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Homemade chaat masala

Homemade Chaat masala

Chaat Masala !!
My chaat masala is very simple . I hate store bought chaat masala’s .. too salty and too sour .. This is my version of chaat masalas . Hope u’ll love too ..
But before I share the recipe , one thing should be noted , the flavor of chaat masala mostly depends on the dry roasting of dried red chilis and cumin or jeera . If you over roast it and make it too dark , chaat masala will taste bitter and would look dark , and if you under fry ( dry roast), it will not bring out the flavor .
The chilies must be crispy but not dark , may be few black spots , but not completely dark and the cumin should look little darker and you should smell the dry roasted fragrance of cumin ..

Ingredients :

25 dry small red chilies
3 tbl spoon pachforon or Indian 5 spice
2 tbl spoon cumin
1 tbl spoon ( heaped) whole coriander /dhonia
1/2 tea spoon fennel
8/9 cloves
1 tea spoon black pepper
3/4 th tea spoon Radhuni ( I used ajwain instead)
3/4 th tea spoon black salt/ bit lobon / rock salt
1/2 tea spoon amchoor powder ( you can add more if u want little more tangy)

Dry roast dry red chilies and cumin separately . Dry roast other ingredients except black salt and amchoor powder . Now grind them together into a powder .Mix in black salt and amchoor powder . Store in an air tight container .