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Shahi Tukra / শাহী টুকরা ( With simple ingredients)


I always get many requests to give easy dessert recipes using easily available and affordable ingredients . So here you go with my Shahi Tukra recipe , without any cream, condensed milk , evaporated milk or even powder milk . Very easy recipe yet so gorgeous!!


7 pieces of white bread ( it’s better to have stale bread)
1 1/2 liter full cream liquid milk
1/2 – 3/4 th cup sugar ( according to taste)
3 small green cardamom, 1 small stick of cinnamon
Oil+ 1 tbl spoon Ghee ( for deep frying)
Rose water
Nuts and raisins for garnishing


1. Put milk in a deep bottomed pot , add cinnamon, cardamom in it and bring it to boil. Once it comes to a boil, reduce flame to low and allow to simmer stirring occasionally .Every 4 to 5 minutes, mix the malai/ shor (top of milk) that forms on the top and towards the sides of the vessel into the milk. Continue to do this until the milk is reduced to half of the original quantity. Add the sugar and now stir it frequently.

2.Remove the crust edges from the bread and cut into any shape of your choice , rectangular, square , circle , triangle or even round .

3. The same time heat oil and add one or two tbl spoon of ghee into the oil . That would make the shahi tukra smell like fried in ghee . Deep-fry the bread slices until dark golden and crispy . The color should not be light as the color gets lighter if soaked in milk.

4. Now immediately put the fried breads into the milk . Remove the breads from the milk after 40 second to 1 minute or until little soft . the breads should be soft but firm . If it is too soft , it will break apart and will get mushy after final pouring of the rabri over it . so just a little while to get the breads little soft and soaked completely .
Arrange the soaked bread pieces on to the serving dish .

5. Thicken the milk a little more until it looks like cream . But don’t thicken it too much as it gets thicker after cooling down . Cool a little bit . Pour the rabri over the fried bread pieces and garnish it with nuts and raisins .

শাহী টুকরা

৭ পিস পাউরুটি ( বাসি বা দু এক দিনের পুরনো হলে ভাল)
১ ১/২(দের লিটার) ফুল ক্রিম দুধ
১/২ থেকে ৩/৪ কাপ চিনি (স্বাদ অনুযায়ী)
৩ তা ছোট এলাচ ,ছোট এক্টা দারুচিনি
তেল + ১ টেবিল চামচ ঘি, ভাজার জন্য
গোলাপ জল
বাদাম আর কিশমিশ (সাজানর জন্য )

১।একটা বড় গলার হাড়ি তে দুধ , ছোট এলাচ , দারুচিনি দিয়ে মৃদু আচে জাল দিতে থাকুন ।
মাঝে মাঝে নাড়িয়ে দিন যাতে নীচে পোড়া না লাগে। তবে খুব বেশি ঘন ঘন নাড়বার দরকার নেই । কিছুক্ষণ পরে দুধের চারপাশে এবং উপরে সর এর মতো পরবে। চারপাশ র উপরের সর দুধের মধ্যে হাল্কা ভাবে মিশিয়ে দিতে হবে।
এভাবে দুধ যখন অর্ধেক হয়ে আসবে তখন চিনি মিশিয়ে নিন ।চিনি মিশানোর পর ঘন ঘন নাড়তে হবে নইলে নিচে পোড়া লাগবে ।

২।পাউরুটির চারপাশের শক্ত অংশ টুকু কেটে ফেলুন। পাউরুটি গুলো তিন কোনা বা আড়াআড়ি ভাবে অর্ধেক করে নিন ।

৩। তেল এর সাথে ১ টেবল চামচ ঘি দিয়ে গরম করুন । পাউরুটি গুলো ডুবো তেল এ সোনালি বা একটু লালচে করে ভেজে নিন।

৪।ভাজা রুটির টুকরো গুলো অর্ধেক হয়ে আসা দুধের মধ্যে দিন। একটু রেখে সার্ভিং ডিসে রুটি গুলো সাজিয়ে রাখুন। রুটি গুলো ১ মিনিট দুধে রাখলেই নরম হয়ে যাবে।

৫। দুধ টা কে আরো কিছুক্ষণ জ্বাল দিয়ে ঘন ক্রিম এর মত করে ফেলুন।একদম ঘন থকথকে করা যাবে না , কারন এই রাবড়ি টা ঠান্ডা হলে আরো ঘন হয়ে যাবে। একটু ঠান্ডা করে রুটির উপর ঢেলে দিন। গোলাপ জল ছিটিয়ে দিন।
বাদাম কুচি দিয়ে সাজিয়ে ঠান্ডা পরিবেশন করুন।

Moida/Maida Halua /Tosha Shinni

Moida/Maida Halua /Tosha Shinni

Moida/Maida Halua / Tosha shinni

This Halwa is very popular in Sylhet, Bangladesh..They call this halwa “Tosha Shinni”..Being the “Sylheti Bou”, my first attempt to learn this super delicious halwa was not so pleasant!!!!I found the process pretty complex (unnecessarily)and my husband challenged me saying ” you r too young to make this halwa”!!!!!!!!!!!! What ??????!!!!!!!!!I took the challenge and made this within no more than 10 minutes !!!!! Alhamdulillah my husband couldn’t believe that it can be made so quickly without compromising on taste !!!!!


