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Boondi Laddu


This is the easiest and fail proof way to make boondi laddu . 🙂

Ingredients :

For Batter:

1 cup besan/ Benglam gram flour , sifted
3/4th cup -1 cup water ( room temperature), depending on the quality of besan . I took 3/4th cup+2 tbl spoon
1/4 th teaspoon baking soda
1/4 th tea spoon baking powder
Little food color
Little salt

For Sugar Syrup :

1 cup Sugar
1 cup of water
1/2 ( half) tbl spoon lemon juice ( prevents crystalization) , don’t skip this part
2 green cardamom and a small stick of cinnamon
1 tea spoon ghee ( add at the end)


After frying all the boondies take 1/2 cup of boondies from it and coarsly grind it . We need 1/3 rd cup of it , but if needed we can use the whole amount . It would help to bind the laddus .


1. Heat oil in a karahi on medium flame . Boondis need to be deep fried . In the mean time , start making the sugar syrup with the ingredients mentioned . The sugar syrup must me medium thick . It must not be thin . It must be like that , when you touch the syrup with finger , your finger sticks. But don’t make it too thick that it crystallizes . The syrup is very important for the boondia . If it’s thin , your boondis will be soggy and if your syrup is too thick the boondies will not absorb the syrup .

2. Sift the gram flour or besan . Make batter with the ingredients mentioned for batter . Add water little by little , so that there is no lump . Don’t add extra 1 or 2 tbl spoon of water unless needed . The batter should be medium thick . It must not be thin or else you won’t have the perfect shape . And if you make it too thick , it won’t pour into the oil through the strainer or spoon . It should be just like the cake batter . Now if you wish you can divide the batter into two or three bowl and add different colors to have colorful boondi laddu .

3. When the oil is ready to fry , hold the strainer just 2 inches above the hot oil . If you hold it above this height you won’t get the perfect round boondis . Hold it as near as possible to the oil . Now pour a little amount of batter onto the strainer or perforated ladle with a spoon and from the back of the spoon press a little . You will see small balls r dropping in to the oil . It should fall with intervals , then the perfect round shape will come . But if it falls like a line , you won’t have the shape . So little amount of batter one at a time . Must not be thin and press the batter with spoon once at a time gently . Don’t press it too hard , then too much will be poured in the oil ruining the shape . always put little batter on the spoon or strainer otherwise you won’t get the shape . After the first gentle press with the spoon , don’t press any more , rather give small strokes with the spoon on the strainer without touching the batter over it . 🙂

4. Fry the boondis until little crispy . Not too much , but yet crispy . remove them from the oil with another spoon . From this fried boondies , keep asise 1/2 cup of it and coarsly crush them into a grinder . Take 1/3 rd cup of powdered boondi and keep that side . you can store the remaining crushed boondies , if remain .

5.Put the remaining boondis in the hot sugar syrup until they get soft . Remember the syrup should be boiling hot . when you put the boondis into the syrup , the stove must be turned off , but after adding the boondi turn on the stove and cook the boondis at very low flame for at least 5/6 minutes until the boondis absorbed almost all the syrup and turned very soft .

6. Now add the caorsley grinded 1/3 rd cup of boondis into the boondies in syrup . mix well . Transfer them into a large serving dish . It should look like this;

7. Grease your hands with little ghee and start shaping the laddus while they are hot . If you wish , you can add dried nuts ( fried in ghee) or khoya ( maowa) .

Enjoy !!!