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Apple Dahi Chaat

Apple Dahi Chaat

Apple Dahi Chaat


1 medium green Apple (thinly sliced)

Half cup plain yogurt ( without the water)

2 tea spoon chopped mint

Half a tea spoon Chaat masala

Rock salt a pinch

Sugar 1 or 2 tea spoon ( you can always adjust by checking the taste at the end)

Chaat Masala:

Microwave or dry roast Indian five spice ( pach foron), cumin and dry chili together . Crush them into a smooth powder .


1. Combine everything together except apple . Don’t blend the yogurt . If you do so , you will not have the creamy texture . Use a fork or spoon to mix everything . Do it with a light hand .

2. Add the apple and mix well . Keep it in the refrigerator until u serve.

3. Serve chilled.