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Aloo-Palong Poori

Aloo-Palong Poori

Aloo-Palong Poori


For the dough:

1 cups of maida/ all purpose flour
2 tbl spoon ghee
1 tbl spoon sooji/ semolina
Salt to taste
Half teaspoon baking powder ( optional)
Water , cold or room temperature, enough to make the dough ( it took me around 1/4 cup of water)

For the Filling:

Boiled potato, mashed
Chopped spinach
Chopped onion
Chopped garlic
Chopped green chilies
Whole cumin seed
Salt to taste

Heat oil . Add the whole cumin/ jeera . As it starts sputtering , add the chopped onion, garlic and green chilies . Fry for a while . Now add the chopped spinach and salt . Cook until soft . Don’t add any water . When the spinach is dried out add the mashed potato . Mix well . Set it aside.

Other ingredients:

Oil to deep fry the pooris
Any dipping of your choice to serve the poori with.


1. Mix ghee , salt , semolina and baking powder with the flour . Now add cold or room temperature water to form a Medium soft dough. It must not be too soft as it will get softer after the rest . Knead well . Cover it with a wet cloth for half an hour – 1 hour . After the rest time , you will find the dough very stretchy . That’s perfect .

2. Make small balls from the dough. Try to flatten the ball using the fingers , pressing the edges of the ball . You will find it to be shaped like small bowl . Now put some filling into it and reshape the ball , sealing all the edges together .

3.Flatten the balls slightly , pressing it with your palm . Roll out them on a oiled surface . Don’t use flour to roll out the poori . Slightly oil the surface and the rolling pin . It would make your poori crispy outside and also not using extra dry flour would help you not to burn the oil while frying the poori .

4. Deep fry the pooris on medium low flame .


1. The dough of the poori is little harder than the luchi . So don’t make soft dough or don’t use luke warm water in making poori dough .

2. While putting the filing , make sure , they are not hot , or else the may get out from the poori at the time of rolling the pooris out.