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Sylhety Bakharkhani


Sylhety Bakharkhani

Sylhety Bakarkhani is completely different from that of Dhakai Bakarkhani . Where Dhakai Bakarkhani is kindda cookie type snack , the Sylheti bakarkhani resembles paratha a lot ; Mishti or sweet paratha of course!!!!!!!!!


All purpose flour 1 cup ( 1 cup=250ml)
Salt to taste , approxmately a little more than 1/4 th tea spoon
Powdered sugar , 3 tbl spoon
Powder milk 2 tbl spoon
Ghee 1 tea spoon
Warm Milk enough to make a dough ( around 1/4 th cup+1 tbl spoon)
Baking powder half tea spoon
Some extra ghee , flour and sugar .

Sugar SyruP:

1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water

Make a one thread sugar syrup of these ingredients . The sugar syrup should be thin . You may add 2 cardamoms and a small stick of cinnamon while making the syrup .


1. Mix flour , salt , sugar , powder milk , ghee, baking powder. Now add warm milk and make a dough . Knead well . Cover the dough with a wet cotton or cheese cloth for at least 1 hour .

2. After 1 hour , the dough would look very stretchy .Knead the dough again and make 2 balls . From this recipe , you can make 2 bakarkhanis. Now roll out each ball to a thin disk. Rub some ghee over it . Now dry out the ghee applying some flour over it . That is coat the ghee surface with thin flour layer . It would help having the layering and flaky effect. Now rub some ghee again over it .

3. Fold the roti like an envelope . Length wise then again crosswise, would look like a square . Mow fold every four edges of the square shaping it a round ball again .

4. On a hot tawa fry them first like chapati or roti . Now apply some ghee and fry them like paratha . Let them cool a bit .

5. Soak the cool paratha in light warm syrup just for a once . Try to dip it with a tong for only a second . That’s it . Immediately place it on a hot tawa and just fry for few seconds , so that the water dries out a bit . Only few seconds .Keep in the air for a while.
Another method I do , is after frying them in Tawa with oil , I pour some thin syrup over the paratha and immediately turn over the other side . Do the same with the other side and take out the paratha immediately from the tawa . Remember , the syrup should be very thin and should not be kept in hot tawa too long , the syrup will get thicker if you do so . 🙂


1. Don’t put the hot fried paratha in warm syrup . That would make your paratha too soggy!!!! Light warm or cool paratha in luke warm syrup is perfect .

My husband like the Bakarkhani soaked in milk too! check this out;



Bakorkhani, Traditinal Old Dhaka ( Puran Dhaka) way,a wonderful heritage of Old Dhaka




For the dough:

1. All purpose flour 1 cup
2. Ghee 1 and half table spoon of ghee
3. salt to taste

and to create layering effect we need some extra enough oil+ghee and flour.


1. Make a dough with 1 cup flour, 1 and half tbl spoon ghee, salt to taste and water.

2. Knead well and cover it with a wet cloth for atleast 30 minutes. It would make the dough very stretchy. For Bakorkhani, we need stretchy kindda dough.

3. Apply some oil all over the dough and keep it like this for 10 minutes.

4. Now take a long board to roll in the dough.I took my wooden chopping board for that. Apply oil all over the board and over the rolling pin. That is your board and rolling pin must be wet with oil. Now without adding any flour roll out the dough as thin as possible, stretch it over the entire span of wooden board. The board should be covered with it.You should be able to see the board through it.

5. Now Apply some ghee or oil over it and then after strew some flour over the oil. So the oil is dried out by spreading the flour.Repeat the process once again. That is apply oil , then spread flour evenly on it.

6. Fold it into half. It will look like a rectangle. Now then again apply the process twice. That is, after spreading ghee over it, flour is strewn on.

7. Now fold in into like square envelops and then again repeat the process twice; rub oil/ghee and spread flour over it. it should be done twice.. In Fact e,it should be noted,every time the process should be done twice.

8. Now make a roll out of this dough. Take small balls from the roll and roll in into small breads.

9. Make three cuts with a knife on the bread and bake it in a preheated oven to 325 FH / 170 C for 25 minutes or until it gets light brown.


Don’t over bake the bakorkhani as it may destroy the flavor and the layering effect.

In traditional Dhakai bakorkhani they add reduced dried milk/maowa/ khoya in the dough. You may experiment adding a little amount of maowa too. For 1 Cup take one eighth cup of maowa..