao


Chicken Kung Pao is a famous American-Chinese recipe , inspired by the Szechuan cuisine . Usually the Kung Pao chicken is dry but many loves it with gravy . My version is with gravy . 🙂

Ingredients ;

1 lb or 500 gram chicken thighs and breast , cut in cubes

For the marinade :

1 tbl spoon soy sauce
1/2 tea spoon vinegar
1/2 tea spoon sugar
1/2 tea spoon finely minced garlic
2 tbl spoon cornstarch

For the sauce :

1 tbl spoon soy sauce
1 tbl spoon hot sauce/ sriracha
1 tea spoon white vinegar
1/2 tbl spoon sugar
1/2 cup chicken stock ( you can add 1 chicken bouillon or cube/ 1 tea spoon chicken powder in half cup of warm water , mix until dissolved in water)
4 cloves of garlic ( almost 3/4 th tbl spoon) , finely minced or grated
1 tea spoon sesame oil
1 tea spoon tasting salt
1 tea spoon red chili flakes
1 tea spoon cornstarch

Other ingredients :

cubed onion
Cubed bell pepper

Procedure :

1. Marinate the chicken with the ingredients mentioned for marinade dor at least 2 hours .

2. In a bowl , combine all the ingredients for sauce and mix well.

3. In a pan , heat oil and fry the peanuts until brown . Keep it aside . Add the chicken , fry until meat is white and juices run clear . Add the sauce and cook until thickens . Add the cubed onion, peanuts and bell pepper .

Serve Hot with fried or steamed rice !!


We didn’t use salt in the recipe as the sauces contain enough salt . But you can add at the end of cooking if required . 🙂

Chicken Pulao


There are many ways of cooking chicken pulao !! Sometimes it is layered like biriyanis , sometimes cooked like Bangladeshi style tehari , prepared meat is added while cooking the rice . Sometimes small pieces of chicken are taken and sometimes the chicken is cut into big 4 pieces . Sometimes the gravy is served too with the big piece of chicken and sometimes the gravy is used while cooking the rice.

It is funny , everytime I say “Morog Pulao” , I imagine big pices of chicken in gravy served with the pulao . So other than this everything is only “chicken pulao ” to me !! Though Murog pulao is just the Bengali name of Chicken pulao !! But I cannot imagine Morog Pulao without big pieces of chicken ( the chicken must be cut in 4 pieces) and the pulao layered and served with that chicken and white creamy gravy . 😀

Today’s recipe is not my “Morog Pulao” !! 😀 But “Chicken Pulao” !! hahahah sorry , if I make you confused !! I already made myself clear !! 😀

Whether it is Morog pulao or chicken Pulao , the authentic recipe requries it to be white , white and white . 😀

This version is quite homey style . Less spicy , mild in flavor but irresistible in taste !!!


For the chicken:

1 chicken , cut in 8 pieces
1/2 (half) cup onion paste
1 and half tbl spoon ginger paste
1/2 tbl spoon garlic paste
2 cinnamon sticks
5 or 6 green cardamom pods
5 cloves
1 tea spoon black pepper
2 small black cardamom
2 bay leaves
1/2 tea spoon chili powder ( not more than that ), you may skip this , but I added it .
1 tea spoon special garam masala powder *
1/3 rd cup heavy cream or thick milk
Shahi Masala paste, apply all ( grind 1 tbl spoon desiccated coconut , 1 tbl spoon poppy seed or posto and 5 or 6 cashew or almond into a fine powder then make a thick paste with 3 tbl spoon evaporated milk or heavy cream or thick milk)
1 tbl spoon maowa / khoya ( optional)
Salt to taste
1/3 rd cup ghee

For the special garam asala grind half teaspoon cumin , 1/4 th teaspoon whole coriander , half teaspoon fennel , 3 cardamoms , 5/6 cloves , 9/10 white or black pepper , little mace ( javetri ) and nutmeg ( jaifol) together into a fine powder. Don’t dry roast any of them except javetri/ mace .

For rice :

3 cups aromatic rice like kalojeera/ Basmati
1 tbl spoon Ginger paste
1/3rd cup Chopped Onion
Salt to taste
2/3 green Cardamoms, 2 small black cardamom, small stick of Cinnamon and 1 Bay leaf
10 green chilies , whole
Good quality Keora water


1. Marinate the chicken with all the ingredients except khoya , cream or milk and special garam masala powder . Heat ghee and add the chicken into it . Add little water and cook the chicken with lid on . The chicken will release water too . Let the chicken cook with it’s own water . Don’t over cook . The chicken needs to be tender but not fully cooked , or else when added while cooking rice , the flesh may come off . Add milk , special garam masal powder and khoya . There must be around 1 or 2 cups of gravy .

2. In another pot heat ghee. Add the green and black cardamoms, cinnamon and bay leaf. Fry for a while and then add the chopped onion .Fry them until they r light brown. add the rice, salt and ginger paste. Fry a little. Add the chicken with remaining little gravy. Mix well. Add hot water. For each cup of rice, add 1 and half cup of water. So Since here we took 3 cups of rice, we need to add 4 and half cup – 5 cup of water. I took 5 cups . So If your gravy is 2 cup , add 3 more cups of hot water . Cover the lid and cook on medium flame.

3. When the water is almost drying out add 10 whole green chilies .

4. Reduce the heat and stir with light hand without breaking the rice. Sprinkle keora water, close the lid tightly and keep it on low flame, which is known as dom. What I do, I always use double boiler method. For that place your pulao pot over another pot, filled with water. Keep it on medium flame. The steam will make the pulao just perfect!!!!!!!!!!!! The lid of the Pulao pot must be tithtly closed . Don’t open the lid too often , otherwise the fregrance of keora will vanish away !!

Serve hot with desi style salad and kababs or even boiled eggs..Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!