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So many times , I tried to make perfect borhani , the biye bari style ( the one served in wedding parties in Bangladesh) with all those readymade borhani mix ! And everytime got so disapointed . Then gave up those readymade borhani mix and experimented with the ingredients !!!! Alhamdulillah the experiment turned out to be a successful one . 🙂


I Used the cup , where 1 cup = 250 ml

Plain Yogurt 2 cups
Sweet Yogurt ( mishti doi) 1 cup
Water 1 cup
Mint chopped 1/3rd cup ( make a paste of this 1/3 rd cup mint with green chilies)
Green chilies 5/6, medium sized ( according to your taste)
White pepper powder ( shada golmorich gura), 3/4th teaspoon
Rock salt/ black salt / bit lobon, 1 teaspoon ( level)
Chaat Masala , plz don’t use store bought one , follow my one ( Dry roast 1 red chili , 1 and half tea spoon cumin seed , 1 tea spoon pachforon/ Indian five spice together and grind them into a fine powder , apply all)
Salt to taste
Sugar , if needed

Procedure :

Blend everything together and your Borhani is ready .. 🙂


1. While dry roasting dry chili , jeera and pachforon , don’t over fry them , that would make the borhani taste bitter . So better dry roast the cumin separately . Pachforon shouldn’t be over fried . On the other hand the cumin or jeera should be well dry roasted .

2. While dry roasting the dry chili don’t let it get too dark . It should remain red .