1. All purpose flour/ Maida 1 cup

2. Ghee+oil 1 cup

3. Sugar 1 cup

4. Water 1 cup

5. Cardamom, cinnamon, bayleaf

All the ingredients , Maida,ghee,sugar,oil, water, should be of equal amount. For the beginners ,you can just cut the recipe in half..try it with half cup..:) ..Just remember all the ingredients, except the garam masala should be in equal amount.

Cooking Method:

1.Make a sugar syrap with 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water . While making the syrap , add the cardamoms, Cinnamon and bayleaf in it. The syrap should be thin.

2. In a pan , heat ghee+oil and add the flour in it. Fry on medium low flame, stirring continuously til its brown..The more you fry the darker the color of halua would be..But don’t over fry or burn it.Some love light brown color of halwa, so they fry less , just until it gets light brownish color. My hubby loves it a little darker, so I fried until its brown.

3.Add the sugar syrap…The flour will soak the syrap. When the halwa will come together, it’s ready.You may sprinkle some rose water before serving.

4. Garnish it with chopped nuts and raisins.



Firni/ Payesh / Kheer

Firni/ Payesh / Kheer

Firni / Payesh / Kheer


    1. Full Cream Regular Milk 1 and half Liter

    2. 1/4 th cup (one fourth cup) of aromatic Rice / Polau chaal like Kalijeera, Chini gura or Basmati , soaked ( at least 1 hour)and drained.

    3. Sugar

    4 Cardamom, Cinnamon, Bay leaf

    5. Powder Milk 3 Tbl spoon or evaporated milk 1/4 th cup

    6. Dried fruits like nuts and raisins

    7.Rose Water


1. Pour milk to a heavy bottomed Saucepan or Pot. Add the rice, cardamom pods, cinnamon stick and bay leaf.

2. Cook it on low medium flame , stirring occasionally so that the bottom must not get burnt.

3. The milk will come to boil but keep cooking. When the milk has come to almost the desired consistency add sugar. You may add 3 tbl spoon of powder milk, dissolved in half cup liquid milk or you may add 1/4 th ( one fourth cup )cup of evaporated milk at this point for extra creamy texture. Cook a little while. Add raisins and chopped nuts.

4. The firni or payesh gets thicker after cooling down. So don’t make it too thick. Sprinkle some rose water if you want.

5. Garnish with almond, pista and raisins.


    1. The milk alwayz rise up to the top of the pot. So to be care free alwayz use a large pot to prevent overflowing and mess.







For the Kunafeh Crust:

Normally shredded phyllo known as Kataif is used for kunafeh, which is almost similar to our Desi lachcha shemai ( fried vermicelli)…lachcha shemai is cheaper and easily available in any Indian, Bangladeshi store that being the main reason of making this fusion Kunafeh..Anyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to get the shredded phylo , they still can get the taste of this Lavantine dessert with our very own Lachcha Shemai! 🙂


Lachcha shemai 250 gram ,half of a packet containing 500 gram of shemai.
Melted butter 6 tbl spoon
orange color


Option # 1:

Kunafeh filling varies from country to country.. To me Lavantine Kunafeh is yummier than Egyptian or any other version..They use Nablusi cheese..But since I didn’t get the nablusi cheese so made the filling using something else!!!!
For filling you need any sweet cheese, cream cheese or either of the two..Some use ricotta , mozarella too..

Beat the cream chese until fluffy..In a pot boil half cup of milk with 3 tbl spoon semolina and 3 tbl spoon sugar…make it thick..now let it cool..mix in cheese with it until it gets a smoother texture… The gluey texture is actually to hold the kunafeh intact!!!!!!


Another option is , make filling with Maowa/ Khoya and homemade Chaana . add Little sugar with it . You may add maowa/ khoya with the filling mentioned in option#1 .. Choice is yours !!!! 🙂


Make a medium thick sugar syrap..It shouldn’t be too runny, neither it be too thick..While making the sugar syrap you may add two cardamom and at the end sprinkle some rose water..Let it cool..


Mix melted butter with ur lachcha shemai until it is all absorbed. Mix some orange color with the dough..Try to break the shemai into as small pieces as possible by using your hand ..)…Take a greased pan and line it with parchment or wax paper..Take half the dough that you mixed the butter with and place it in pan.Pat down the dough well until you can’t see the bottom of the pan.
Cover it with the filling u made..Cover it with the other half of the dough. Pat down very well..
Now bake it in a preheated oven at 350 FH for 35 min..Until it gets crispy and done..

Remove the kunafeh from the oven and flip it over on ur serving dish and pour the syrup on top of it evenly..Remember the syrap shouldn’t be hot..it should be of room temperature… Serve your kunafeh warm or at room temperature!!!!!!


1.The Kunafeh may look loose after taking it out from the oven. But don’t worry , don’t afraid to flip over.It is set and after you pour the syrap it will be in perfect shape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.You may use nuts and dried fruits over the filling, if you like!!!!!!!!!!